Shadowing Me

Shadowing Me Welcome back to the world of Breakneck where Pyro continues to mourn the loss of Lana ZZ s twins drive him crazy and the whole MC prepares for the birth of Braxxon and Winter s child Things are quie

  • Title: Shadowing Me
  • Author: Crystal Spears
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome back to the world of Breakneck where Pyro continues to mourn the loss of Lana, ZZ s twins drive him crazy, and the whole MC prepares for the birth of Braxxon and Winter s child Things are quiet and calm Or so it seems Shadow s secrets are slowly being revealed, leaving him powerless to stop the resulting havoc With Tatiana hot on his trail every time he turns aWelcome back to the world of Breakneck where Pyro continues to mourn the loss of Lana, ZZ s twins drive him crazy, and the whole MC prepares for the birth of Braxxon and Winter s child Things are quiet and calm Or so it seems Shadow s secrets are slowly being revealed, leaving him powerless to stop the resulting havoc With Tatiana hot on his trail every time he turns around, the tables have turned, and now, she has become his Shadow As Winter and Braxxon begin a hostile takeover of the BDSM club owned by Shadow s best friend, the unthinkable happens, and the result is the worst bloodshed in Breakneck history The torture, violence, and death caused by the carnage will have the entire MC reeling from the loss When Shadow finally decides to stop denying his feelings for Tatiana, he discovers it may be too late The Breakneck family loss is far too great for Tatiana to think about her own feelings for the one man who has constantly resisted her Causing further drama for the Breakneck crew, the Russians step back into the picture Whether they are friend or foe remains to be seen And when Winter gets an unexpected visitor, it throws Tatiana in a fit of rage and rebellion Welcome back to the real world of Breakneck where bloodshed and mayhem are to be expected For Mature Readers Only 18

    • ✓ Shadowing Me || ☆ PDF Read by Ø Crystal Spears
      190 Crystal Spears
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    One thought on “Shadowing Me”

    1. Tatiana has it bad for Shadow. The member of Breakneck that is always lurking in the back ground, keeping an eye on everyone. The same one we learned in book two had a bit of a kinky streak that revealed his need for pain. But Tatiana isn’t about to let a little bit of pain scare her away from the man she craves. Shadow has a single outlet for his demons, he fucks them out with pain. He learned at an early age that he needed a bit more to get him off than just a willing woman. But hurting Tati [...]

    2. Finally we GOT a Release Date!!!!! Helll fucking yeaaaahhh baby! Crystal said it will be 22 Sept. Anddd ladieess prepare new paties because this book so steamy! She said The naughties novel she ever written! If she as creator flustered, i cannot imagine my panties lol Butt then again i need my patience Patience Its fuking hard when you saw tiny bits story from this book :/Cannot fucking wait this book! Ok i need to be patience Patience calm down Fuck i can't!!! I want shadow now!! Look at this b [...]

    3. Ahhh She kills me slowly with another ending I will be dying and NOT waiting patiently for the next oneFull review to come soon

    4. I didn't like the first book and haven't read the second book yet but I've been pretty curious about Shadow and Tatiana. I was interested in Pyro and Lana's story but then she died so I gave up. I can't read their story or I'll get sad and emotional. That was not fair!!!

    5. I've read the first two books and I'm just guessing that this one is going to be either as goods as or even better than the last two I'm excited for it. :)

    6. I have read the first two books in this series and enjoyed them. I liked most of the characters from the previous books and was looking forward to Shadow/Tea's story. I considered the other two books stand alones with a complete or satisfying ending for the major couple. This book ends in a cliffy and sets up the stage for another "dark romance" series where Shadow/Tea's relationship continues. First let me say I love books with hot, erotic sex scenes and have no problem with spanking and light [...]

    7. DNF @ 57%. I normally don't rate books I give up on. I dnf and go about my day but this book upset me.There were several eyeroll worthy scenes but I gave up when Shadow and Tatiana finally began to "play."I'm officially done with this series. I had hope for Shadow and Tatiana's story. I thought it was going to be hotbut no. Shadow should have started Tatiana out easier, she was scared and stubborn and he should have sensed that, but he wanted her to change her mind so he wasn't mindful of her ne [...]

    8. Yes!!!!! Ever since he came on the scene I wanted a story for him.d with Tatiana, a member's daughter no less! This should be interesting!

    9. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Shadow and Tatiana twisted as "I" might sound nowe my new favorite couple. There is just something infinitely more interesting to me about people who have something abnormal and dangerous in their emotional make-up that causes them to crave the darkness like Shadow doesd Tatiana, despite her young age, is so obsessed with this man that she willingly falls into his lifestyle to keep him satisfied.Surrounding the blossoming relat [...]

    10. A Quick, Drama-Filled ReadAs much as I've enjoyed the Breakneck series, this one just didn't do it for me. Ms. Spears indicated that 'Shadowing Me' would have a different feel than earlier books in this series and I can't disagree. Unfortunately, this new approach just wasn't one that appealed to me. My feelings for this book were lukewarm at best.Focusing primarily on the relationship of Tatiana and Shadow, this book introduced us to Shadow's sadistic sexual needs. Although I usually love a lit [...]

    11. Don't bother reading it. I can lend you my copy. It was shocking and we waited so long and then it ends on a cliff hanger. The characters are 1D and quite annoying to be honest. I am so disappointed I cant believe how let down I feel.

    12. Can't wait for Shadow and Tatiana's Story, especially since it was just revealed in book two that he's into pain! Bring it! :)

    13. Crystal Spears and her Breakneck brethren are back, and they’re darker and grittier than ever before; demons from the past continue to threaten to eviscerate the tenuous calm that’s been created since all of their lives were torn to shreds by the Russians and the blowback that they brought with them. But for Shadow and Tatiana, there’s even more to get past in order for their relationship to get back on track, if that’s even possible with how much Shadow has pushed her away. Will these t [...]

    14. I was privileged to get an ARC of shadowing me.Let me start by saying I am a massive fan of the Breakneck Series, and couldn't wait for Shadow and Tatiana's story.Shadow has always intrigued me, we all know Shadow has a dark side and in this book you see just how dark that is. (which is darker than I thought)Tea (Tatiana) in this book is not the young childish girl, running around behind her dad's back. She has grown into a strong woman. The one part of the book where she puts all the MC in thei [...]

    15. There were moments where the writing was fairly good, but there were some standout bad moments too. (Like when the author uses the wrong word for what she means)It was unique in BDSM, but it was also interesting that Shadow was into the really hardcore stuff. But . . . OW!Unfortunately, I can't really respect a hero who has to make a chick bleed or humiliate her to get it up.I wish the story had seemed more complete for Shadow and Tatiana because it didn't feel like a complete book, despite the [...]

    16. I am so glad to hear that CS is better and I honestly wish her well in the future. I think I can safely say that this will def be my last book to read by this author I don't want to be harsh but I seriously did not like any of her characters in her books I felt no connection and some of the plot lines in her books were too much especially the first one! This book again had characters that I just did not care for they were just bleh and the writing was just bad it felt almost childish at times. I [...]

    17. Not my favorite of the series.I didn't feel any genuine "heat" between Tatiana and Shadow. His sadistic tendencies are frankly hard for me to understand and that scene where he pierces Tat's nipples with electrodes and shocks hertally freaked me out.Story kind of gets left off halfway and the author says that their tale will continue in anther book. Frankly not sure if I'll continue.

    18. Oh my god this feels like Consumed all over again. Please. Someone. Is there a release date that is quietly hiding away somewhere that I am unaware of?

    19. Update: The one star is goneThank you. I cannot believe the person who gave a one star rating to a book that is not even out of the hands of the author yet. Get a life!The rest of us, who take reviewing and the hard work of writers seriously, will patiently wait until there is actually something to reviewMy ACTUAL reviewI had some trouble finding a thread in Shadowing Me. Obviously the story circled around Shadow and Tatiana, and their long simmering attraction. But I felt almost confused at tim [...]

    20. Ever since Tatiana set her eyes on Shadow, she hasn't really wanted anyone else. She knows what he is into and has attempted to learn the ropes herself with some not so great results. But she isn't going to let that stop her from finally capturing Shadow's attention.Shadow has been fighting his attraction for Tatiana for a while now. What's tormenting him, he doesn't want to taint her innocent soul with. He has many demons that he can only release one wayrough inflicting pain on women during sex [...]

    21. I RECEIVED AN ARC FOR MY HONEST REVIEW Holy Hell did this book leaving me wanting to throw my ipad across the wall. Crystal did it again this book was great from beginning to end. I literally had every emotion while I read this book happy, sad, mad ass hell, you get the point. If you read the other breakneck books you come to realize from the very beginning just how much Tatiana has grow into a mature (but sometimes really stubborn) woman.You feel like you watched her and Shadow fight there attr [...]

    22. My demons beg me to rip in to her, to punish her for something she doesn’t even know she did wrong. My dark eyes narrow at her as I pull my belt from its loops. I trust Shadow. He will harm me, but he knows his limitations, and I have an out. He has made sure of this. With determination, I nod my head once. “It’s time to take you to a place you’ve never been before. I can’t hold my demons off any longer.” He sounds almost sad as he flips the switch.

    23. I had high expectations for this book the moment I found out about it. Shadow and Tea were "the couple" I was looking forward to reading about. And of course Mrs.Spears did NOT disappoint. I could not put this book down. I love the beginning of this complex love story. You can't help but fall for Shadow and his demons, if you hadn't already. And well Tea has definitely grown up from the first book and is kickass! Can't wait for what's next for our Breakneck family!Merged review:I had high expect [...]

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