Trait De Craie

Trait De Craie Un faro en metade do oce no Unha pequena illa case deshabitada Uns personaxes perdidos que buscan sen encontrar Un relato fascinante e sorprendente que nos obriga a non perder detalle e que nos enganc

  • Title: Trait De Craie
  • Author: Miguelanxo Prado
  • ISBN: 9782203391239
  • Page: 307
  • Format: None
  • Un faro en metade do oce no.Unha pequena illa case deshabitada.Uns personaxes perdidos que buscan sen encontrar.Un relato fascinante e sorprendente que nos obriga a non perder detalle e que nos engancha desde a primeira p xina Todo iso Trazo de xiz , unha das obras m is emblem ticas de Miguelanxo Prado.Agora temos a oportunidade de saborear en lingua galega un dos granUn faro en metade do oce no.Unha pequena illa case deshabitada.Uns personaxes perdidos que buscan sen encontrar.Un relato fascinante e sorprendente que nos obriga a non perder detalle e que nos engancha desde a primeira p xina Todo iso Trazo de xiz , unha das obras m is emblem ticas de Miguelanxo Prado.Agora temos a oportunidade de saborear en lingua galega un dos grandes cl sicos do c mic espa ol, nunha nova edici n con material adicional in dito.

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      307 Miguelanxo Prado
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    1. The Streak of Chalk is considered as Miguelanxo Prado's magnum opus. It was first published on 1994 and was already translated to different languages, such as German, Dutch, Croatian, Serbian, Portuguese, Valencian, Catalan and English. Moreover, it also won the Best Foreign Comic on 1994 at Angoulême International Comics Festival; Best Work by Saló del Còmic of Barcelona on 1994; Prize of Honor at Amadora Festival on 1994; Best Book of the Year at Hyères Festival on 1993; and nominations at [...]

    2. I know this won a bunch of awards when it was originally published in 1994, but I found it boring and without any real story. Raul comes across this tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic with an abandoned lighthouse and a restaurant. There is one other boat on the island with a reclusive woman, Ana, on board who Raul crushes on. He tries to catch her eye for several days and then leaves after a few days. Two dirt bags arrive on a boat and things go wrong causing Raul to leave. The whole thin [...]

    3. 2.5 stars for this book. While I loved the mysterious vibe and the weird and beautiful art, I didn't understood exactly the secret and the idea of it. There were images happening in the night time which were too dark and I couldn't see anything. Beside that, at the end of it, I was left in air, not sure of what has actually happened.The story follows Raul, a young man who lands on an interesting tiny island, which you could't find on the map. The sails his ship there and go in a house. There is [...]

    4. Mais um belissimo livro deste autor, se bem que desta vez ausente o humor cáustico e a crónica social. Um história misteriosa e suave de vidas que se cruzam numa pequena ilhota no meio do Atlântico e onde o mar imenso é grande protagonista. Como sempre, ilustrações belissimas que nos enchem a vista e o coração. Aconselho a todos os que gostam de uma bela históriaixinhodepratablog.wordpress

    5. Vol.2 da série III da coleção Novela Gráfica (Levoir/Público).M. Prado é o autor do texto, dos desenhos e da coloração.Tenho um gosto especial pelo trabalho deste autor, sobretudo pela presença quase constante do mar nas suas obras - não fosse ele galego! - e, mais ainda, por pintar a pastel e lápis de cera!

    6. Kada počinje ljubavna priča? Kad se dvoje ljudi prvi put susretnu? Možda tek kada se rastanu? Može li priča uopće biti ljubavna ako se njeni akteri praktički ne poznaju i nisu razmijenili niti jedan dodir? Prado nam u ovom posebnom djelu neobične privlačnosti daje odgovor bar na zadnje pitanje. Potez kredom može se čitati kao priča u kojoj se pojavljuju paralelni svjetovi ili putovanje kroz vrijeme, kao neobičan san sasvim običnog čovjeka i na brojne druge načine, no koji god od [...]

    7. Trag kredom (1992) jeste remek-delo savremenog stripa. Pod uticajem Borgesa, Cortazara i Marqueza, i uz prikladni omaž Hugu Prattu, Prado majstorski sklapa priču o šestoro ljudi na udaljenom pustom ostrvu, a izvanredni crtež ima gotovo hipnotičko dejstvo na čitaoca. Slučajni (?) susreti probudiće mnoge potisnute želje i nade, poteći će znoj i krv, sve do završetka u najboljoj tradiciji magičnog realizma. Prado stvara van kalupa, za svoju dušu, ali i za sve one koji žele da uživaj [...]

    8. Amor, deseo y desencuentros van entrelazando a los personajes que - voluntaria o accidentalmente - se citan en una pequeña isla perdida en los mapas. Obra de indiscutibles méritos gráficos que, sin embargo, no se ven acompañados de un guión consistente.

    9. Perhaps it is the Spanish people, or perhaps it is just this author, but I do not like how the protagonist seems to think that he can just walk up to a woman and make her like him.I mean, the first thing I thought, as I read this, was not, as the author probably wanted me to, that this was a dashing man, and a beautiful woman, and hey, they should get together, but rather that this was a sick pig, and that I would have acted the same way this woman did. She said she came to the island to write, [...]

    10. discreta homenagem a Hugo Pratt.historia de personagens que se cruzam sem se encontrarem, numa ilha quase desertaaficamente fabulosa: - a variedade e o rigor dos planos e enquadramentos sugerem um olhar cinematográfico;- o uso das cores fortes permite que quase se dispensem palavras. A rever

    11. De esta (novela gráfica / cómic) me quedo con un impresionante sentido estético de los espacios y las perspectivas. Un dibujo hecho con delicado esmero por reflejar una isla perdida en los mapas (en forma de "Trazo de tiza" del título), donde el protagonista arriba con su embarcación para una parada casual. Una reflexión sobre el deseo, la soledad y el destino. Menor fuerza para mi gusto el mensaje sobre estos pensamientos que el autor trató de transmitir, y que hace que el libro se pierd [...]

    12. Un relato inquietante, contado en un estilo poco común en la novela gráfica: lápiz de color o pastel combinado con apenas contornos lineales. Estética años 50, por la manera de vestir de los personajes. Habla de los destiempos y de las pasiones humanas. la historia sucede en un islote solitario con un faro que no funciona.

    13. "What an idiot. Making life so complicated."Two thirds of the way through this book, the heroine Ana observes that "We just acted out a really strange story full of absurdity and nonsense." That's entirely true, but it was wonderful absurdity and fascinating nonsense.This graphic novel is celebrating its twenty-fifth year and it's hard to overstate its importance in terms of graphic arts and the establishment of graphic novels as legit art forms and narrative vehicles. That said, to me the book [...]

    14. Hmmm first, forget all the awards this has won, and try not to let the fact this is a much-approved-of book being in an expanded form for the first time impress you. You have to find if it works for you, and to an extent it did for me but not as far as I wanted. First, it's dressed up with too many quotes, notes, fictional writings-around the whole piece, and all that definitely detracted. The core of the book was substantial enough - a sole yachtsman finding an impossible little island in the m [...]

    15. With beautiful artwork and a plot that can be interpreted many ways, this is a perfect book club read.Streak of Chalk tells the story of two strangers on a mysterious island where the only residents are the proprietor of an inn/general store and her silent adult son. There is also a lighthouse that hasn't worked in years and a wall where graffiti has been left by previous visitors to the island.It is difficult to even decide what genre to which this graphic novel belongs. It has elements of roma [...]

    16. *thank you to NetGalley and Papercutz for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*3.5 stars.I wasnt sure what to make of this having not heard about it before. I was rather interested in the artwork. Its really quite impressive. So detailed and it really captures expressions and emotions rather well. Id have to say that was my favourite thing about it. The story however was a bit odd. We have no background on the main character except that the story begins with him having arrived at [...]

    17. Raul lands on a tiny, nearly deserted island where the only other non-resident there is a mysterious woman named Ana; who claims to be waiting for someone. To quote the book: "This island predisposes you to believe in things that you wouldn't believe in under ordinary circumstances." Therefore, we can't be sure what we're seeing take place in the book is real. The art style does a great job of projecting that mysterious atmosphere; looking like oil or acrylic paintings. Some of the panels are R [...]

    18. Several boats show up on an island that doesn't appear on any maps. There's a young woman all by herself who says she's waiting for the rest of her party to come back and get her, there's a young man all by himself who finds the island curious. There's the gruff restaurant owner and her son who likes to kill seagulls. And then two ruffians in another boat land and make trouble.And that's where I gave up. Way too much nudity for my taste and when there was a rape on page I called it quits.Notes o [...]

    19. Uma ilha quase deserta, um cais excessivamente comprido, um farol desativado, encontros casuais, um amor impossível e delírio q.b Parece somente mais uma novela gráfica banal mas Prado inclui, no local certo, uma dose de imaturidade nas personagens principais que torna a narrativa mais interessante. Felizmente as personagens possuem defeitos suficientes para as tornar verosímeis o que, aliado a uma atmosfera algo sufocante devido às cores esbatidas e traço minimalista da ilustração, conf [...]

    20. Beautiful, wistful art combined with a human and literary story. This is a graphic novel that stands as a powerful example of the wide-reaching appeal such books can have when they are not pigeonholed into children's and teen categories. This book would be a welcome addition to my growing number of comic books and graphic novels that do more than what is conventional.Highly recommended.

    21. El estilo artístico de Miguelanxo es admirable. Me encanta. Quizá lo más destacable, dentro de mi ignorancia, sea su prodigioso dominio de los tonos azules. Resulta obvio que, en escenas que representen paisajes marítimos, el azul sea el color predominante; pero realmente me he dado cuenta de que lo fascinante de esta habilidad es plasmarla en el panorama nocturno, en la penumbra (espero que se me entienda). "La isla resulta ser, de esta forma, un límite blanco e incierto entre lo tangible [...]

    22. A Mobius strip of a graphic novel that begs for a second reading. If Borges wrote a comic strip that took place on a tiny island with only 2 permananent inhabitants, a waylaid sailor, and a woman searching for a unknown lover, it might look something like this.

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