Veritas Working as a chef aboard a private yacht might not seem like a vacation for most people but to Lauren Murphy a highly regarded sous chef at a top New York restaurant the opportunity to spend sevent

  • Title: Veritas
  • Author: M.J. Duncan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Working as a chef aboard a private yacht might not seem like a vacation for most people, but to Lauren Murphy, a highly regarded sous chef at a top New York restaurant, the opportunity to spend seventeen days in the Virgin Islands, sailing from one tropical location to the next, while having complete freedom to create her own menus is a dream come true Enter Grey Wells, tWorking as a chef aboard a private yacht might not seem like a vacation for most people, but to Lauren Murphy, a highly regarded sous chef at a top New York restaurant, the opportunity to spend seventeen days in the Virgin Islands, sailing from one tropical location to the next, while having complete freedom to create her own menus is a dream come true Enter Grey Wells, the owner and captain of the Veritas, and the most complicated person Lauren has ever met Cold and distant one minute and then cautiously friendly the next, Lauren is compelled to get to know her better What happens when she does, however, is enough to change both of their lives forever.

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      246 M.J. Duncan
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    One thought on “Veritas”

    1. I believe this is the first book I read from MJ Duncan. For some reason, I downloaded and let it sit on my Kindle app like a neglected stepchild. I'm so sorry, neglected book, because you've introduced me to MJ Duncan and I'm forever grateful.It's a sexy sense of escape. If you're looking for more than crack-pure levels of romance and sex, this isn't for you, friend. Yum, the tension up to the point of actually getting together is beautiful. I'm a fan of how it's just them (and occasionally, the [...]

    2. Open your mouth only if what you're about to say is more beautiful than silence.(Arab Proverb)So I'm gonna say nothing.

    3. 3.5 starsI overall liked this book. The characters were fun and interesting. I would have liked Grey's player persona to have played a bigger role and i felt at times the story dragged after the first family left the boat and the it rushed through once Lauren left for New York. Regardless, it was a pretty straight forward, cute read that will make you smile and was free with kindleUnlimited

    4. This was a pretty enjoyable read. Very much just a romance, but then that's not a bad thing when you prefer that style, and I do. It took me a little while to warm to the characters, but once I did I was sad to see them go when I'd finished the book. They were both interesting, and different enough from each other to understand their motivations and the attraction between them. I 'got' why they were into each other and felt invested in the relationship. There was a sensitive theme in the book, b [...]

    5. A tad repetative in the love scene department, an overuse of the word 'murmured' and dare I say even a bit boring. 3 stars for the caribbean setting and a mention of the tv series Once Upon a Time ;-)

    6. This wasn't quite as good as the other books I've read by this author but I still enjoyed it immensely. Lauren is almost too good to be true regarding Grey's past. I'm not sure I'd be as gracious were I in the same circumstance. I did love both these characters though. One last thought: this book has a lot of sex in it. A lot. If you like the steamy scenes, read this book. If you prefer the "fade to black" type of sex scene, I'd skip this one.

    7. I was really looking forward to this considering my recent bad luck with less than good fiction. The book started out strong, but became typical, predictable and repetitive fairly early. It was almost like the story's impetus was good but, sadly, didn't have the legs to be compelling or distinguish itself from ordinary. 'Passion', if that's the priority, was plentiful. Annoyingly so…filler? Marginal development of ancillary characters . I don't mean to be unappreciative of what it takes to pul [...]

    8. Another corker!Yep, this is another sweet romance, well sexy might be a more appropriate description, by MJ Duncan. Lovely story, great character development and overall a solid feel good story.

    9. Extremely light reading.Lauren, a sous chef from New York, embarks on a private yacht, trying to combine work and vacation. The captain of this yacht, Grey, is the other half of the main couple. Their first meeting is not exactly good for several reasons, one being a recent loss suffered by Grey that is still haunting her. But over the two weeks navigating through the Caribbean islands (nice!), their relationship develops.It's an okay read. Could have had more plot development, and less filler s [...]

    10. I love MJ DuncanWhat Can I say.I have read all of MJ Duncan’ books. I can honestly say this book is superb. The characters are easy to love. The descriptions of the islands are amazingly clear. I was unable to put the book down. The light humor that is worked in to the story had me laughing out loud. Jennifer Simms

    11. I really wanted to like this book, there were so many reviews with such great praise about the writing and the story line.After reading it for myself, I really don't get it. It just didn't flow well for me, the writing felt forced and repetitive. Could have been a personal preference thing, I felt like I was pushing myself to finish just for the sake of finishing.The book is about a captain of yacht that hires a chef during a couple of her chartered tours. The captain coming from a very tragic p [...]

    12. Lovely, sweet book. I liked that their relationship is very much established by the end. I found myself skimming the sex scenes though -- they were emotional and lovely, but there were a lot and they didn't really further the relationship or the story. I'll check out the author's other books at some point.

    13. It became boring real fast. At first the mysterious emotions hidden by one of the main character was great. But then once she came undone, everything fell flat and predictable. It sure has a lot of sex scenes that I had to skip because well there's such a thing as too much. I was hoping for good passionate drama with conflict between the two characters.

    14. Absolutely loved this book! It was such a different story following the career of a charter company and a chef. The author has a way with words and I found the book to be super steemy! Fell in love with the Grey and Lauren. I love how it touched some serious issues of cancer while only helping with the romance of the story. Great read!

    15. AwesomeI am not a big love story reader but this book was great from the start. Excellent ending. I actually cried. I felt like I was there, on the boat, able to imagine it all. Made me want to be there that's for sure.

    16. This was a good, easy read. Two women on a yacht, sailing the Caribbean Seae inevitable is going to happen. Both characters are very likable, especially Grey who has some serious demons from her past to contend with. Lauren is patient, soothing and passionate. They both know that getting involved is a bad idea as they only have two weeks together, but the heart (and the libido) often don't pay attention to logics. Once the two women succumb to their sizzling chemistry the story goes from one poe [...]

    17. Sexy ladies throughoutI really love the sensuality the author puts into this book. A ton of sex scenes and lovemaking. Totally like-able characters. And a plot that was sort of weak. The captain falls for her hired chef. There is a tiny subplot of loss but hell never give up my pet for a partner. My partner would have to love my pet. Also the idea of giving up a career was weak. She should have looked for opportunities in the Caribbean or something. Decent story but sort of weak plot. And really [...]

    18. Love itIt has everything I love in a story. I really enjoyed the main characters and felt like I was part of it all. Who wouldn't want to spend 2 weeks island hopping in a catamaran with a beautiful woman?

    19. Perfect summer readAll aboard for a boatload of love and smooth sailing! A wonderful balance of good romance, mending hearts, and the Caribbean Sea, island hopping. No disappointment here!

    20. Well if you want to read a LOT of lesbian sex, this would be a good place to start. If you want to read a book free of stylistic and technical errors, this would NOT be a good place to start.

    21. 3.3 starsF/F erotic romanceSteamy! But plotting could use some workThis was a fun and sexy read. It's been recommended to me a few times as something I might enjoy yep. lol. I like the way this writer thinks! Her story was so vivid, it played out like a movie in my head. I think her talent for believable dialogue is a key mojo here. It totally drives her characterization. She takes the time to describe things and people, and I felt like she added enough detail to make the chef and captain's job [...]

    22. Top notch New York sous chef, Lauren Murphy is taking a seventeen day working vacation aboard a luxurious private yacht, the Veritas. Seventeen days of sailing around the Virgin Islands is just the break Lauren needs. Lauren is in her element, she has total responsibility for her own galley and all the menus. When Lauren first meets Grey Wells, captain of the Veritas, she just can’t make her out. Grey’s manner is sharp and brusque one minute, wary and friendly the next. Lauren just can’t f [...]

    23. This book was fun! And the food was amazing! I also enjoyed the beautiful tour by words through the Caribbean. Lauren is on track to becoming an executive chef in New York City when she takes a woking vacation as executive chef aboard the Veritas, a charter yacht owned by the beautiful Grey Wells. Between island hopping and meal preparation the two women recover from a rocky start and soon find themselves in a whirlwind romance. But when the two weeks are up it becomes very clear that the two wo [...]

    24. I quite enjoyed this. Sure there's not a lot in the way of plot in this novel but it's only repetitive in the wonderful way holidays are. I welcomed the kind of repetition involved in going to the Caribbean, sailing to a different island everyday, eating, drinking, sunbathing, swimming and finding it impossible to keep my hands off another person involves. Each day added a different dimension to the rapport between Grey and Lauren and was enough of a rollercoaster. My only slightly reservation w [...]

    25. Detailed score 3.0I really just want to second everything most other reviewers have already said -Nothing really happens in this book: two characters meet, have lots of sex, and u haul . The only slight bit of angst is whether they will u haul straight after their scheduled trip or if they will do it a few months hence.I don't really like a huge amount of angst in my romances but even for me, there was not enough in this book. Ultimately the angst or challenge is what allows characters to grow a [...]

    26. This is more erotica than romance. If you took out all the sex scenes, the book would only be about 50 pages long, which just isn't enough for meaningful character development or plot advancement. This is especially true considering many of those 50 pages are dedicated to entertaining guests, cooking, and staring longingly at one another. There are very few scenes where the two characters actually speak to one another, let alone have heart-to-heart conversations.Additionally, the author seemed t [...]

    27. Deserving more than five stars.The moment I read the first chapter I knew I was going to read something great, yet had no clue how wonderful this story of loss and new found love of the second chance around kind was going to make me feel all the things I felt. I honestly felt what this writer intended the reader to feel. This was every time I read more and more of Captain Grey's loss and of her feelings towards Chef Lauren Murphy. I felt the love they found with each other and the sadness of see [...]

    28. This was a a surprisingly decent read. The story flowed very nicely, and only once or twice did I think maybe some things were convenient in occurring. This is the story of a chief who joins a boat to cook, and ends up re-directing her life in the end. I don't want to give too much away. I bought this book on reviews and the synopsis looked interesting. I never know though; sometimes what I think is good and vas versa. But this was a little gem. Maybe that in itself bumped it up a rating. Just a [...]

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