Free Agent

Free Agent Tucker Riley had only one aspiration in high school Get the hell out of Quinn the second that diploma was in his hands Tucker was finished picking his drunk worthless father off the floor night after

  • Title: Free Agent
  • Author: Mari Carr
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  • Page: 316
  • Format: ebook
  • Tucker Riley had only one aspiration in high school Get the hell out of Quinn the second that diploma was in his hands Tucker was finished picking his drunk, worthless father off the floor night after night, sick of watching his mother work two jobs to keep food on their table because his dad couldn t support the family An average student, Tucker saw only one way out hiTucker Riley had only one aspiration in high school Get the hell out of Quinn the second that diploma was in his hands Tucker was finished picking his drunk, worthless father off the floor night after night, sick of watching his mother work two jobs to keep food on their table because his dad couldn t support the family An average student, Tucker saw only one way out his talent as quarterback on the gridiron And his plan worked Problem was college was still school, so after his sopho year he turned pro and never looked back, never had any regrets.Except her Lela and Tucker were childhood sweethearts Along with Coach, Lela helped him forget about how bad things were at home Tucker broke up with Lela right after graduation and hit the road Once he cleared the outskirts of Quinn, he made a vow never to return For twelve years, he kept that promise, unwilling to face the father he d cut out of his life and unable to face the girl he never stopped loving.When Tucker gets a call that Coach Carr has suffered a heart attack and needs help, Tucker is faced with a decision Does he return with his teammates to help his beloved coach Does he run the risk of running into the father he s left in the past And if he does come home, what does he say to Lela How can he make up for disappearing from her life so completely

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    One thought on “Free Agent”

    1. It took me a long time to write a review, as I read this book some time ago and maybe because there was not much to say about it! I felt no connection to both Tucker and Lana was a case of BAM! and every action was rushed without really giving any deeper analysis and emotional depthhe basically left her for 12 years without so much as a glanceLana tried to reach him with calls, letters and emails, but he did not reply to any of them and he intended to never set foot in that town and seeing her a [...]

    2. Tucker had one goal for after high school—get out of the small town of Quinn, Texas where he grew up. He’d had a horrible childhood caused by the death of his mother, and his alcoholic father. He wanted to get out and never look back. Football helped Tucker do that—he went pro in college and hadn’t returned to Quinn for twelve years. His only regret was the girl he left behind, his first love, Lela.Tucker receives a call from his old buddy Joel telling him that his beloved high school co [...]

    3. Steamy short(er) story, those are always nice - especially if they are good too! Mari Carr is especially good with those! Another second chance story, I seem to be on a string of those lately. Tucker goes back to his home town and his high school girl. They never stopped loving each and they tried to move on with their lives and dreams, but there was always something missing. So when they saw each other again, things clicked. And got hot! Can't wait to read more of the boys' stories!

    4. So this was an entertaining read, though probably not too memorable. We have Tucker, who is an NFL quarterback. He's suffered several concussions, and the last game of last season, he really got hit hard. He's not recovering as quickly, and he's been told one more hard hit could cause permanent brain damage, but he still has the decision whether to go back and play one more season or retire. While he's trying to recover, he gets a call from a friend back home about Coach, who had a heart attack. [...]

    5. 4.5 Sizzling StarsFree Agent is one of three books in the new BOYS OF FALL series about former football players from Quinn, TX. Tucker Riley blamed his alcoholic father for the tragic death of his mother. So after high school graduation he fled Quinn, all of his friends, and Lela Whitacre, his girlfriend since sophomore year. Working hard, he got his act together to become one of the NFL’s star quarterbacks. But football is hard on a body. Twelve years later, Tucker is faced with a crucial dec [...]

    6. WOW! Where can I find me a Tucker Riley? Tucker is a NFL football player, he has loved the game since he was a little boy. Coach set him straight in high school when he was being stubborn. He was injured in a game and now has a decision to make. He is torn between the decision also. He got a tragic call about Coach and he didn't think twice about going back to Quinn to help. He lost his mom his senior year of school and it killed him, his dad is an alcoholic and is worthless. He has only had two [...]

    7. Thoughts: I have to say that I fell in love with this whole series – I devoured each book in no time at all. Tucker and Lela’s story was that heart-clenching tale of love lost but never forgotten – that soul clenching, never fully recovered from, constant ache in your heart love. Tucker loved Lela, but he was eager to get the hell out of Dodge…, Quinn. Lela, on the other hand, loved her hometown and couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Years later, that spark is still between them, perh [...]

    8. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars. A good, basic romance with a little BDSM Dominance kink thrown in. The H is a NFL star quarterback who is returning home after many years to reassess his career now that he has suffered another debilitating concussion and the next hit could leave him permanently injured. He's also coming back to help his old high school football coach who has had a heart attack and needs help running his ranch.Our quarterback didn't leave his hometown in a good way. His drunk, ab [...]

    9. HOT Read!Tucker and Lela were teenage sweethearts who hadn't seen or spoken to each other since the day Tucker left Quinn to go to college. Now twelve years later he comes back to help Coach after his heart attack, but Tucker has a tough decision of his own to make. The only thing that hasn't seemed to change, are Tucker and Lela's feelings for each other. Really good book, lots of hot sex scenes, which don't bother me, but I know some that like to be warned. This was the third in the Boys of Fa [...]

    10. This is a second-chance erotic romance. Tucker is a highly celebrated Quarterback and the Lela is his high-school sweetheart whom he has left behind to pursue his football career. Now Tucker is back in his hometown to help his high-school coach and the attraction sizzles between him and Lela.The supporting characters were nice and their relationship is nicely written. This had glimpses of bondage and exhibitionism but it was subtle enough to make it interesting. I am personally not a big fan of [...]

    11. A good readA good story about young love lost and regained. It makes you laugh, smile,cry and add some sex--what more can you ask for!

    12. Loved it!Tucker is this amazing NFL Superstar that left Quinn, Texas. And Lela is a kindergarten teacher that stayed in Quinn. They fight tone together and it is a beauty to read!

    13. This was my first book by Mari Carr and I feel like I have been missing out! There is nothing I love more than a hot football player and Mari delivered in Free Agent! This is another book in the Boys Of Fall series…d this one tells us Tucker Riley’s story. Ohhhhh Tucker. Sexy, dirty talking Tucker. Tucker is an NFL quarterback currently on the injured list. He was taking some time for some R&R and to get his mind wrapped around what he was going to do with the rest of his career when a p [...]

    14. Free Agent is Mari Carr's addition to The Boys of Fall Series that includes Out of Bounds by Erin Nicholas and Going Long by Cari Quinn. I loved this books and with every book I read in the series I really want to move to Quinn Texas. Free Agent is about pro football quarterback Tucker Riley coming home to help out the rest of his former teammates after his high school football coach, Coach Carr has a heart attack. Quinn is the last place that Tucker ever thought he would be returning to after 1 [...]

    15. Free Agent is part of the Boys of Fall Series. Mari Carr wrote this book in conjunction with Erin Nicholas and Cari Quinn. The books take place concurrently so you do not need to read them in order. Free Agent introduces you to Tucker and Lela. Tucker is an NFL Player (yum) and Lela is his high school sweetheart who he left behind when he went off to college. Tucker vowed never to come back to Quinn, Texas where he has many bad memories of his drunk father and dead mother. But his former coach n [...]

    16. As posted on The Smutty Kitty reviewed by KittyKelly4 out of 5 LicksI love that these three great authors decided to get together to write this interconnected series. They even found a fun way to incorporate their names into the series-Coach Nicholas Carr who lives in Quinn, Texas. Ok onto the book. Tucker has taken too many hits to the head and is hiding a secret until he can decide what he wants to do with his football career. The debilitating migraines he suffers from are the least of his pro [...]

    17. I’m a red blooded American female and I love football and the men who play it. So a series of books about a high school football team and the men those players became, written by three best-selling authors? Sign me up!Mari Carr, Cari Quinn and Erin Nicholas team up to bring us a sexy and fun trip through the fictional town of Quinn, Texas, a town where football is king and men are made. I admit that the idea of separate authors writing on essentially the same larger story put me off a bit but [...]

    18. Mari Carr continues to write stories and characters that readers can't help but fall in love and this is the case with her latest book, Free Agent. This book is part of the Boys of Fall series and after reading Tucker and Lela's story, I am completely hooked on them and the small town of Quinn, Texas. Tucker left his hometown and first love, Lela after the death of his mother but now he has returned home to help his ailing high school football coach while trying to make an important decision abo [...]

    19. Tucker Riley had only one aspiration in high school. Get the hell out of Quinn the second that diploma was in his hands. An average student, Tucker saw only one way out—his talent as quarterback on the gridiron. Lela and Tucker were childhood sweethearts. Along with Coach, Lela helped him forget about how bad things were at home. For twelve years, he kept the promise to never return, unwilling to face the father he’d cut out of his life and unable to face the girl he never stopped loving. Wh [...]

    20. Lela and Tucker were hot and heavy in high school until tragedy struck Tucker's life. He grabbed on to that football scholarship and never looked back. Twelve years later he's on the NFL's injured list because of one too many concussions. He's got a decision to make, keep playing and risk brain damage, possible death or retire. In the mean time, his high school coach, who was more of a father to him than his own, has had a heart attack and all the old high school players are going back to Quinn, [...]

    21. Free Agent is Mari Carr's book in The Boys of Fall Series. The other books are Out of Bounds by Erin Nicholas and Going Long by Cari Quinn.This is the first book of Mari's that I have read and now I want to read everything! This story is about Lela and Tucker. They were high school sweethearts and Tucker broke Lela's heart when he left to play football at a college away from Quinn. He makes it to the NFL but never returns to Quinn at all in 12 years. Until he gets the call about coach and then h [...]

    22. Started Free Agent this afternoon and couldn't put it down til I finished. Tucker is a pro football player, come home after his high school coach had a heart attack. Lela was his high school sweetheart, who's heart he broke.The chemistry between Lela and Tucker is sizzling and intense. Tucker has seem to have grown since his was a teenager. Lela has definitely grown, and both are strong willed characters. Loved the secondary characters, and can't wait to see what else Mari has in store for us in [...]

    23. Mari Carr my favorites when it comes to lost love found stories. I loved this story about Tucker and Lela's story. The devastation of a teenage break-upheart wrenching. But then to two coming back together and finding love again! <3Mari Carr also writes one hot alpha! Tucker is great! He has some baggage and I admit it makes me wonder if I need to discourage my son from playing football. But when Tucker is with Lela - WOOO! THAT IS HOT! Lela is great too and I can totally relate to her and he [...]

    24. I absolutely love a book that I can just loose myself in the story and just enjoy and I found that in Free Agent. It is a great story with a HEA ending that will leave you with that fuzzy, gooey love conquers all feeling :)When Tuckers hears his old coach is recovering from a heart attack and his old team mates are pitching in to help on his ranch he puts aside his problems and goes back to the hometown he swore he would never return to. Tucker has lots of decisions to make in his own life and s [...]

    25. OKAY. I don't want to say this book is bad because I've read A LOT worse. The story line is kind of boring. The sex was FREAKIN AMAZING! The chemistry between Tucker and Lela is off the charts SMOKIN HOT but there's no suspense, mystery, or laughter. There's sadness and lots and lots of sex. Lol. I usually like Mari's books and God knows I'm all for the amazing sex and that's why I gave it 4 stars but this one was kind of disappointing story wise. read if you like hot guys giving women hot screa [...]

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