Double Header

Double Header Casey Gallagher has it all together a lucrative marketing career in Boston a happy marriage and a successful sports column she writes with her younger brother Griffin She s got a plan to save for a

  • Title: Double Header
  • Author: Clarice G. James
  • ISBN: 9781941291245
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Casey Gallagher has it all together a lucrative marketing career in Boston, a happy marriage, and a successful sports column she writes with her younger brother Griffin She s got a plan to save for a dream home in the suburbs and then have kids, even though her cop husband Sam doesn t see the need to wait The memory of her father still looms large four years after his paCasey Gallagher has it all together a lucrative marketing career in Boston, a happy marriage, and a successful sports column she writes with her younger brother Griffin She s got a plan to save for a dream home in the suburbs and then have kids, even though her cop husband Sam doesn t see the need to wait The memory of her father still looms large four years after his passing He was the cop who let her shine his boots, and she s idolized him since she was a little girl Even Sam can t live up to his legacy Then Casey receives a letter that bursts her balloon Could her father not have been all she believed he was, and if so, how can her mother, who recently remarried and found a new faith, so easily forgive her former husband Even the Red Sox rookies Casey and Griffin have recently befriended seem to have an inner peace that puzzles her As Casey attempts to fit the changes life throws at her into her idealistic plan, she is challenged by the dialogue running in her head Is it her conscience, her imagination, or the voice of the God she s not sure she believes in

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      215 Clarice G. James
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    1. Double Header is a Touchdown!You don't have to enjoy or even understand baseball to love this novel! While the characters lives and livelihood do revolve around the sport the real focus of this story are the relationships and the personal growth of the main character Casey. Casey is the typical Type A older sister that hates change and takes control because, well, who else will? If we are not her, we all know and love someone just like her. Casey has life planned out until she gets thrown a curv [...]

    2. "Who me?" That was my response when Clarice James asked if I'd review her new book, "Double Header", a work of Women's fiction. After all, I'm not a woman and didn't know if the story would appeal to me. But once I began the book, I can say beyond any doubt, I was happily surprised. Clarice is a gifted writer. The characters she dreams up are so real you wonder if they are people from her own life, or whether you'll run into them at the mall or your next trip to a Red Sox game. The plot of the b [...]

    3. Double Header, a new novel by Clarice James, is a bit hard to categorize. It’s a fun read about family, friends and faith. It’s a really fun read if you are from the Boston area and/or a Red Sox fan. It’s also a bit of a mystery, which keeps you guessing until the end. The best part of Double Header for me is the characters. They are well developed and interesting. They are far from perfect, but I like them. They are the kind of people I would like to know and have in my life. Clarice Jame [...]

    4. Double Header is a breezy romp narrated by a sassy young woman who is ambivalent about her work, her relationships, and her beliefs. Then an unexpected letter turns her world upside-down. Who’s the letter from? Who’s it about? This mystery dominates the end of the novel. All the characters are well-drawn and individualized, with realistic sibling banter. By the end of the book, the characters feel like family. The baseball setting is a refreshing change from the usual chick-lit backgrounds. [...]

    5. DOUBLE HEADER caught and held my attention from beginning to end. The characters are well-developed and real enough that I would recognize them on the street if we passed. Casey, the main character, struggles with others and with God in a believable way, and her search to find answers as to the identity of the half-brother she doesn't know about until she is almost thirty kept me turning pages. This is a satisfying, entertaining read. I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for my [...]

    6. Clarice James’ Double Header gripped me from its opening sentence. I couldn’t stop until I’d laughed every last laugh the book elicits and solved each mystery weaving its way through the story with tentacles that grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go. If you’re a sucker for warm, hilarious sibling camaraderie, you’ll love this book. And if you’re also a sucker for baseball, you’re in for a double treat with Double Header. ~ Terrie T Manitoba, Canada

    7. Double Header is an entertaining book about Casey Gallagher, marketing executive by day and sports writer by night. I was hooked at the first sentence and quickly became immersed in the story. The characters are well fleshed out, especially Casey and her brother Griffin, whose banter and pseudo-bickering show the closeness of their relationship. Author Clarice James builds the mystery to the very end and had me guessing the entire way. Highly recommended.

    8. A Little Bit of Everything to Enjoy: It was a fast-paced read with a little bit of everything. Good characters. Mystery. Romance. Sibling rivalry. Faith. Being a runner and a female sports fan myself, I could identify with the main character, Casey. (Don’t worry. You don’t miss anything if you’re not into sports.) The story is about a woman struggling to stay in control of her life. The author kept me guessing who the brother was to the very end. Loved it! ~ Erin H Massachusetts

    9. A Plot That Pulls You Into the Characters’ Lives: I loved it! The novel was very easy to read with a plot that pulls you into the characters’ lives and the struggles they are going through. It was very easy to relate to many of the circumstances and characters. It brings to life the fact that God is real and how faith plays a critical role in outcomes through all the twists and turns of the story. I look forward to the next one. ~ Cathy T Georgia

    10. The loving sibling rivalry between Casey and her brother in Double Header is a hoot! I loved the honest portrait of Casey and was oh-so-able to identify with many of her foibles. The mystery undergirding the story was an emotional and spiritual challenge that realistically paved the way for changes—if Casey would only respond! While I’m not a baseball fan, I found that story element easy to follow and even enjoyable.

    11. Double Header was a great read. J I thought the main characters’ sibling relationship was right on target and very relatable for readers. You kept a great balance of sports talk and the character’s conflicts/dilemma in the story. It remained engaging throughout the story, and I never guessed the ending! ~ Linda M.

    12. Deb’s Dozen: Baseball, Sibling Rivalry, Snappy Repartee, Mystery–Double Header Hits a Home Run!Double Header by Clarice G. James is a most delightful debut novel that will be enjoyed by both guys and gals. Siblings Casey Gallagher and Griffin McGee write a sports column titled “Double Header” noted for their bickering back and forth as well as snappy repartee. Casey also works for a marketing company, and her husband, Sam, is a police officer. Griffin, a school teacher and coach, is marr [...]

    13. Title: Double HeaderAuthor: Clarice G. JamesPages: 312Year: 2015Publisher: Mountainview BooksMy rating is 5+ stars.The more I read the more I begin to appreciate the ability authors have to share a good story with their audience. One characteristic that can easily be observed in real life happening in families with more than one child is how various attitudes as well as behaviors are exhibited. Sometimes when the offspring exhibit one or the other parental traits most can laugh and say that it w [...]

    14. Don’t let the picture fool you, this is not just a book about baseball! This is a story about forgiveness, life choices, marriage, self discovery, and yes, baseball. It also has a glimpse of betrayal, and probably not the way you would think. Double Header is the first published novel by Clarice G. James, and I think she’s written a beautiful story. Casey Gallagher is a woman who has idolized her father her entire life. So much in fact that she has a “shrine” in her home in honor of her [...]

    15. When young career-woman Casey’s happy memories from childhood are fractured, she begins a tough journey to re-establish her equilibrium and forge a new plan for her life. While this task is deeply emotional and challenging for her, author Clarice G. James’s skill in writing and her witty style make the reader’s journey a delight.Casey and twin brother Griffin are engaging, spar like experts but always good-naturedly, and draw the reader right into their world. James draws her characters wi [...]

    16. Every woman struggles to keep her life in balance from time to time, and the very practical Casey Gallagher is no exception. Between her day job (which places her schedule squarely opposite her husband's) and the column she writes with her brother, Griffin (which takes her into the sports world she loves), she has no time for a mysterious revelation. But, when one arrives, in the form of a letter that divulges a secret, Casey must make room in her already crowded life for doubts that leave her q [...]

    17. Double HeaderThe mark of a good book is feeling sad when I finish it. With “Double Header” Clarice James hit it out of the park. James does a good job writing believable dialogue and creating tension among and within her characters. Casey, the protagonist of the story is credible as a young, driven career woman struggling to have it all and realizing she can’t. Amidst those struggles she finds new faith in God. The gospel is presented in a gentle but godly manner with Casey approaching God [...]

    18. Double Header, a new novel by Clarice James was a delightful read. The story entails a brother and sister who write a baseball column called Double Header. The interaction between siblings was warmhearted. Their humorous bantering made me smile every single time.When a letter arrives for Casey, her life is turned upside down. What she had always known becomes an unknown. She strongly rejects the notion that her father could have faltered, failing to live up to the memory she has immortalized. Li [...]

    19. Double HeaderBy: Clarice G. JamesWow, this maybe Ms James first published novel , but she has penned herself a winner that is a dramatic story. I could not read fast enough to see what was going to happen next. The story and the characters both were easy to follow and I really enjoyed them . I did not play baseball , but I did play softball . You do not have to be a fan of baseball to read and enjoy :”Double Header.” Siblings Casey and Griffin both write a sports column called “Double Head [...]

    20. You don’t have to be a sports fan or know much about baseball to enjoy Double Header by Clarice James. The author has written an engaging character driven story that will keep you reading on to the surprising finish. On the surface, Double Header is about Casey Gallagher and Griffin McGee, a sister- brother team who write a sports column. Their personalities are as different as their regular jobs of marketing and teaching. Casey is strong-willed and likes being in control of her life. Griffin [...]

    21. So Casey, the main character, encounters a dilemma. How does she react to news that reveals someone she idolized had a hidden side? This news brings a mystery, circumstances that need to be dealt with, and Casey’s own hurts to deal with. Various subplots keep you guessing. The dialogue cleverly personalizes the various characters in Casey’s life, including her favorite baseball players whom she interviews for her sports column. Could you solve the mystery before the answer is revealed? If no [...]

    22. What a great read! As a writer myself, I enjoy seeing good character development, a plot that does not plod, and good but concise descriptions of setting. Clarice James has put all three together in an entertaining and well-written story full of great one-liners that will leave you laughing and/or weeping. While her main character, Casey, tells the story extremely well, I found myself--as a man--identifying a lot with her husband, Sam, and her brother, Griffin. If you're a sports fan, especially [...]

    23. This is a wonderful debut novel by Clarice G. JamesCasey Gallagher is an introvert with her life all planned and in order.Her brother Griffin is an extrovert and never knows a stranger.Casey is going through many changes in her life and she is not enjoying the loss of control.With God's help and her Mother's advice gives her life stability.I loved all the characters and the backdrop of the book, baseball.I am not a big baseball fan but my parents would have loved this book.I look forward to more [...]

    24. From the first line you're drawn in and need to know the identity of Casey's half-brother. I love how James plants clues about a few possibilities early on in the story--is he the rookie Boston Red sox player, the young cop her husband works with, or someone else? Dealing with past hurts is never easy, and Casey struggles like all of us. Readers will easily relate to her dilemma while enjoying the banter between her and her brother Griffin. You don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy Double Hea [...]

    25. This book has appeal for a broad audience. It gets to the heart of the things that matter in life - faith, family, friends, and Fenway. I'm actually not a big sports fan, and you don't need to be one either to enjoy this. There is a richness that comes from vibrant characters dealing with real life challenges as a mystery unravels around them. The unexpected gems for me were the laughs from situations that are easy to relate to. It's a fun read, but also rewarding with a wisdom that reflects on [...]

    26. My profession requires a lot of clinical reading, so when an opportunity comes long to read simply for entertainment, I gladly welcome it. "Double Header" provided such a gift during the busy Christmas season. The story quickly grabbed me and I loved watching the characters develop. I also enjoy guessing "who" in a story and this one had me guessing until nearly the end.Clarice is a gifted writer and I would highly recommend this book.

    27. Mysteries are my genre and Double Header knocks it out of the park! The characters became instant friends and caught me wanting to resolve their predicament. Life in Boston appeared before me like a manicured diamond where suspects and clues made me want to peek at the playbook. No blood or bodies. Honest relationships, real dialogue, and vivid color attend this mystery of the heart. I’ll take more Clarice Gregoire James any day. ~ Sandra L Maine

    28. Enjoyable read that made me laugh. But the lessons weaved throughout the story makes the takeaway value in this story high. Clarice James hit it out of the ballpark with this one!

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