The Italian

The Italian Designer Jamie McIntyre is on a working vacation in Palermo Sicily soaking up the sunshine and the art trying to contact a former law student of her grandfather s She s thinking nerd in a suit But

  • Title: The Italian
  • Author: Lisa Marie Rice
  • ISBN: 9781419943720
  • Page: 299
  • Format: ebook
  • Designer Jamie McIntyre is on a working vacation in Palermo, Sicily, soaking up the sunshine and the art, trying to contact a former law student of her grandfather s She s thinking nerd in a suit But Judge Stefano Leone is as far from a boring suit as possible He s also the toughest, sexiest man she s ever met, in bed and out There s no resisting his commanding preseDesigner Jamie McIntyre is on a working vacation in Palermo, Sicily, soaking up the sunshine and the art, trying to contact a former law student of her grandfather s She s thinking nerd in a suit But Judge Stefano Leone is as far from a boring suit as possible He s also the toughest, sexiest man she s ever met, in bed and out There s no resisting his commanding presence or his beautiful body Jaime quickly falls under his mesmerizing spell Until she s forced to make an impossible choice Stefano Leone is closing in on one of the most dangerous mobsters on earth He s surrounded by armed men, his life under constant threat He s not had time for sex in years, let alone love The beautiful American woman, however, slips right under his guard and into his bed and his heart But does she truly want Stefano Or has she been sent to seduce him or worse

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      299 Lisa Marie Rice
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    One thought on “The Italian”

    1. The Italian es uno de los libros de Lisa Marie Rice que menos me ha gustado, es cierto que no tenia unas expectativas muy altas pero aun asi la lectura me decepciono un poco, me resulto una novela demasiado superficial y vaga, ademas algunas partes se me hicieron muy densas y eso que se supone que es una historia corta.La relacion entre los protagonistas me parecio rapida y nada creible y no me hagan hablar de el ultimo capitulo, todo el drama se resuelve en un par de parrafos y de buenas a prim [...]

    2. *********3.5 stars for this new erotic suspense by Lisa Marie Rice.I enjoyed it. It's a short novella set in Sicily, with the urgent, ball busting sex Lisa Marie is known for. There is minimal sexual anticipation, the kettle boils over almost at first glance. The sexy times are accompanied by some emotional bonding (not enough for me) and a bit of suspense (with some improbabilities and one TSTL moment).I liked this book but I didn't love it. It's not as good as Dangerous Lover and Dangerous Pas [...]

    3. ** 3 1/2 **The story needed some fleshing out and especially needed an epilogue but it was still decent.

    4. Of all the Lisa Marie Rice books, Ive read (and I've read them all), I like this one the least. The ending was too abrupt and fell off. I had a WTF moment. Totally disappointed. I usually like all her books but this one was a real loser for me. Better luck next time.

    5. 3 1/2She does know what she's writing about, even if obviously she's glamorising it a bit. I didn't take it for granted, not in genre fiction, especially not in romance. kudos for it.To someone actually living in Italy and reading thrillers and detective books by Italian authors, the story is at the same time déjà read and fresh. (there was even a tv movie eons ago called The American cousin with a very similar plot). This is not to say I didn't enjoy the book, quite the opposite.I appreciate [...]

    6. Oh man this book. It takes me back to the romances of the 1980s, when heroines wore peau de soie and had their hair in chignons and the heroes were wealthy and exotic. One stunningly beautiful (talented, intelligent and modest!) innocent abroad: checkOne "magnificent" (rich, heroic and tall!) specimen of Italian manhood: checkTurgid nipples and heat-seeking penis, swathed elegantly in silk and linen, respectively: checkFlorid and awkward writing: check, and double checkDNF at 40%.

    7. DNF half way through. The internal lusting from the emo hero was over the top, including the dinner sex which I found pretty meh.

    8. The formula for Lisa Marie Rice's books, has stuck in the 90's Hollywood thriller-romance genre. Even Hollywood has evolved. I read the older blurb for this book, which was very misleading, especially for mafia fans like me. I thought our male protagonist would be an Italian, mafia don, ruthless, powerful antihero. Turns out he is an undercover judge!! Who has a cousin in the US, who's in the FBI. The heroine was so boring. I only read two pages in the middle and the last chapter. Don't waste yo [...]

    9. HOT SHORT STORYThis is the first time I've read anything by this author, and on the whole I liked it. It's a very quick read, so I sorta got there had to be insta love, which I'm not a really big fan of. I liked the characters I thought they were well defined, Stefano Leone was all growly, sexy and pure alpha. He's a judge hot on the trail of a mobster. Jamie McIntyre is a designer on holiday in Palermo, Jamie's grandfather is an old friend/teacher of Stefano, and has given Jamie a gift to pass [...]

    10. "Set in Palermo, Sicily, a city of heart-stopping beauty and intense danger, one man stands for justice. Stefano Leone is hunting one of the most dangerous men alive. He lives under armed guard, in constant danger. And then a beautiful American woman contacts him and steals his heart. Is she what she seems or has she been sent by his enemy to find his one weakness? Jamie McIntyre comes to Palermo for inspiration for her design business and loses her heart to the toughest, sexiest man she has eve [...]

    11. Loved this book - The Ghost Ops book was a lot different to the Usual Lisa Marie Rice book, which I loved but felt it was like Christine Feehan's Ghostwalker books. But with the Italian she is back to what I expect from a Lisa Marie Rice book. It reminded me a lot of her other book Port of Paradise, which I also loved. A very good, hot read. Looking forward to the next LMR book!

    12. Typical LMR - which I enjoy. Would have liked an epilogue and almost took it down a star as a result but I do love her super macho men and smart delicate women.

    13. *3.5 Stars*I wanted more - more detail, more time, more depth and more story. Especially an epilogue!! Still I enjoyed it.

    14. When I saw that LMR was releasing a new book with Ellora's Cave, I was very excited. My favourites of hers (and the ones I've reread over and over) are those early EC books, such as Woman On The Run and Midnight Angel. Unfortunately, it wasn't back to the same level.The story takes place in Sicily, where designer Jamie McIntyre is spending some time researching/seeking inspiration for a project. While there, her beloved grandfather has asked her to look up one of his favourite former law student [...]

    15. In The Italian by Lisa Marie Rice, I was taken right into Sicily and swept up in the hot romance between Stefano and Jamie! With her descriptive writing, I could easily see what Jamie saw through her designer eyes on her inspirational trip. She has another goal while in Sicily also. Her Grandfather has given her something to give to Stefano, a former student of his. Stefano lives a dangerous life as he hunts for evil. Wariness is in his nature, but as soon as he sees Jamie she makes him feel thi [...]

    16. Lisa Marie RiceThe author provided me with an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewAnother wonderful book by Lisa Marie Rice, a quick and engaging plot!Jamie McIntyre is a beautiful and talented young woman who is visiting Palermo, Italy, in search of inspiration for one of her design work. His beloved grandfather asked her to deliver a gift to a former student of his summer course of international law at Harvard, Stefano Leone, apparently one of the best."Probably more a nerd boring," she though [...]

    17. Jamie has been looking for some inspiration in Italy while also trying to track down her grandfather’s prized past student who seems to be as elusive as his business practices. When she finally gains access she finds an enigmatic man who sets her blood on fire with every look he sends her way. His touch ignites a passion in Jamie she doesn’t know how to respond to but his commanding presence insists she learn….quickly.It has been years since Stefano has let himself think about anything exc [...]

    18. THE ITALIAN is a short story reprint, so if you are a long time fan, you might already have this book (just wanted to warn readers as I have picked up books I already had and I hate that). Saying this I was lucky and have not read this earlier book as I became a fan of Ms. Rice with her Ghost Ops books.This one takes us to Palermo, Italy where Stefano Leone is living under guard while working to find a way to end the crime life of a mafioso. For three years he has lived in seclusion until a woma [...]

    19. I wish this story had been a little longer. I loved what was there but I would have liked to have seen something more and it is sad that I don't know what.Stefano was wonderful, as are all of Ms. Rice's alpha males. He is loyal, honorable, and very intelligent. He is also caring and loving and has the stamina of a horse. He is so stunned by Jamie's effect on him. In many ways a typical male response, they think that they are invulnerable to love and its many faces. I was glad that he was able to [...]

    20. I honestly would have 5 starred this novella if the title was a little bit more imagined and if the ending was as loquacious as the beginning!synopsis from coverDesigner Jamie McIntyre is on a working vacation in Palermo, Sicily, soaking up the sunshine and the art, trying to contact a former law student of her grandfather’s. She’s thinking “nerd in a suit”. But Judge Stefano Leone is as far from a boring suit as possible. He’s also the toughest, sexiest man she’s ever met, in bed an [...]

    21. Palermo, Sicily is perfect for a thrilling adventure involving a sexy Italian judge and a ruthless criminal kingpin determined to kill him. All Jamie McIntyre wants is to enjoy the beauty and ambiance of this country. She has one task. She has to delivery a gift from her grandfather to a former student, Stefano Leone. After much difficulty, she meets him and he captures her with his presence. Their attraction is powerful and sensual. They make love, but their affair must be kept secret to protec [...]

    22. A quick read or in this case, a quick listen. The reader, Maxine Mitchell, does a great job, if a bit heavy on the acting side. One of the hottest sexy scenes I've read in a long time when they first meet. -phew-! Kinda of an insta love thing, but entertaining non the less and I wasn't in the mood to beat around the bush. The ending was a bit quick but I thought it was very to the point and didn't feel cheated at all. While, not my favourite by this author, I would totally recommend it! Really m [...]

    23. The Italian. By Lisa Marie RiceAnything by Lisa Marie Rice is going to be good!!!Palermo Sicilywhere the architecture and scenery are Beautifuld the crime horrendous. This is a book about Stefano Leone who is a Judge in Palermo that is trying to get one of the most Dangerous men in the Mob, and Jamie Mcintyre who has come to Palermo for inspiration for her design business. Jamie is also trying to get in touch with Stefano to deliver a gift for him from her Grandfather Stefano Lives under armed g [...]

    24. Short but just right for those times you are stuck on a train, having a hard time drifting off to sleep, lazing away and you don't want your brain to work. If you've never read LMR before, don't start with this. It will be like trying to judge whether or not you like Southern French wines by drinking one of those $4 imports from Trader Joe's. You might still luck out and get a good taste of the Rhone style with that distinctive earth, but the short finish will leave you wondering what that was a [...]

    25. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is an updated version of a previously released book.This is the story of Jamie, who is tasked with the delivery of a package from her grandfather to Stefano, an Italian judge. Stefano is fighting corruption in his province when he meets Jamie. Their attraction for each other is both instant and explosive. Unfortunately, no matter what precautions Stefano takes to protect her, the mafia soon has Jamie in their sights. Fast paced [...]

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