Survivor I knew falling in love with him was bad for us both but I did it anyway For a brief moment we had it all Even though he was leaving to join the Marines and I had four years of college ahead of me h

  • Title: Survivor
  • Author: Nicole Blanchard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
  • Format: None
  • I knew falling in love with him was bad for us both, but I did it anyway.For a brief moment, we had it all Even though he was leaving to join the Marines and I had four years of college ahead of me, he was everything I ever wanted and didn t think I deserved.But real life has a way of dashing dreams and that happy future we envisioned together It disappeared at the handsI knew falling in love with him was bad for us both, but I did it anyway.For a brief moment, we had it all Even though he was leaving to join the Marines and I had four years of college ahead of me, he was everything I ever wanted and didn t think I deserved.But real life has a way of dashing dreams and that happy future we envisioned together It disappeared at the hands of a monster.Ten years have passed and I m not the same na ve girl that believed in happily ever afters When unforeseen events draw me back to our hometown and I find myself caring for my two teenage brothers, the last thing on my mind should be reconnecting with the hottie turned hero who I loved at seventeen.As the past begins to repeat itself and old threats resurface, I ll have to trust him with the secrets that tore us apart if I want a second chance at his heart.

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    One thought on “Survivor”

    1. Nicole Blanchard really did hear my prayers as for bk2 of this series, we get Jack and Sophie's story and a little something something on the side on our previous characters, Ben and Livvie.This book is not necessarily an easy journey for both characters. Not that the course of love or life did ever sail smoothly to begin with.It covers a sensitive topic, one of which the author forewarns readers from the very beginning even before you venture into the story, and it is beautiful and tormenting o [...]

    2. *spoiler free*Honestly this thing was so quickly devoured that I barely remember it being read. Very fast read and great story! The book takes place in the past and the present in both Jack and Sofie's POV. Despite the prospect of years apart Sofie and Jack hope for a future together. Jack is leaving to join the marines and Sofie has four years of college ahead of her. They want to make the best of the time they have left before their years apart and the unknown future. However their time togeth [...]

    3. I wanted to love this book—and actually, I really did love many things about it. The love was so palpable, so real. The secondary characters from the first book were as wonderful the second time around, an absolute delight to revisit. The writing flowed, and told a story that wouldn't let me go; it kept me reading and I finished almost in one sitting. What I just couldn't love were the inconsistencies in the characters themselves. I know personal tragedy affects everyone differently. This is n [...]

    4. A fantastic story that defiently touch the heart strings! i loved the character"s of jack and sophie who had loved each other for a long time all though they had been apart for a number of years because of something that had happened to sophie,That was unknown to jack but there love for each other was still very strong, Her brother"s needed her know more than ever in there lives they was so young when she left they could"nt understand why! A story that had a subject matter which i thought the au [...]

    5. I commend Nicole for writing a story about this issue. This book does contain sexual assault and no this is not a spoiler. The author warns you even before you start, which I appreciate. It's quite a hard topic to discuss but I think she did pull it off. At times I was a little put off by the heroine portrayed her feelings while looking back on said incident, but in the end her character growth made up for it. I enjoyed the family dynamic and having a strong community of friends and family to al [...]

    6. Survivor is a tremendously remarkable story of the power and the resiliency of the human spirit. Many things in this life can try to break us, and while they may succeed in fracturing a part of our soul, only we can allow ourselves to truly crumble under the overwhelming weight. What we find more often than not is a reason to rebuild the shattered parts of our heart. Whether that comes in the form of family, friends, or the grace of a stranger is inconsequential when they have the power to save [...]

    7. Survivor Nicole Blanchard5 starsSurvivor is a story that does contain an issue that might be a trigger. If you cannot read of violence against women then potentially this might have a trigger for you. The story focuses on surviving. Surviving heartbreak, violence, abuse loss of love. Everything was stacked against Sophie but she came out of it on the bright end of things .t without fighting for herself and her brothers but she made it. If you can read the story knowing this then do click this up [...]

    8. He pauses there for what seems like an eternity and there is magic in it. Magic that transports me back to a thousand other kisses like this. Magic that undoes every door I’ve closed in my heart, blocking the feelings I had for him once upon a timeSecond chances, love and healing. "Survivor" is a book full of different emotions after a horrible experience. But at the same time, has a love that has endured throughout the years, friendly, caring and protective.“I like everything about you, So [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book and love Jack and Sofie together however, there were a few small issues I had that would lessen my appreciation for a beautifully written story about a very difficult topic, however. First the scene changes were choppy and confusing in a few places making it difficult to always follow along with who's POV we were getting at the time. I also wondered why Sofie never used this intense self defense course that she was quick to mention around Jack but all we saw when her a [...]

    10. *4 1/2 STARS!**I received an ARC for an honest review.*Two people in love, and planning their future.Until, tragedy strikes and they are ripped apart.Sofie:Smart. Savvy.Scarred.She has a secret.One she's hurried beneath the wall she's built around herself. Jack:Tough as nails.Sexy as sin.An ex-marine with a tender side.He wants answers. Answers Sofie isn't ready to give.After leaving 10 years ago, Sofie is back.Back to face the people she left behind, with no explanation. No goodbye. Nothing.Whe [...]

    11. Jack and Sofie's story is one that is unforgettable!A story of love, heartbreak, fighting, surviving, and rebuilding! I absolutely loved it!!!10 years ago, best friends Jack and Sofie fell in love. Even though he was going into the Marines and she was headed off to college, they were unable to deny their feelings. However, someone else destroyed it all in the blink of an eye.Sofie has pretty much stayed away from her hometown in the past 10 years but when her mother passes away, she is the only [...]

    12. Amazing. 5 StarsSimply amazing. I loved the connection between Jack & Sofie, even though they've been separated, you can still feel the love between them. When we find out the reason why she left Nassau, it is truly heartbreaking, they fact that she's been suffering alone for years. The writing was phenomenal. Can't wait for Savior. *** arc gifted to leave honest review ***

    13. Jack and Sofie foreverJack and Sofie have history together but what no one knows is the real story. What will happen when Jack learns the truth? Will he leave her forever or will stand by the side of the women he's been in love with for the last ten years?

    14. Oh my!!! This book was amazing. It's a great second chance romance. I am gonna have to check out her other books nowI received a copy of the book for my honest review

    15. Love second chance at love romances, and I love the connection between Jack and Sofie (there were two spellings for her name in the book, so I'll go with the spelling from the text; rather than the spelling from the chapter separations). Jack was heartbroken when Sofie broke up with him without much explanation, but when she returns to town 10 years later to help out her family, Jack and Sofie can't deny the chemistry between them, and Jack wants to know why Sofie has walls built up. I don't rea [...]

    16. This book was so painful at times because of the raw emotion felt by the lead. It is quite dark in places but there is light. There is great interplay between the characters and the two youngsters are fantastic! I love sarcasm when it is directed at an adult from a child! Will not give anything away but this is a good read that will make you laugh and cry. A cracker!

    17. I have a huge problem with the fact that when that filthy monster was violating her, she started to somewhat get into it because of the fact that he was touching her softly Really???!!! I know that some people try to mentally check out to try & not feel too much but to actually somewhat like it?! No! Just no!

    18. I fell in love with these characters from the very beginning and I longed to know how things were going to turn out for them. I was rooting for them through it all, but you just never know how things will end up going in a relationship, especially ones with pasts involved. I love that Nicole Blanchard took on the tough topic of sexual assault. This is not an easy topic for anyone but she did an amazing job with how she incorporated it into this story. There are warnings about triggers with this [...]

    19. Jack & Sophie = The Power Of True Love Wins! Survivor is the second book in the First to Fight Series, but can be read as stand alone. This is the story of Jack and Sophie. There are appearances by Livvie and Ben from the first book, Warrior. Survivor is written in alternating POVs. The author gives the reader the story through the character's experiences in the past and the present. Jack and Sophie's story had me on a roller coaster of emotion. I mean that in the best way. I laughed with th [...]

    20. 4.5 - 5 starsSurvivor is book two in the First to Fight series by Author Nicole Blanchard. It is a second chance romance, with an added military mix and an edge of suspense. "There are three things I love the most in this world, and two of them I can probably live without. The other smiles up at me."Sofie can be risk-taker with everything but her heart. She gave that away a long time ago, and has been metaphorically living without it ever since. Jack has loved Sofie since they were young. He kne [...]

    21. 3.5/5Can I say I was emotionally caught up in the beginning of the story? Yet, another second chance story and I actually enjoyed it. Not my top favorite but I love what Nicole did with Jack and Sofie.From the very beginning, I didn't understand what was going on and when their past was told I was curious to see what tore them apart and what would happen in the present. Survivor did not disappoint in the realm of mystery and there were a couple of twists I didn't see coming, yay!We first meet Ja [...]

    22. When Sofie left town 10 years ago, she left her family and Jack with no explanation. She was running, hiding from something. But now she is faced with family responsibilities she cannot ignore. Will she come back and face her family and Jack? Will she be able to keep her secret? When her past collides with her present will Jack forgive her and care enough to save her from her demons? Or can too much time erase those deep seeded feelings?Jack is the ultimate book boyfriend. He is tough and sexy w [...]

    23. Review by The ClubThe last book left off where Ben runs from Olivia thinking she hooked up the moment he left and had someone else's baby. After everything he went through and all the problems he's come home with, he had enough and didn't wait for explanations. Losing his squad to an ambush, and coming back with some medical problems has made him bitter. Olivia has waited for the right moment to tell Ben he has a son. With the issues she's had to endure where their son is concerned, with his hea [...]

    24. Survivor by Nicole BlanchardThis book is so intense. The emotional pull is there right from page 1 as Sofie sneaks into her mom’s house to retrieve something from her room before the house is sold and is caught by Jack, her boyfriend of 10 years ago that she has never gotten over. By his expression, neither has he. The effect they both still have on each other makes it clear that Sofie didn’t leave because she wanted to. She had to and the reason is a secret she has never told anyone.Jack wi [...]

    25. This bookIf you haven't read WARRIOR, I suggest you do. You don't need to, exactly, but it's slightly helpful. The tension between Jack and Sofie certainly started before Ben and Livvie's book, but it's helpful to go back and see some of their recent tension.In SURVIVOR, though, all that tension comes to a head and as a reader you see exactly what type of relationship these two had, as well as the depth of their feelings -- even through the hurt and years. Sofie and Jack meet up this time when S [...]

    26. Yes there is some sensitive material in this book that you are warned about from the beginning but the way that Nicole describes it and goes through some of the details is done beautifully. I had this book read in a very short time span as I was sucked in and could not put the book down. No one should ever have to endure what Sophie did and although she never told a soul and pretty much ran from it I loved how she finally took a stand and let people in on what happened to her and how she overcam [...]

    27. This is the third book in the First to Fight series by Nicole Blanchard and it is just as good as the first one. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more in this series.Sophie and Jack were young when they fell in love, but all they could see was the rest of their lives together, not the struggles that they might have in a long distance romance.Things tragically change one night and Sophie didn't know what to do so she ran. She ran as far as she could get and basically cut everyone out of [...]

    28. Could not put this down, once I started I needed to finish this story of love broken and then repaired - second chance at romance for me and I devoured this.This is the second story in the series, I highly recommended reading Warrior (First to Fight #1) as although not linked you do have characters from Warrior that return to Survivor and I have a feeling that Savior (First to Fight #3) we will have these characters return. We also do have an Epilogue - 5 Years Later - which I love for Standalon [...]

    29. Survivor was heartbreakingly good. It was emotional, angsty, passionate and well written. Sophie and Jack were teenagers in love and ready to spend the rest of their lives together. But Sophie suddenly leaves without an explanation to Jack. Now, 10 years later, Sophie's back in their hometown for her mother's funeral and Jack convinces her she needs to stay and become the guardian to her 2 teenaged brothers.It was brutal reading how Sophie's brothers resented her for leaving them, yet loved her [...]

    30. Survivor is a story of Sophie and Jack. Sophie has been in love with Jack since she was seventeen until she was attacked. In order to protect everyone she loved including Jack, she left home. She only come back was to raise her young twin brothers. The attraction between Sophie and Jack has never died. Sophie is scared that her attacker will find out and seek her out. Jack, eventually figured out what drove Sophie away and only this time, he was going to fight to protect Sophie and to keep her i [...]

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