The Amber Keeper

The Amber Keeper Set against the backdrop of revolutionary Russia The Amber Keeper is a sweeping tale of jealousy and revenge reconciliation and forgiveness English Lake District s A young Abbie Myers returns h

  • Title: The Amber Keeper
  • Author: Freda Lightfoot
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Set against the backdrop of revolutionary Russia, The Amber Keeper is a sweeping tale of jealousy and revenge, reconciliation and forgiveness.English Lake District, 1960s A young Abbie Myers returns home after learning of her mother s death Estranged from her turbulent family for many years, Abbie is heartbroken to hear that they blame her for the tragedy.Determined to uSet against the backdrop of revolutionary Russia, The Amber Keeper is a sweeping tale of jealousy and revenge, reconciliation and forgiveness.English Lake District, 1960s A young Abbie Myers returns home after learning of her mother s death Estranged from her turbulent family for many years, Abbie is heartbroken to hear that they blame her for the tragedy.Determined to uncover her mother s past, Abbie approaches her beloved grandmother, Millie, in search of answers As the old woman recounts her own past, Abbie is transported back to the grandeur of the Russian Empire in 1911 with tales of her grandmother s life as a governess and the revolution that exploded around her.As Abbie struggles to reconcile with her family, and to support herself and her child, she realizes that those long ago events created aftershocks that threaten to upset the fragile peace she longs to create.

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    One thought on “The Amber Keeper”

    1. ‘The cave, the cave,’ yelled Jonathon. Fay appeared with a wriggling Carrie desperate to escape the confines of her pushchair. ‘Can we come too?’ her sister-in-law asked, her tone revealing her own eagerness to escape for a while.DNF.The Amber Keeper was recommended to me by a friend and I really wanted to like it. Not least because I had not enjoyed her previous recommendation all that much either. So, deciding to DNF was - and this is unusual for me - hard.So, anyway, why did the book [...]

    2. I have mixed feelings about The Amber Keeper. The historical parts in which Millie (Abbie's grandmother) recalls her times in Russia between the years 1911 - 1919 were excellent. But when reverting to the present day of 1963 England were not so good. The writing, in my opinion, was off. And Abbie wasn't a sympathetic character; she appears weak, whiny, and a bit self absorbed. True, a feminine take on the prodigal son was different, and I liked that; especially since she was a single mother. And [...]

    3. I suppose it was written fairly well in terms of being correct grammatically, though there are a few strange word choices, but I disliked the protagonist from the off and that's never good. It felt slow, quite laborious, and I couldn't get in to it enough to finish it.

    4. Oh dear. This book is such a disappointment. It's all tell and no show, flat characters and unrealistic dialogue. Each character spouts reams of exposition in lieu of setting the scene through their actions or describing the setting. The only reason we know half of the book is set in 1960s England is because a character tells us that or the author does by saying a precise song playing on the radio. The dialogue and social mores don't feel like 60s England. The same is true of the Russian parts s [...]

    5. This is why I love to read Historical Fiction and one that is such a mystery to me. A historical account of the Russian Revolution, with many interesting characters, an engaging plot and little lag time, this came together nicely. I love when an author uses several generations to bring it all together. Our main protagonist Abbie comes home after being estranged from her family when her mother commits suicide. Abbie is heartbroken. So many things left unsaid, so many things misunderstood. With th [...]

    6. When I first encountered The Amber Keeper, I had just finished watching the film Gandhi and was left with a strong desire to travel further into historical tales -which is slightly significant considering I seldom ever read historical fiction. So, I rushed over to my collection of novels in my Kindle library, and stumbled upon this lovely book cover with its colorful Russian architecture -which by the way, reminded me so much of Disneyland’s “It’s A Small World” attraction. Now that I th [...]

    7. В целом книга понравилась. Написано легко, понятно и увлекательно. Интересная история - с интригой, драмой и темой любви на целое столетие. Ставлю 4/5 так как мне показалось, что автору не совсем точно удалось передать атмосферу имперской России, прихода большевиков и общего [...]

    8. A perfectly fine family history-mystery novel. As with most of this genre it tends it little too much toward the romantic rather than the adventurous but not so that it gets in the way.There is a formula to this kind of novel which usually sees a modern character finding out about a family secret some years in the past, here we get a slight twist in that both time periods are in the past, allowing the action to swing between the 1910s and the 1960s while still enabling characters from the former [...]

    9. The plot was decent, but I couldn't get over my annoyance at the way the grandmother related her past. Page after page of uninterrupted dialogue, with no pauses to emote/interact with the person listening? That was bizarre enough on its own, but the way she supposedly remembered every detail of events that happened *decades* before is just absurdly unrealistic. For the major upheavals, sure, but she was repeating even the most mundane conversations verbatim, describing exactly what was eaten on [...]

    10. The historical part of this novel tells the story of Millie, a young English nanny to a Russian family who witnesses the Russian Revolution first hand. This part of the novel is very interesting and well developed.The other part is the modern day story of Abbie, Millie’s granddaughter. Unfortunately, this part of the book just isn’t as good. It’s not bad per se, just not as well plotted. Abbie as a character is hard to like or sympathize with. She seems too flighty, not at all a strong per [...]

    11. If you go about buying this book for the Russian Revolution angle, you may not get exactly what you were expecting. It is mentioned, but not described in detail as this is rather a very character driven story. That didn't really bother me, as the plot sounded interesting and it turned out that it was a great read. This story begins with a main character that finds herself in a bad situation and things only get worse for her when she returns home to her very judgmental family. I felt bad for her, [...]

    12. It's always the sign of a good book when you don't want to put it down and can't wait to pick it up again and this was certainly the case here. An intriguing blend of a nod to historical fiction,with half of the book set during the time of the Russian Revolution and half set in the Lake District in the 1960s, this is more a tale of hardship, deceit, love and overcoming battles, both personal and political, than it is a history lesson.The journey the reader is taken on as you learn of Millie's pa [...]

    13. This was a complicated little bookbut I like complicated. Not quite as good as A Guide for the Perplexed, by Dara Horn, but I'm still giving it 5 stars because this was true historical fiction. I learned a lot about Russian history in the early 1900's, but the story also was brought into the 60's as we learn the stories of Millie and Abbie, grandmother and granddaughter respectively.Millie has an amazing story that Abbie has never heard in its entirety, only bits and pieces about her grandmother [...]

    14. A young woman, Abbie, returns to her family's home in England following her mother's death. Abbie's family blames her for her mother's death, but the real reason her mother died remains a mystery, possibly connected to the big secret her grandmother, Millie, has kept from everyone. Millie spent several years in Russia working as a governess for an aristocratic family, during the last few years before the Revolution, a story she has not told anyone in any detail before. As Millie finally tells he [...]

    15. I have always been fascinated by tales of the Russian Revolution. An entire nation, caught between east and west, jumps several stages of development to try and create a workers' paradise only to erupt in terrifying violence. How did anyone survive the bloodshed and the starvation and disease and the cold? Whenever I see the Revolution mentioned in a book's description, I jump at the chance to read it, more often than not. Unfortunately for me, this doesn't always work out and in the case of Fre [...]

    16. I'm conflicted with this book. I was excited to read it, as the premise of parallel historical narratives is definitely something that appeals, and the First World War and the Russian Revolution were stunning backdrops to Millie's story. However, by about two thirds of the way through, I was well and truly dissatisfied. It was easy to read, but I took issue with the language used throughout - while it can be difficult to show how characters think and feel, the prose in The Amber Keeper told you [...]

    17. Set in two different time periods and 2 different locations, it follows Abbie, a selfish and immature 'heroine' in the 1960s in the Lake District and then relates back to her grandmothers story that takes place during the Russian Revolution. I found the way the story linked back to the Russian revolution time period very clunky. Millie, Abbie's grandmother is supposed to be telling her this story in instalments but the narrative doesn't work and it ends up feeling like these are 2 completely dif [...]

    18. This book was what I call a Kindle "cheapie" and as such it was better than most of the Kindle freebies or cheapies. It's taking place in 1960's England and in Russia during the Revolution and First World War. I like historical fiction, but this book was not he best in the historical fiction genre. The story is believable for a while, but towards the end it's just tied with a nice bow and not very realistic at all. With all that said, Abbie and her grandmother Millie are like able characters and [...]

    19. I enjoyed reading this book, mostly because I'm a history buff. The author was skillful in depicting two eras - modern day England and the revolutionary era in Russia. There was mystery, romance, exciting escapes and wonderful descriptions of the historical buildings of Russia and country homes in England.The characters were well defined, although skipping back and forth from one era to another became confusing at times. I didn't mind that, though, as the storyline was engrossing enough to keep [...]

    20. Ok for the priceThere was nothing particularly objectionable about this book but nor was there anything really great about it. It's a pg-rated love story set in Russia during the revolution but it could have been set in any place and time. The dialogue was clearly current which greatly annoys me. All that said it wasn't unpleasant enough for me to give up on it but I won't be reading anything else by this author either.

    21. I enjoyed this double layered story of Abbie who returns home to unravel the mystery of her mother's death and then hears the story of her grandmother, Millie, which unfolds with surprises as well as answers for Abbie. It's a well paced, complex story of both women with interesting historical aspects. Millie's story is set mostly in Russia and gives fascinating insights into some early 1900s history.

    22. I liked the book all the way up until the last few chapters. I like historical fiction so it was an interesting read. The flashbacks of the grandmother and the present day connections with the granddaughter searching for answers really kept the book going. You wanted to know more and more as the story went on. However, i felt like the end came in a quick whirlwind and seemed to be put together in a rush. I think it was a good book, but very disappointed with the story development at the end.

    23. I really wish I could rate this as 3.5 stars. So, overall I loved it!!! I loved hearing the story of Abbie's grandmother. So if I loved it, why only three stars? There were two parts that I thought were forced. They didn't flow with the novel and felt forced. So forced that it took my rating down. Regardless, I enjoyed the setting and learning more about Russia.

    24. The story behind the long drawn out romance was quite interesting, and could have been a novel in its shelf if there had been more detail and intrigue. However I found it a sort of holiday read that I was glad to have finished. Easy to put down and not that captivating.

    25. Enjoyed the grandmother's story set in Russia during the early 20th Century. It was exciting and very believable. However did not enjoy the book so much when it moved forward a couple of generations - it was just a bit boring and did not flow quite the same as the grandmother's story.

    26. I'm a bit conflicted about this book. Why? Because I liked the storyline involving Millie, her life and struggles during the Russian revolution and WWI, but the present storyline involving Abbie didn't grab me at all. Yes it all connected but the connections were made in such a clumsy way that I didn't feel pulled into the story. Abbie trying to reain her family's love and respect, get to the bottom of her mother's death and depression, then the mystery were solved within 2 pages. Bam and you mi [...]

    27. It was an okay book. Parts of it were interesting and parts of it stalled. I like this period in history so found that part enjoyable.

    28. Could not stop reading it! Admittedly though I do love almost anything concerning the Romanov Dynasty Era of Russian history. I did find it difficult at first - not because of the book itself - but rather my medium. As an Prime member, I received some free books via kindle. Well books, free - no brainer. The Kindle is on my phone though which is difficult at best. Next Kindle book, I will read from my tablet/laptop. Anyway As Millie told her story of being a governess to the children of Count B [...]

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