Arzach (Colección Métal Hurlant, #7)

Arzach Colecci n M tal Hurlant Este tomo contiene todas las historias del genial universo ARZACH que se publicaron en la revista M tal Hurlant entre y

  • Title: Arzach (Colección Métal Hurlant, #7)
  • Author: Mœbius
  • ISBN: 9788467910483
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Este tomo contiene todas las historias del genial universo ARZACH que se publicaron en la revista M tal Hurlant entre 1976 y 1980.

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      180 Mœbius
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    One thought on “Arzach (Colección Métal Hurlant, #7)”

    1. Tenký sešitek přečteny za pár minut. Ovšem velká kapitola komixu. Jsem rád, že jsem konečně potkal Saudkova velkého Inspirátora. Musím se podívat i na jeho další díla.

    2. Artwise, Arzach is a strong silent novel. Each panel looks like a snapshot from an animation sequence.Other than that, it's nothing but voyeurism scenes of women undressing, monster fighting and close ups of penises :(

    3. Arzach is an interesting experiment with the comic book form. There is no dialogue, only images. It works, to a degree, because the stories are short and relatively simple. The lack of dialogue is doubly limiting, because you can't have the complex interactions that are facilitated by conversation, but also because some dialogue is usually necessary to give context to the images; the illustrations themselves are limited by their word-free context. They're beautiful, of course, because it's Moebi [...]

    4. Alright, notwithstanding my difficulties reading French (thank you Google translate for helping me with the vocabulary, and little else—it does not have passe simple built into it at all), the art is gorgeous. I mean like, okay, he does mention in the intro that he put the amount of time into each panel that's normally put into a whole paintingbut reading it and seeing it are two different things.I thought I was going to be bummed out when the detailed inks were colored over, but the colors ar [...]

    5. Consiglio la lettura di questo fumetto a chi davvero ama questo tipo di arte e si vuole interessare alla sua storia. Il volume, già di per sé piccolo, si legge in neanche mezz'ora. Quindi, la spesa potrebbe risultare vana per alcuni. In questo fumetto Moebius abbandona le strutture narrative che ha utilizzato per le storie legate al Maggiore, per abbracciare un nuovo stile. Nel primo caso cercava di dare l'impressione della presenza di una trama, facendolo credere e poi sbugiardando tale crede [...]

    6. Like alot of people, I sought this out due to HeavyMetal. A friend of mine lent it to me and I'm really glad I didn't have to pay for this book. The art is great. As an art book (which it arguably is), it's very good. Story wise there isn't much going on, not to mention the length. The book is about 50pages, the a big part of it isn't even Arzach. I had expectations of an epic like in the movie and got about 25 pages of nothing happening. I probably would of been happier if the art was completel [...]

    7. Sous cette couverture au mdoernisme élégant se cache un recueil des histoires d'Arzach, étrange cavalier volant à la monture ptérosauresque. D'après l'avant-propos de l'auteur (écrit en 1991), ces récits furent les premiers dans lesquels il laissa son imagination prendre le pouvoir et l'emmener sur des terres inexplorées. Du coup, forcément, les scénarios de ces courtes histoires sont plutôt décousus, au contraire des dessins qui sont de véritables oeuvres d'art.A réserver donc au [...]

    8. Enthralling images!I love Jean Giraud's (Moebius) imagery. I think being able to speak French might be a disadvantage in this case. It somehow makes the images more exotic, harking back to the Exoticism of the 19th century. But a pure Exoticism, not a re-imagining of racial stereotypes.

    9. Las bellas y extraordinarias historias mudas de Arzach en un imperdible tomo de la colección Métal Hurlant.

    10. Amazing, a journey throught the delirious mind of moebius, the second page is maybe the best layout i have ever seen

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