A Dance with the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath

A Dance with the Devil A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath Her marriage to retired Navy admiral John Perry seemed almost too good to be true Because it was At the start of her relationship with the intelligent and worldly John Perry Barbara Bentley couldn t

  • Title: A Dance with the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath
  • Author: Barbara Bentley
  • ISBN: 9780425221181
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • Her marriage to retired Navy admiral John Perry seemed almost too good to be true Because it was At the start of her relationship with the intelligent and worldly John Perry, Barbara Bentley couldn t believe her luck so when things didn t add up, she struggled to ignore her doubts She kept trying to put the pieces together unaware that some of them were simply missing.Her marriage to retired Navy admiral John Perry seemed almost too good to be true Because it was At the start of her relationship with the intelligent and worldly John Perry, Barbara Bentley couldn t believe her luck so when things didn t add up, she struggled to ignore her doubts She kept trying to put the pieces together unaware that some of them were simply missing Even as he drained her credit, dodged her questions, manipulated her and misled her, she stayed with him, suppressing her growing suspicions Ultimately he would try to kill her, proving himself not a protector and provider, but a predator This is Barbara s courageous, compelling story, in her own words of the slow, choking darkness that fell after the honeymoon was over, what it took to finally drive her to escape and start her life anew, and her tireless efforts to protect other women and help them learn from her example.

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    One thought on “A Dance with the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath”

    1. This is the tale of a woman who married a man who appeared to be the perfect catch.y, background, education, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, multi-lingual and friend to celebrities. Too good to be true?you bet. A con man of the first order, her took her money and her pride and tried to take her life. Now doesn't that sound like something that might hold your attention? No, no, no!!!! If you are not an author or have no talent for writing, do not attempt to tell your true experiences [...]

    2. First of all let me start by saying that nobody deserves to be used or abused by another. That being said I found this book extremely hard to get through. Obviously John had HUGE mental health and moral issues but I don't believe he was the only greedy person in that marriage. The signs were all glaringly apparent but the author didn't deal with these things because she was more interested in the social circle, status, travel and monatary things (like a Bentley) she thought this marriage would f [...]

    3. A dashing, successful man comes into your life and sweeps you away. Enthralled with each other, the next logical step is marriage.But what happens when you discover the one you loved and married isn't who they appear to be?The above scenario - and more - happened to Barbara Bentley, who outlines her true story of marriage to a man who nearly killed her in the book A Dance With the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath.John Perry seemed to be the perfect mate for Barbara - worldly, inte [...]

    4. A non-serial-killing psychopath? The hell you say!This is the story of Barbara Bentley and her relationship with John Perry, a manipulative psychopath who drained her emotionally and financially over the course of their marriage. When it seemed she was finally catching on to his lies, he tried to kill her - possibly more than once - and ultimately served 18 months of a five year sentence for attempted murder. During and after his incarceration, Barbara fought for a divorce that would not leave h [...]

    5. *3.5 stars*Who do we really know? How can you be married to someone and not know them at all? Barbara Bentley writes a very insightful memoir about her experience living with a sociopath. She fell for his charm, intellect, charisma and absolutely believed all of his tall tales. At the time, of course, she had no idea he was just a poser. However, no one else did either,though some certainly were suspicious. "Admiral" John Perry actually stole a Medal of Honor, as well as several other medals, an [...]

    6. I thought it was terrible. I've read a lot of true crime books, and this one seemed amateur by comparison. I gave it one star only for the fact that this woman had the courage to write a book about this horrible event in her life. And while I do think that the event was horrible, traumatic, sad and worth committing to paper - I think she could have taken more time and done a much better job. I found the chapters to be repetitive and boring, and there was far too much "feel good / I'm a survivor" [...]

    7. I enjoyed the book and I have also had an encounter with a psychopath that I dated over a year. I understood the manipulation and everything because I could relate to it with my own experience. However, what I thought was odd in this story was being married to someone for so many years and never meeting his family. Overall, the book does point out the signs and I encourage people to learn more about this mental illness so they can spot the red flags early. Psychopaths are skilled at manipulating [...]

    8. This book is about a woman who falls in love with a crazy psychopath/sociopath & doesn't realize it till too late. (Don't they all?) She knows he does too many things "wrong" & always immediately has an excuse for everything. He was worthless & so full of lies, had all these stories going on & on.! I can understand that you fall in love & always want to believe that everything is ok, you don't want to admit things are not as rosy as you would like, but I kept hoping she would [...]

    9. This book suffered a little from the author's hindsight. She seemed to set on justifying her blind eye. She seemed to absolve herself of any responsibility, but she let him get away with a lot of shennaigans before it all came to a head. I found it hard to believe there were no clues at all. I think she was clearly sucked into the lifestyle she thought she would have with a supposed Admiral. She also left some gaps, like for instance, where did her husband get his scars if he hadn't been in war? [...]

    10. Barbara told her story very clearly. She did a great job describing her perspective while still believing her husbands false persona. If you ever wonder how a person can be duped by a spousee gives you a chance to get in her skin and experience the deception. I enjoyed reading her book. She gives home of change not only personal but legislatively.

    11. This was a fantastic look at Barabara's life with the "Admiral". Her writing style is fantastic, you come away from reading as if you'd just sat and had a cup of coffee with her. Barbara explains in great detail, how she met, fell in love with, and married John, and the events leading up to her realizing who he actually was, and how she ended up changing the law to protect women in her position. Many people are mentioning that she stayed in the marriage too long, and reaped benefits. However, I [...]

    12. SPOILER ALERTGiven that I actually dated a psychopath and thought that I should write a book with this very title (before the colon), I was shocked to see this and really couldn't wait to compare my story with hers.I found this really difficult to finish. It actually bored me to tears. It was obvious that her husband had a lot of mental issues, but really, it was nothing like I expected to read. The author stayed in her marriage for a really long time, and reaped plenty of rewards as a result. S [...]

    13. Wow,just what can i say about this book? It was an interesting read about a woman,''Barbara'' that gets involved with a psychopath,''John'' and foolishly married him even though he waves just about every red flag warning in her face to what he is all about. Even though Barbara Is foolish and naive,i also find her to be materialistic,and wanting only the best for herself, example such as wanting to marry a highly decorated man with connections,money etc,so i basically think she got what she deser [...]

    14. Although this is an important subject, especially for women, to become familiar with, this book does not quite do justice to the cause in its literary handling. The little justice served the issue is by virtue of the book's status as a real-life, factual account.Bentley's narrative voice is confused at times, not sure whether to tell the story chronologically or with the benefit of hindsight shedding light on past events. One or the other would have worked well; both intertwined throughout the b [...]

    15. With Valentine's Day approaching, what better way to celebrate than to read this true story of a woman who married a man who turned out to be a sociopath and ultimately tried to kill her? Since most people are too embarrassed to tell anyone how such a thing happened to them, this book is a rare glimpse at how it can happen to anyone no matter how smart they are. She explains her thinking at the time although the story is told through the lens of hindsight. Not only did this woman survive, but sh [...]

    16. Memoir by a woman who married a pathological liar/narcissist/sociopath dude who was a nutball who pretended to be a fancy military guy, but actually used up all her money and then tried to kill her. Basically reads like a Dateline episode from the victim's POV. Interesting story, but it must be said she is an awful writer - writes like she is in a 1940s film. And the end where she describes in detail her work in victim's rights, while important, is pretty zz. Also the dude was pretty clearly a h [...]

    17. Barbara Bentley's memoir is not only an entertaining and suspenseful read but also a valuable cautionary tale. The author speaks as her future self looking back, now strong and enlightened to the tactics her "admiral" used to draw her into his fantasy world. Even as a successful 35 year old, Barbara's willingness to please and her desire to avoid conflict allowed her to serve as a victim. She realizes in retrospect that psychopaths prey on those who enable and accommodate them. Yet, she recounts [...]

    18. This is a true story of a woman who married a man who was emotionally, financially, and physically abusive. At the beginning of the book I kept thinking how dumb could she be. Then he attempts to murder her and serves very little time and when he gets out attempts to benefit from her financially. From this point on I realized what a strong person she was, even helping to change a law that prevents spouses who have been convicted of a felony from profiting financially from their spouse in a divor [...]

    19. Well, lets say this book made me look at everyone I passed in the streets thinking, maybe their a sociopath. I defiantly understand to some degree on what a person like this is capable ofI think its something a lot of people should read, it helps you to know what to look out for because there are people out there like this who can suck you into believing anything they say. I feel horrible about her struggle but im glad she wrote this book, it could defiantly help some men and women in situations [...]

    20. I don't get why people are giving this book one star. Unless you truly been in a situation like this or know someone similar you can understand. It is not easy to walk away from someone who has given you hope and you love just to realize it was all a lie. Yes there were red flags, but when we truly believe in someone we sometimes ignore them. It is hard to see all she went through and that she never gave up the in the end. In the end she preserved and that's one of the keys to her story.

    21. Let me start this off by saying that this whole situation was awful and I can't even imagine being in her shoes and having to experience something like that. I hope she was able to somewhat recover mentally and emotionally. With that being said; This was not a good book. A lot of useless details and content. Drawn out, with run on sentences and poor foreshadowing. I had to force myself to read it to get to the incident. Overall I wouldn't recommend this. Just google the case and read the facts.

    22. An interesting story of a woman who gets caught up with a pyschopath, marries him, starts to unravel his lies, and then barely gets away when he tries to kill her. Her writing uses a lot of cliches and it seemed like she ended every chapter with something like "little did I know that x was going to happen soon." That got old. It was a quick read and interesting, but I would suggest taking it out from the library or borrowing it from a friend.

    23. Erin suggested I read this book. And I am so happy that she did. I picked this book up from tbe library on Friday and by late Saturday night the book was finished! It is such a good book, that I found it "painful" to put down. In short, this non suspecting woman falls for a crazy man, and from there she is under his spell until he attepts to murder her. I don't want to give the story away, but trust me, it is a wonderful read. Justice is served for Barbara in the long run.

    24. I threw my copy away to avoid anyone else having to read it. I never do that. Not even recycling TRASH.The writing is terrible (other reviewers weren't wrong). It's all about "here's what happened and how I should have known better". The guy moved in in the first 50 pages and had already thrown her animal out so hard outside it hit its head and started seizing. Yet she didn't boot him and have him arrested. I was done at that point.

    25. This is an especially good true-crime book because it is written by the victim -- Barbara Bentley, who survived her narcissistic, sociopathic husband's attempt to murder her. The story of a criminal sociopath is often written about second or third-hand by a crime writer; it was interesting to read a first-hand victim's account of the manipulations, the courtship, the marriage, and the many attempts to get away.

    26. Sadly, this is an all too familiar story of what happens when one person crosses paths with a psychopath. Women who have suffered through similar relationships can easily relate to this story. And for those who haven't, read it and learn. An absolutely triumpant story of a strong woman and her survival.

    27. This book was really interesting. My mom finished it and I picked it up when I was in California for a week. This lady worked with my dad and it's all about how she fell in love and was taken advantage of by a psychopath. After he tried to kill her she was able to change the divorce law in California! She is really amazing!

    28. Read this in 2 evenings. Very well done. Author changed from compliant individual to one who takes charge and got things done. She changed the laws in California so that the victim in an abusive marriage did not get victimized again by the abuser allowing them to take financial advantage at the end of the marriage.

    29. I couldn't put this book down. The story is mesmerizing and the detail that Bentley tells it with is equally so. She's a good writer, not a great writer, and often times tends to over explain why she remained married to someone who so clearly is a psychopath. Very powerful, very brave. It's a great read.

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