Too Cool to Be Forgotten

Too Cool to Be Forgotten From the critically acclaimed cartoonist behind Box Office Poison and Tricked comes the delightful Cool B Gotten a story of second chances Andy Wicks is a forty something father of two who s mak

  • Title: Too Cool to Be Forgotten
  • Author: AlexRobinson
  • ISBN: 9781891830983
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the critically acclaimed cartoonist behind Box Office Poison and Tricked comes the delightful 2 Cool 2 B 4Gotten, a story of second chances.Andy Wicks is a forty something father of two who s making one final attempt to quit smoking hypnosis He s skeptical it will work, but is stunned to find that when he emerges from his trance, he s fifteen years old and it s 19From the critically acclaimed cartoonist behind Box Office Poison and Tricked comes the delightful 2 Cool 2 B 4Gotten, a story of second chances.Andy Wicks is a forty something father of two who s making one final attempt to quit smoking hypnosis He s skeptical it will work, but is stunned to find that when he emerges from his trance, he s fifteen years old and it s 1985 Is he doomed to relive the worst four years of his life or will this second go round finally give him the answers he s been missing all his life If nothing else he ll finally get to ask out Marie Simone from history class

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    One thought on “Too Cool to Be Forgotten”

    1. God, it's a terrible irony of life that the deepest truths can't be expressed without lapsing into cliché.

    2. A middle-aged man goes back in time (mentally, due to hypnosis--none of that comic trope time travel horseshit) to high school so he absolve himself of smoking. The presentation made it seem like a sort of 80's high school movie, but there's a feeling of stress and tragedy underneath the whole thing that gives it a bit of depth. Robinson risks sentimentality very nicely here, swinging back around to the real issue at hand at a crucial point. Some of the longer bits of dialogue get to be a bit su [...]

    3. SPOILERS I'm a bit undecided with Alex Robinson. "Box Office Poison" was really too long and rubbish while "Tricked" had at least more of a story and was about 200 pages shorter. Anyway, I read that his latest "Too Cool To Be Forgotten" was the best graphic novel of the year (2008) and saw it in the library so picked it up. It's a small book, much more so than the gargantuan paperbacks with 400-600 pages in them. It's more like 100 pages in a small hardback book with a cigarette packet cover. It [...]

    4. You ever notice that 2 stars look really pitiful? According to , 2 stars means "it was okay," and that's exactly how I feel about this book. I've never read any of the author's other works, but based on what everyone is saying, I should read those. Too Cool to be Forgotten is a misleading title. Middle-aged Andy Whit heads to a holistic health center to quit smoking. He is hypnotized only to awaken in his old high school. He is again 15--which means that no one forgot him. How could they, when h [...]

    5. I've already read BOP, so I know how realistically unsympathetic Robinson's characters can be. This one did seem less cynical. Andy's behavior wasn't anything original, but it's exactly what I would expect to do too, so that was fine. And I was in high school that same year, which added a lot to the fun. The part that bothered me pretty much from the beginning was how it took him so long to visit his father. It was made clear so early that he was near-death that it was distracting how much Andy [...]

    6. A pleasant way to spend a couple hours. The art is more refined, less hurried, than Box Office Poison. There are fewer typos (man, this guy needs to practice his spelling). The story is a bit silly, especially compared to his other realist comics. It's about some guy who goes to a hypnotist to help him stop smoking, which send him back in time to his sophomore year of high school. So, you know if you're aware of what you're getting into and don't take it too seriously, it can be fun.

    7. I mean to read this when it came out, but I just never got around to it. Finally did so in preparation for my interview with Alex Robinson, comicsalternative/comics-a. A significantly shorter work from Robinson -- especially when you compare it to Box Office Poison and Tricked -- but it demonstrates that the artist can master the shorter story form, as well.

    8. Yep. I liked this, sorry some of my friends.It reminded me of the David Bowie song "My Death Waits". Youth, sex, death, family, such and such. With Alex Robinson's light/greasy touch.It was nice to read him in a bite-sized more kid-friendly portion like this, also.

    9. Getting graphic novel recommendations from John—yes John Daniello—is essentially your feelings getting a swift kick to their balls. No warning.Just, right in the balls. Thanks, John.

    10. A true graphic novella, and probably Alex's best book yet. Well paced mix of high school angst and examination of coming to peace with the past

    11. For the life of me, I can’t remember if I’ve read Alex Robinson’s graphic novella, “Too Cool To Be Forgotten,” before. As I made my way through the book, I kept experiencing these little flashes of deja vu but I can’t say whether that’s because I had read these pages once before or if Robinson had just really nailed the feeling of being a fifteen-year-old in high school. Regardless, “Too Cool To Be Forgotten” is a smaller story than Robinson’s epic comics like “Box Office P [...]

    12. A graphic novel where the main character is hypnotized to help him quit smoking, and wakes up 15 years old again. It's a familiar time travel theme that has been done before. I almost always love time travel stories especially ones like this one, where they get a chance at redemption, or at least the opportunity to change things.However this is a time travel story where the main character doesn't do anything cool or fun.d it quickly turns into a bunch of maudlin bullshit. Avoid this one.

    13. First, I love the cover of this book. I don't often pick-up a book simply for a nice cover, but for this book I made an exception. The illustrations were good, and the story wasn't bad (although a little slow in some areas). It's a mix of teen-angst with middle-age regret all through the power of hypnosis. I never took up smoking, but there are things in my youth I'd like to have explored alternatives for. And this book (almost) let me live vicariously through that fantasy. 4.3*

    14. A tale of accidental time-travel back to high school for a do-over. Nice art. Trigger warning to anyone who has had a parent die of an incurable disease: you will encounter this subject in the third act.

    15. This one surprised me.The father’s illness wasn’t completely from nowhere, but was handled well without directly being spelled out until the right time in the narrative.The emotional level surprised, and I related enough to feel along at the end.

    16. morethansuperhumans.cAndy Wicks is trying to quit smoking. He's tried all the standard methods: cold turkey, nicotine gum, the patch--everything. None of them worked, but for the sake of his wife and kids Andy relents to trying a professional hypnotist. Although he doesn't believe it will work, Andy is shocked to find himself transported from the hypnotist's chair to his high school's library, circa 1985. He finds himself reliving his sophomore year, a man trapped in a 15-year-old's body. Initia [...]

    17. When reading Alex Robinson, I've found that its hard not to feel something positive toward his characters. They're always remarkably human, and he's never afraid to show you their ugly sides. Andy Wicks, the protagonist of "Too Cool To Be Forgotten" is no different on this fundamental level.But on the broader level, he's a bit disappointing, in that, he's a bit too steeped in a gee-whiz, golly-gosh attitude toward the plot he's dutifully trudging through. The first half of this work, which follo [...]

    18. So, If you ever had a chance to go back to your past and relive it, would you take it? Would you change several decisions that shaped the current you?

    19. The Mulligan Life: Too Cool To Be Forgotten (Top Shelf Productions) by Alex Robinson High school reunions have a way of bringing out a grand mal mid-life crisis that makes all of the other introspective bumps in the road seem laughable. With his own 20-year reunion looming in a year, Alex Robinson headed his teenage years off at the pass with a fictional blast to the past. Andy Wicks (the central character in Too Cool) finds himself trapped in his former 15 year old body after a visit to a hypno [...]

    20. This book is very insightful because of the way it pulls you into the main character’s life, it is very sophisticated and it makes you think like the character in an unusual way. The story of middle-aged Andy Wicks’ addiction to cigarettes all started when he took one cigarrette from a group of guys after a party in high school. Although his past did affect what is now happening to him, he is determined to make things right when he is giving the chance to go back in time and realize his mis [...]

    21. Volver en el tiempo a la horrible época en la que estabas en el colegio es un cliché. Y es uno del cual debería estar cansado. El clásico hombre mayor dando consejos a los adolescentes, mejorando las vidas del resto al tiempo que descubre algo que hace su vida mejor. Es un cliché. Pero aquí hay algo un poco distinto. Este es un hombre reviviendo sus memorias, repoblando un colegio con lo que recuerda, incapaz de distinguir si todo está en su imaginación o si en verdad viajó en el tiempo [...]

    22. Alex Robinson's earlier book, Box Office Poison was an enjoyable bit of fiction (at 600 pages!) so I assumed that Too Cool to Be Forgotten might be the same and of course it was. But to be completely honest, I was expecting something else entirely. The blurb read like I was going to be treated to a fun time-travel romp like one you'd expect from a 1980s teen movie. Instead, while Too Cool to Be Forgotten DID touch on the adult lead character being faced with his teen-aged self, a very important [...]

    23. Robinson's latest was excellent and satisfying. It was also moving and i felt choked up and pained while reading it.It's a tender tale of strife in adolescence, wrapped in reflection and healing rendered through the metaphor of time travel.I really enjoy how with his art, most of the time he uses a straightforward and consistent style, so as to not make you conscious of story-telling, but then at key moments employs abstraction and surrealism, to raise a crescendo for emotional crises.a perhaps [...]

    24. It's a good thing I read "Too cool to be forgotten" after having read Box Office Poison and Tricked by the same author, as otherwise I'd think "Too Cool" is as good as it gets with Alex Robinson and would not have looked for any other of his works.While its intentions are good, the execution of "Too Cool" is severely flawed. The premise is good: The forty year-old protagonist undergoes hypnosys as a last ditch attempt to quit smoking and is transported (to his horror) back to high school. I have [...]

    25. I picked up this latest graphic novel by Robinson for 50% off during the last hours of the San Deigo Comic-Con this last Sunday. Considering that it was just released in time for the Con – as many a graphic novelist and artist do these days – that was a pretty purchase. (And in hardback, to boot.) Like Alan Moore and Frank Miller, Robinson’s infrequent output never ceases to amaze. Nor does his story-telling fail to astonish and remind you that he’s still in his prime after a decade in c [...]

    26. Like all of Robinson's work this book is heart felt and brutally honest. However is so mired in it's Quantum Leap conceit that it fails to be interesting at all. I've seen Back to the Future and Peggy Sue Got Married Robinson is above this kind of storytelling (you can see this in the party scene and the final scene with Andy's father), why can't this just be happening? I would have found the purpose, or content of the story more effective. Instead I'm still thinking about old Andy trying to get [...]

    27. Alex Robinsonin "Tricked" ja "Box Office Poison" ovat sanalla sanoen mestarilllisia sarjakuvaromaaneja, joten tartuin myös tekijän uusimpaan albumiin "Too Cool To Be Forgotte"" (Top Shelf, 2008) suurin odotuksin. Lisäksi juonikuvio herätti etukäteen runsaasti kiinnostusta ihan henkilökohtaisista syistä; niin tupakoinnin lopettamisen sietämätön vaikeus kuin hivenen traumaattiset muistot lukioajasta ovat aiheita, joiden kanssa on joutunut painiskelemaan.Nelikymppinen Andy Wicks yrittää [...]

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