The Storybook Knight

The Storybook Knight Can a story save the kingdom When Leo s mom and dad send him off to fight a dragon he takes a shield a sword and a pile of his favorite books But can a story be as mighty as a sword

  • Title: The Storybook Knight
  • Author: Helen Docherty Thomas Docherty
  • ISBN: 9781492638148
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Can a story save the kingdom When Leo s mom and dad send him off to fight a dragon, he takes a shield, a sword and a pile of his favorite books But can a story be as mighty as a sword

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    One thought on “The Storybook Knight”

    1. You can also find my review of this book here: thebookcollective/2016/09I absolutely LOVE this book for children. First of all, the message. The message! The moral of the story here is this: you do not need to fight to get what you want accomplished, you can use your brain. And that, my friends, is what this world needs a little (or a lot) more of. If we can teach our children this, our future would be bright.Leo, the main character, is a pacifist bookworm (love him) whose parents want him to be [...]

    2. "Leo was a gentle knight in thought and word and deed.While other knights liked fighting, Leo liked to sit and read". Here is the beginning of this beautiful picture book about Leo, who couldn't understand why knights must fight.One day his parents send him to tame a scary dragon, armed with a shield and a sword. Leo loads lots of books too. In his way he crosses paths with a Griffin and a Troll, and both surrender to the storybooks smartly chosen by Leo, that have them as main characters.Leo fi [...]

    3. Helen ja Thomas Dochertyn "Ritari joka ei tahtonut taistella" (Mäkelä, 2016) on runomuotoon kirjoitettu kuvakirja Riku-ritarista, joka joutuu lohikäärmejahtiin. Haarniskoitua hiirtämme kiinnostaisi enemmän lukeminen kuin taisteleminen, ja niinpä hän pakkaakin mukaansa ison nipun kirjoja. Niistä onkin heti alkajaiseksi melkoisesti hyötyä, kun matkallaan hän joutuu kohtaamaan mm. aarnikotkan ja sillan alla asustelevan peikonDochertyjen edellinen kirja Pikkuinen kirjavoro oli todella hu [...]

    4. This book was SO CUUUUTE!!! Squeal!! The artwork was adorable and had lots of details to look at. The horse's personality came out, without it even saying a word! For the scatalogically obsessed, there was dragon poo, dealt with in an appropriate way.I absolutely LOVE Leo! He's a mouse hero after my own, book-loving heart. The story was cute and SOOOO book loving it warmed my heart and that last picture spread was BEAUTIFUL and made me want to step inside and join in the reading with them.Comple [...]

    5. The Storybook Knight was written by Helen Docherty and illustrated by Thomas Docherty. It shares the story of a young gentle knight named Leo who is kind to creatures and prefers reading to any other activity. Don't you just love him already? Leo if you haven't guessed is a mouse. His parents want him to be adventurous and become famous. They give him a shield and sword before pushing him out the door to slay a Dragon. Leo is reluctant but packs a lunch and of course a stackful of books.The stor [...]

    6. It should come as a surprise to no one that I love books about reluctant dragons and the knights who don't want to slay them. KENNY AND THE DRAGON is a longtime favorite of mine, for instance. Another favorite thing of mine is books about booklovers. And this charming new picture book checks both those boxes! Our knight is a tiny adorable mouse who solves his problems by giving his opponents great books to read. And when he's tasked with slaying a dragon . . . will his usual technique work? Of c [...]

    7. Excellent rhythm as a read aloud, which means it's FUN to read aloud (rhythm makes a difference). Great story. Kids gave it two thumbs up.

    8. Oh man. If you are unfamiliar with the Docherty duo, get yourself acquainted now! They have to be one of the most adorable and extremely talented (and amazing) team ever. Ever! I have been completely enchanted with everything they produce since I stumbled across The Snatchabook on Netgalley a few years ago. When I saw they had a new book coming out, I got excited. I was a bit worried it would not live up to my expectations since I absolutely LOVED The Snatchabook, but The Storybook Knight did no [...]

    9. We know the pen is mightier than the sword, but for the mouse knight in this story it is the book that is mightier. Leo wants to read. His parents want him to get rid of the dragon that is hurting the land.So Leo sets forth with his books in tow, and reads to all the creatures that try to stop him along the way, including the dragon.I think this is the first picture book I have ever seen that features dragon poop, which Leo helps the dragon clean up.A sweet little picture book with bright drawin [...]

    10. Loved this one and so did my class. We read it along with a lesson on characters - identifying them only - and after they had to draw me a picture of characters from the story. I wish I could share the pictures I got of dragons, trolls, and mice in armor! What I really liked about this book, though, is that it has two really positive messages. One - that violence is not the answer. This little mouse solved all these typical fairy tale scenarios that usually are solved with violence with a story [...]

    11. What a charming story with engaging illustrations! This story is written in a gentle rhyme that flows very well throughout the book. I read this book to my sons this evening and it was a big hit. In this adventure, we meet interesting characters along the way and see how Leo interacts with each one. Armed with his new sword and shield, as well as many books, he bravely encounters fearsome foes. I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful children's story and I look forward to reading more books by this [...]

    12. Bookish heroes for the win!This was an extremely cute story. I really wish I had a young child so I could immediately go read it to them. Because there is no question that I would buy a copy of this for my family library. The artwork was super lovely. There were plenty of expressive details thrown in that made me smile and laugh.

    13. Varsinainen kirjavinkkarikirja pienestä, lempeästä ritari-Rikusta, hiirestä, joka rakastaa lukea, kohtelee eläimiä kauniisti, eikä innostu taistelun melskeestä. Huolestuneet vanhemmat lähettävät Rikun kukistamaan ilkeää lohikäärmettä. Kukistamisen sijaan Riku valloittaa kaikki kohtaamansa otukset suosikkikirjoillaan. Voi sydän!

    14. Luna vind dit een super leuk boek. We hebben samen echt gelachen. Vooral bij '6 keer' keek Luna echt verbaasd en het was echt leuk om haar snoetjes te zien bij dat detail. "6 keer?!" vroeg ze. Ik had iets totaal anders verwacht (ik had de achterflap niet gelezen) en was totaal verrast. Heel leuk en grappig geschreven. Ik heb er dus zelf ook van genoten :).

    15. Such a cute story about a mouse that wants to read and not fight. If we could solve all of our problems the way this mouse does, the world would be a beautiful place.

    16. Let me start of by saying thisI LOVE THIS BOOK!It might be because I am a huge bookworm myself, but it could also be because the artwork is gorgeous and that I really enjoyed the story itself too.The Storybook Knight is about a little mouse knight. However, is he isn't what you normally think of when you think of a knight. He is not much of a fighter, he is more of a reader (much to his parents dismay). So one day, his parents find an ad looking for a knight to tame a dragon and they send their [...]

    17. I was extremely excited to get this book, The Storybook Knight by Helen & Thomas Doherty, for a couple of reasons. One is because it came with another book- book two to one that I've read and reviewed previously. (Hint Hint: the review will be posted tomorrow! and the second reason is because the dragon you see in my banner, came with the book! It's one of those spongy dragon's that is attached to a wire handle so he can bob about. He's actually hanging from my office ceiling! Yes- I didn't [...]

    18. What is a mouse to do?!When you’re a knight and your name bestows you with the courage and bravery of a lion…what is a mouse to do?Everyone meet Leo!! The knight who does not fight with a sword and somehow still wins battles.Leo is only small but has a very powerful weapon, words! And this lovely tale follows him on his mission of peace.Helen and Thomas Docherty form a formidable pair while delivering a message through a rhyming story and wonderfully colourful illustrations of magical creatu [...]

    19. **I received a free copy from Edelweiss and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review**Cover: Perfect!Rating 5 Glowing Stars!Characters: EntertainingPlot: Funny and EnjoyableOverall: A Great Bedtime StoryRecommend? Yes! Short Review: When I first requested this title, I didn't realize it was about a mouse. Mouse + Knight + Booklover = SCORE! Waitwhat's that? It rhymes?! Perfection! (Ok, ok so Redwall made me a mouse fan XD) Anyway I loved this book, and recommend it to anyone who has kids, [...]

    20. Leo’s quest (the ones his parents send him on) is an adventure of all the things I love in stories. From the beginning when we see him buried nose-deep in books to the end when he ‘slays’ the terrifying dragon by being exactly who he is.I loved – * the story * the message * the wonderful artwork (seriously if it wasn’t for being an absolute sacrilege I could love to take the dragon illustrations and stick them up but there is no way I can destroy books, especially not lovely ones!) * a [...]

    21. In this story, Leo is a young mouse who is raised to be a fighting knight. But Leo would rather read instead of fighting. When his parents see an opportunity for Leo to tame a dragon, which all good knights are suppose to do, he sets of on his trusty stead armed with a stack of his favorite books. Will Leo be forced to fight or will he be able to share in the joy of reading instead?This was a cute picture book that would be a great addition to any elementary school librarian. The text is written [...]

    22. This is one of the most adorable picture books I have yet read! (And that is the reason why I review it on here, what I usually do not do for picture books.)The story is very cute, funny and transports the moral of the story without seeming to focus on it.The pictures are adorable and the rhymes make it very easy to access for children. Just look at that gorgeous cover! It also doesn't just show that you don't need to use violence,, but can use your brain - it also shows a love for books, which [...]

    23. I love The Story Book Knight! As cool as it would have been to see Leo the mouse fight off a griffin and a dragon, it's way cooler that he made friends with them instead. Who doesn't want a dragon as a friend?The messages here are good ones, too. The obvious one is that reading is a good thing, and enjoyable for everyone. The second is that violence isn't necessarily the way to get what you want. All good things!The illustrations and story were both great. A fine addition to any child's library. [...]

    24. Such a sweet, sweet story; all in rhyme, too! Little ones will enjoy this tale of a young knight who isn't interested in fighting, but only wants to read! His parents pretty much shove him out the door to go fight dragons, but he turns tables on everyone with books. Illustrations are colorful, detailed and wonderful additions to the story itself! Lovely book! Great addition to story time for preschoolers.

    25. My new favorite picture book! Starring a peaceful mouse named Leo who would rather read than fight, this charming book has so many delightful features. The rhymes are jaunty, the illustrations are detailed and colorful, and the joy of reading is suffused throughout. I especially like the peaceful resolution to all Leo's encounters with fearsome creatures. Highly recommended as a story-time read-aloud.

    26. Just got an advance copy and I love it. It is an excellent rhyming book, reads like a good poem, which is my favorite kind of picture book. A mouse is expected to be a knight, but doesn't like to fight. His mom and dad send him on a quest and he succeeds by reading everyone books. Great for that special book nerd in your life.

    27. Ik zag deze in de boekenwinkel, en nu hem op GR heb gezet moest ik wel lachen. Het officiele boek komt niet uit tot September/Oktober dit jaar, maar de Nederlandse vertaling is al uit. Ik snap keuzes van uitgevers echt niet hoor. Echt een leuk boek, zeker voor boekenwurmen zoals ik. Heerlijk om te zien hoe problemen worden opgelost. Mooie illustraties ook. :D

    28. What an adorable book! I think children are going to fall in love with it. The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is really cute. Not only do I want a copy for my library, I want one for me!!!

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