Within ACE for ASIN B XIQKMMNo power No news No windows No help No hope In this word novella set in the infection ravaged world of Bryan James frightening and sobering universe of zombie mayhem a

  • Title: Within
  • Author: Bryan James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ACE for ASIN B009XIQKMMNo power No news No windows No help.No hope.In this 20,000 word novella, set in the infection ravaged world of Bryan James frightening and sobering universe of zombie mayhem, a normal night shift becomes a surreal test of courage, strength, and selflessness as an unknown illness takes hold of the country Inside a reinforced bank office building,ACE for ASIN B009XIQKMMNo power No news No windows No help.No hope.In this 20,000 word novella, set in the infection ravaged world of Bryan James frightening and sobering universe of zombie mayhem, a normal night shift becomes a surreal test of courage, strength, and selflessness as an unknown illness takes hold of the country Inside a reinforced bank office building, insulated from outside news for hours, the men and women inside work obliviously, unaware of the rising tide of horror As society outside crumbles, the power fails Phone lines are down Communication is impossible, and those trapped within know nothing of the world without Outside the single locked door, an incessant pounding punctuates the oppressive darkness of this modern catacomb, as the employees trapped inside struggle to understand what is happening.But soon, they will be fighting to merely survive as they come face to face with the threat that appears from where they least expect it within.

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      270 Bryan James
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    One thought on “Within”

    1. It was an entertaining, quick read, and zombies are always a good way to spend your time. However there were some editing mistakes in it (can't really complain for a free book though) and some awkwardly written passages. Having to reread parts where the author was trying to refer to someone by a description of them to avoid using their name too many times broke up the flow a bit. The plot was interesting and not completely predictable, and you spend most of the time unsure whether or not you wil [...]

    2. This was a really unique short story. Most of the time an author writes about the hero of the story, the one who saves the day. Not so- this is a tale of the anti-hero, the guy next door, the man who would rather go along to get along instead of taking risks. And this is the apocalypse, after all Hero or not, chances of survival are slim

    3. Meh. You would think that a locked call center would be a good place to remain safe from a zombie virus outbreak. But this book spends its pages explaining that this is not so.Apparently this is part of a series, but it didn't have enough uniqueness or quality to make me pick up the rest.

    4. The story was good, and the author did a great job of setting it up, but it ended abruptly. It could have used a lot more exposition.I give this book a letter grade of a D+.

    5. The constant shifting of viewpoints--even mid-paragraph--was only one of the poorly executed writing techniques that added up to a pretty bad little story. But, you knowzombies.

    6. Great little novella. This book is basically a study in character. The author really portrays the different personalities of people we come across in our everyday lives and the same people will be around during the zombie apocalypse. Louis is your everyday schlub, how will he react to the End of Days? How would you react? Nice to think we would all be Rick Grimes, but 90% of us would be dead within days or found cowering in our own piss and crying for Momma. I love this series and can't wait to [...]

    7. Within (LZR-1143 #1.5) by Bryan James LZR-1143 WITHINI love a good zombie book, and for all this is a novella and part of a series (this is book 1.5) it was easily read as a stand alone, and for it was short it gave me an idea of James world building.Stuck in a windowless building where the power has gone sees everyone's senses go on high alter whilst they try to work out what is going on on the outside. The virus is bringing the dead back and they are inside the building. This was a short and s [...]

    8. Not quite sure where to start. Um, it was hard to read. Not the vernacular, or language or writing style. Just in general. Much like the antagonists of this story, it dragged it feet. The characters were all believable, so that was a plus. The dialog wasn't cheesy either, it genuinely flowed quite smoothly. But when I'm reading a zombie book, and the first real zombie attack (that isn't being talked about in minor detail in past tense) doesn't happen until after 60% into the story, you know ther [...]

    9. I understand that this is a novella in a series, however, the author failed to take several things in account to make people want to continue to read this series. Failure one, the author decided to pin point what was the cause of the zombie epidemic. He linked it to water bottling plants. It was a good start, but he failed to state what happened to the water, was it an accident, was it a form of terrorism? Failure two, this was the first volume in this set I found and nowhere in this book does i [...]

    10. Imagine being trapped in the building you work at with no windows and nothing more to light your way than the eerie, blood red emergency lights. There's no connection to the outside world; no cell phone signal, no internet connection. You have no idea what's going on. It's just a power outage, right? Wrong. So very, very wrong Although there are a slight few spelling or grammatical mistakes, this is yet another diamond in the rough for this author. The LZR-1143 series is shaping up to be a very [...]

    11. LZR-1143 depicts the outbreak of a virus that spreads fast, a virus that transforms people into mindless creatures; zombies. Our guy, Louis, is an average looking guy, with an average life and he knows he's a coward, he knows he's not the guy that can save himself and the others colleagues trapped in their offices after the power fails. He's the guy that trails behind, letting others take charge and you don't know if you love him or hate him, but you definitely want him to run as fast as he can [...]

    12. This short novella does an excellent job of setting up the outbreak scenario--I will never look at a bottle of water the same again. As well as focusing on a few people who work the night shift at a call center. One of the best parts of this story is the main character, Louis, a guy who does what he has to do but not much more. A guy who is in a dead end job and a crummy apartment living a crummy life because he's too afraid of failure to try for something more.With zombies outside trying to get [...]

    13. -Más inquietud que acción pura.-Género. Novela corta. Lo que nos cuenta. Un grupo de empleados trabaja en una oficina aislada del exterior, donde una enfermedad está haciendo estragos muy rápidamente. Libro perteneciente a la serie LZR-1143 pero paralelo al primer volumen, mostrando otros protagonistas.¿Quiere usted saber más de este libro, sin spoilers? Visite:librosdeolethros/

    14. Took a look I just finished this novella . Seemed to be a way to check out LRZ-1143 without getting into another book series blindly. I like it good writing ,just enough back stories and characters without becoming over complicated . I will be checking out more LRZ-1143 soon.

    15. I think this was an interesting short introduction to the series. I'm certainly interested to see where this came from and what happens. I want to see how the survivors handle it. I enjoyed the slight narration of what was going on outside of their building. It was a quick read and well, I love all things Zombie, so this was great!

    16. Pretty interesting take on zombies. I liked that they were all trapped inside and that the one who got to the "safety" of the roof was a complete tool for once! That was a nice change. Eventually I'll probably look into the follow ups but I'm not feeling rushed to do that right now. Still pretty good read!

    17. this book was awesome. it had a little bit of everything. It was wonderfully creepy, scary, and sad.It had a little humor in the right places. I cant wait to pick up the next one, i hope the author does not disappoint. I recommend this book to anyone who would enjoy a fast paced, cant put down well written scary book of zombies! ENJOY, i did!!

    18. It was good! My first venture into the horror genre and I quite enjoyed it. Maybe not going to rush into buying Bryan James' other books at the minute but I will in the future! This is definitely a solid zombie novella :)

    19. fast paced novella that delivers the scares. The author did a good job with using the analogy of unhappy workers in a dead end call center job in a depressing environment as a contrast to being a real zombie. I think I will pick up some of the author's other stuff to check out.

    20. This was my first read in this genre, so I don't have much to base it on. I didn't think it was a standout or a terrible read either, but it does pique my interest a little-I guess that was the point of a free novella.

    21. Got this one free on my Kindle and I have the rest on my wishlist.Great characters, good insight into the apocalypse.Louis acts just like most of us will, despite what we think we'll do. That "every man" view really made this a top notch book in my eyes.

    22. Nothing New The 'setting the scene' parts were quite well done, but the rest of the novella didn't entertain me.  The author doesn't say anything that hasn't been said a hundred times before, and the characterization just didn't work for me at all.

    23. A great short story leading up to a zombie apocalypse. Takes place in a financial call center as average employees deal with the crisis. Fast paced and well written.

    24. Loved itThe only thing I didn't like was it was way to short, but it was good. Anybody that likes books about zombies will love it to.

    25. WowThese people are in a building with no Windows and door magnetically locks. So when the powers goes out all these people have to find away out or will they survive?

    26. A building with no hope. are you the hero, the coward, the panic, the fear, the laughter or just the silence.

    27. Far too short to form much of an opinion on the author.I have book one proper and will decide after that.

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