Infinite Days

Infinite Days For years Lenah Beaudonte has been a vampire years of seduction blood and destruction But she is sickened by her dark powers and longs to feel the sun on her skin grass under her bare feet

  • Title: Infinite Days
  • Author: Rebecca Maizel
  • ISBN: 9780330520423
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • For 500 years Lenah Beaudonte has been a vampire 500 years of seduction, blood and destruction But she is sickened by her dark powers and longs to feel the sun on her skin, grass under her bare feet, and share the breath of a human kiss.She wants to be mortal again.But is she really capable of being human, after her long years of darkness Waking up as a sixteen year oldFor 500 years Lenah Beaudonte has been a vampire 500 years of seduction, blood and destruction But she is sickened by her dark powers and longs to feel the sun on her skin, grass under her bare feet, and share the breath of a human kiss.She wants to be mortal again.But is she really capable of being human, after her long years of darkness Waking up as a sixteen year old girl brings Lenah many things the life she has missed, taste, touch, love But a vampire soul is not easily shed And her coven of four vampires she led in decadence and thrilling destruction want their queen back

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    One thought on “Infinite Days”

    1. Contains small spoilers for the first half of the book.I have to admit that I was lured into wanting to read this book by its very pretty cover. Unfortunately, it didn’t deliver.Lenah Beaudonte, the 500-year old Queen of a powerful vampire coven, is human again; given back her life by her lover Rhode, who has sacrificed himself for her.Now, after 100 years of sleep, she has to face her new reality: as a 16-year old girl at an expensive boarding school. While she tries to adjust to the 21st cen [...]

    2. I should know better than to judge a book by it's cover. Because if that logic was true, this would have been a very good book. The cover even sparkles a little bit, probably a ref to Rhode or Twilight, who sacrifices himself by turning in a little pile of glitter so Lenah, the love of his life, could turn human.Lenah was 'one of the oldest female vampires ever known' or something like that. You'd think a person would be interesting if they lived that long. Lenah, on the other hand, was so caugh [...]

    3. I actually won a hardback copy of this quite a while ago and I have to admit that, as much as it is nice to win anything, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get one of the other available books. This book has never appealed to me, I've passed it so many times in my local book stores and never felt any inclination to pick it up. So I was definitely surprised when I found the book to be enjoyable on the whole and I spent a lot of the novel thinking I might give it a four star rating. What s [...]

    4. Otherwise known as : Stacia is forced to do math.n. I "think" my final rating is 2.75 stars. I enjoyed the book for entertainment purposes, but a few massively cliche details triggered my eye twitches. PART I : The historical story featuring Vicken and Rhode - 3.5 starsThis is where the book rocked it out. I was captivated with all of the 'past' scenes. There was a very romantic and gothic feel to the setting and details. The imagery might have felt overdrawn to some, but this author's attention [...]

    5. Review courtesy of AllThingsUrbanFantasyINFINITE DAYS is a grab you by the throat, ignore the world around you, fall completely in love with kind of book, the kind I haven’t really read since Twilight. Yep. I just used the T-word.The mythology of vampires in INFINITE DAYS is refreshingly unique in that it removes all the romanticism from vampires without reducing them to feral monsters. Yes, they are pale super beings who crave human blood, but they are truly cursed in a way that a mere noctur [...]

    6. Rating Clarification: 3.5 StarsInfinite Days by Rebecca Maizel presents an interesting and enticing perspective on the vampire lore, and quite frankly I rather enjoyed it. Most of the vampire books out there tend to paint the picture that these creatures are alluring characters living an appealing existence. But in this book, you get a chance to read a whole different take, which comes across as more honest and palatable IMO. The vampires in Infinite Days are evil and have no redeeming qualities [...]

    7. I usually feel bad giving terrible reviews, because I realise a lot of effort goes into writing the book, and a lot of the time it's just not my kind of book. This, however, should have been my kind of book and I still thought it was terrible. There's a lot of competition on the market right now with regards to YA vampire novels, and I have enjoyed a lot of what's out there. This book had a very clever base idea, and certainly had potential. It turned out to be a disaster, though. The characters [...]

    8. I loved this story! Especially loved the flashbacks to Lenah’s life throughout her existence. it was fascinating I think I need a prequel of Lenah in her earlier vampire years! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Infinite Days I was a little skeptical, with the worldly, elderly vampire queen passing as a teenager. I mean, knowing what I know now, there is no way if I went 'back' to being teen. that I'd be able to pull it off. But I think it worked incredibly well for Lenah. She was wor [...]

    9. Good grief.Despite the tongue-in-cheek Low Expectations shelf, I strive for a fresh bout of optimism whenever I begin something with that label. I'm panning for gold; I want to be pleasantly surprised, otherwise I'd swap them away unread.That being said, this book's failure was spectacular.Sure, the premise is great. But Infinite Days does absolutely nothing with its potential. Instead we've got a cliched, vague, rambling mess. There's a heroine, Lenah, whose narration is slightly more exciting [...]

    10. Going into Infinite Days, I was not expecting much. A couple of my friends on GoodReads had read this prior to me picking it up and hadn't had much good to say about it. Me, I like to read 3-star books and see if I can find something that others missed. Ultimately, they were pretty spot on. I can't complain about the plot originality and bass-ackwardness of Infinite Days. A vampire turning human? STFU. Lenah's story appealed to me because it consisted of about 90% here and now and 10% flashbacks [...]

    11. While I'm sure I have fellow friends that will disagree with me, I have to be honest here, there was a moment there that I wasn't quite sure about this book, but when it's all said and done. I really liked it.Infinite Days turned out to be a promising new series that has a very unique spin to Vampire paranormal, taking a concept that goes against traditions and making it fresh and fun to read about.Lenah is a conflicting creature and I very much enjoyed understanding her struggles with her inne [...]

    12. I received an ARC of this book through First Reads. Being a little over the whole mass of YA vampire books that seem to have spewed forth recently, especially since a lot of them could have been written by an eleven year old, I was skeptical about what this one would be like and did not have high expectations or hopes.I was pleasantly surprised once I started reading it. I like Lenah. She isn't the standard frail, naive female protagonist that has been showing up in paranormal. She has experien [...]

    13. Tired of incessantly predictable vampire novels rife with love triangles?Then this book is for you!Hi, my name is Hayden, and I just read a book called Infinite Days. My ultimate goal today is to get you to want to read this book. If my catchy hook at the top of this review didn't grab your attention, hopefully the rest of this review will.Section 1: I Can't Believe It's Not Like Every Other Vampire Book!Yes, folks, it's true. This book is actually unique. I know this word isn't paired with many [...]

    14. I wanted to like it, and at the outset I believed that I genuinely would. After all, there was a supernatural ritual; a mysterious vampire willing to give his (un)life for the heroine; a (true) love lost! But I didn't like it and part of the fault is probably mine for being over twenty-five and reading a young adult novel. I have several problems with the young adult genre, all of which were (unfortunately) contained in this novel.First, Lenah. There is absolutely nothing to like about her. I gu [...]

    15. Okay, if it weren't for the excellently researched vampire mythology, this book would have gotten a flat out one star. But because this author obviously did research I decided to be nice in at least one area.But well researched vampires aside, this book was shallow. Really shallow, and that's sad because the idea would have worked so well if the author didn't use Twilight as a source material. Lenah was meant to be like 590 something? Yeah right. Mentally she was at least fourteen. I could see t [...]

    16. Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel was the kind of read where you find yourself a week later still thinking about the world, characters and possible outcomes for book #2. When I first began reading, I found myself upset - sad even, to the point of tears. By page 30ish I was tearing up in the lunch room at work because of the consequence of Lenah (the main characters) becoming human. Rhode is forever held deep within my heart and I treasured every moment he spoke or Lenah flashed back to him. His se [...]

    17. Okay, I have to admit that when I bought this book, I bought it because of its beautiful cover. I didn't even know what it was about and had never heard about it before. But I'm happy to report that in this case, judging a book by its cover did work because this book has a beautiful cover but inside it, it has an even more beautiful story.This book is a vampire story but it's not your typical vampire story in the sense that the protagonist Lenah, just doesn't reminisce about her human days - she [...]

    18. Wow, vampires. How original. Though that may be your first thought, it is pretty wrong. Infinite Days is so different than any vampire book I have ever read and probably different than any book I will ever read, vampire or not, because it was about an ex-vampire.Lenah was a great protagonist. I actually felt like I was adapting to this new world with her. She was so used to being an animalistic vampire from centuries ago that when she awoke as a human in the twenty-first century, she had no idea [...]

    19. The Quick and the Dirtya fresh and exciting view of vampires, friends and choices in lifed regrets.Why I was tempted to read this sounded romantic and vampire-ish, what's not to love?Cover thoughtsloved it.kes more sense when you read the book, ha haRomance Meteroh yeahere are long-time loves that would give their life for you and fresh new romances to keep you interested.Character and PlotI really loved this book! This isn't your average sweet vampire book these vampires are brutal and ruthless [...]

    20. Infinite Days was a interesting and unique take on vampires. It had plenty of suprises and overall was an good start to this series. This book had a mixed bag of characters. Lenah, the main character, I liked her but I struggled at times with how she adpated so quickly to the present day after being buried for a 100 years. I found myself prefering the flashbacks scenes to when she was an evil vampire. I really liked the characters Rhode and Vicken both of whom where in the flashbacks and a littl [...]

    21. Lenah Beaudonte is almost 600 years old. A vampire queen that reigns terror everywhere she goes. But some how she got her one wish- to be human again. At 16 she doesn't have much to worry about except for learning the ways of the 21st century. That is until her former coven comes looking for her.This was a beautiful story. Heroine Lenah Beaudonte is an exciting character, I liked her a lot. While Lenah was once a vicious killer- she is now just a girl. Between trying to learn the ways of the new [...]

    22. 3,5 yıldız. Ergen olmasaydı 4 yıldız verecektim. Vampir olan kızın tekrar insan olması ilginçti. Hele onun için kendini feda eden Rhode için ciddi üzüldüm. Bir geçmişte bir günümüzde geçiyordu. Lenah'nın yeni insan sevgilisini sevmedim. Bence en yakın arkadaşı Tony daha sempatik. Ama Rhode bir başkaydı ya:( Okunası bir kitap. Devamını merak ediyorum:)

    23. Quick & Dirty: A highly original and truly extraordinary read.Opening Sentence: Those were the last words I could remember.The Review:Lenah Beaudonte, a 592 year old vampire queen, awakens disoriented and shocked to find that, after more than five centuries, she’s human again. She has wanted to be human again for so long, desperate to escape her brutal vampire existence. Lenah needed this, not only to save herself, but all of the innocent people who could cross her path. With help from her [...]

    24. Well, I promised that I'd explain why I was reading this, and continuing to read despite being driven round the twist by the prose, when I finished. Which I did by reading every page, rather than setting it aside! It was a birthday present from Becca - a very friendly small group doing a book club, sending out a book a month, based on your reading preferences, as described by the donor. Bec could see the dangers in that as well as I could, but it's also a bit of an adventure, and no great loss i [...]

    25. This book was mesmerizing, it was absolutely captivating and it occupied my thoughts for the last three days. This is how long it took me to listen to the full audiobook (nearly 9 hours). I so didn't expect to like it that much, but I did. Let's start at the beginning. There is Lenah, who is an evil 500yrs old Vampire Queen. She's among the strongest, most gifted and most powerful Vampire in the world and she created the post powerful coven in creating 4 unique Vampires that are bond to her for [...]

    26. So I really thought I'd love this book. I really wanted to love this book. However, I was unable to find a character I really like except for Tony, who won't be in the rest of the series now. The idea of the book was interesting enough but for me Lenah was rather annoying and I couldn't find any way to relate to her. She lets one of friends get killed, a rather sad and horrible death, because she's only concerned with protecting Justin. From the moment she sees Justin it's Justin this and Justin [...]

    27. Vampirleri adamakıllı kurgulayan yazarları seviyorum. Nitekim bu yazar da öyleydi o yüzden çok beğendim. Ayy biz hayvan kanı içiyoruz sadece, canavar olmak istemiyorum ayaklarına yatmadan katliam yaptı hatun. Dokunuşları hissedememeleri de gerçekçi geldi bana. Örneğin alıştığımız vampir kitaplarındaki o şehvetli sahneleri yaşayamıyorlar çünkü dokunuşları hissedemiyorlar. O yüzden yaşlandıkça umutsuzlukları artıyor ve deliriyorlar. Karakterleri sevdim devamı [...]

    28. 4,5Este livro foi F-A-B-U-L-O-S-O, realmente já não lia um livro de vampiros tão bom como este à um bom par de meses, tiro-lhe o chapéu!Adorei a história envolvente e como nos faziam sempre pensar sim ok estou a perceber esta a acontecer isto e vai haver uma solução e depois o nosso coração é arrancado fora porque acontece totalmente o contrário!Adorei! Venha o próximo.

    29. This book may have just made my best YA of the year. Its hard to say just how appreciative I am that Maizel crafted a story that didn't just say it was 'unique' in a genre that is saturated, but was truly refreshing. The vampires in this book are brutal, merciless and live to quench the despair they feel through violence and bloodshed. And Lenah was one of the worst.Even Lenah as a human was intriguing. She didn't feel guilt over what she did exactly, or remorse that she was no longer part of th [...]

    30. I tried to keep my expectations realistic before going into this book. Just because the premise is a reversal of all other bland vampire romances out there--female vampire turns human again, has human love interest but is conflicted with her loyalty to her own vampire clan--did not necessarily mean it was going to be a groundbreaking and memory tale. And unfortunately, INFINITE DAYS was almost exactly as I'd expected: a lukewarm, tru-luv vampire romance (plus set at a boarding school) that is ai [...]

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