Purr Veda Vandyke is a simple woman She wants nothing than to have mind blowing sex with her gorgeous Italian fianc to complete her medical residency without accidentally killing someone and to exact re

  • Title: Purr
  • Author: Trevion Burns
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Veda Vandyke is a simple woman She wants nothing than to have mind blowing sex with her gorgeous Italian fianc , to complete her medical residency without accidentally killing someone, and to exact revenge on her worst enemies without being thrown in prison for life But when Veda discovers her fianc might be one of her worst enemies, and that her darkest secret hasVeda Vandyke is a simple woman She wants nothing than to have mind blowing sex with her gorgeous Italian fianc , to complete her medical residency without accidentally killing someone, and to exact revenge on her worst enemies without being thrown in prison for life But when Veda discovers her fianc might be one of her worst enemies, and that her darkest secret has fallen into the hands of a treacherous man, her quest for vengeance is threatened A relationship on the rocks A cloud of blackmail hanging over her head The deepest denial she s ever experienced slicing her heart to bits If she were any other woman, the stress alone would be enough to bring Veda to her knees It would be enough to bring her quest for revenge grinding to a halt But Veda Vandyke wasn t just any woman Regardless how rapidly her life was falling apart, vengeance would be hers She couldn t stop She wouldn t stop Not until she finished destroying every last monster who d destroyed her, ten years ago, on that sleepy island called Shadow Rock PURR is an interracial novel Triggering elements Strong sexual content Strong language This story ends in a cliffhanger The Revenge Series is written to unfold over multiple volumes Book 1 Quiver Book 2 Tingle Book 3 Purr Book 4 coming soon

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      448 Trevion Burns
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    One thought on “Purr”

    1. 4.5 StarsBook 3 was a bit slow. More action near the end of the story. A greater connection to Lincoln is explored. There is a funny moment when they creep around the Blackwater cruise ship. Eventually something will be happening between Veda and Lincoln, even Gage recognizes their bond. Is Gage her No. 10? That question is asked often throughout the book. Even if you suspected it was true, would you still be with him? I want less sex and more retribution and much, much more of Lincoln. Surely, [...]

    2. Absolutely loved this! Some parts were drawn out and I skimmed a little, but it's a 10 book series, so that's to be expected. As much as I said I would wait to continue the series, or skip ahead, I really want to know what happens in book 4 dammit!

    3. Well, That book wasn't what I've been waiting for. I hope the next book will be better.Overall, we found out during all that book that "Gage couldn't be Veda's ten, he couldn't be."The only good thing about that book was that new badass character : Hope, shes really a good friend and I know that she'll still be a good ally to Veda in the future.Anyway I'm still looking forward to the next book. Hoping it will be more interesting between Gage and Veda, also concerning Linc (his unknown rapist fat [...]

    4. Woooooooo! Amazing. I can't say whether it's just as good as the first one because of course the first one had the initial surprise of the introduction to the plot in general so major bonus there, but without a doubt the 3rd book was better than the 2nd book so yessss! So glad I read this. In the last book I'd decided my impatient heart couldn't take reading the rest of the series but I've decided it officially can. This is fun. I've never read a series that will be this long and now that the 3r [...]

    5. SOOOOOO SICK!!!!!If I hear the phrase " He's not my# 10" He can't be" one more time I think I'll kill myself. Can we say the word OVERKILL!!!!! A really big turnoff for such a good series. It took a lot a way from the story line. I was so tempted to stop reading altogether. I had to put it down several times to keep from killing both of them (the hero and heroine)

    6. I'm loving the frequency with which she is putting out these installments. The plot thickens in this one Veda is having doubts about whether Gage could be one of her attackers and as a result, it's affecting their relationship. Meanwhile her secret is out and her tormentor is blackmailing her.Really good read!

    7. Good but not as good as last 2I give 3.5 stars to this episode. It was too much angst for me. However, I was compelled to finish. I truly hope the pace moves faster in the upcoming segments; maybe deal with more than one of the ten in the upcoming books. Don't think I'll hang around for 7 more books. I found myself skimming through a lot of her internal rambling in the second half of the book. Her character was starting to really frustrate me. I'll keep my stronger opinions to myself out of resp [...]

    8. I struggled to finish this book. I loved the first 2 books but this one was a battle to finish. Seriously if someone gave me a dollar for every time the author said number 10 I think I would have enough money to buy myself an iPhone 7. Now the author is just writing for the sake of extending the number of books she releases under this series. The series started quite well and was interesting but now I am calling it quits so lucky for me I don't have to wait to see how she seeks her revenge.

    9. Brilliant!!!Oh my gosh!! This series just keeps getting better. Jax was a menace he got what he deserved. The scene between Gage and Veda tore me to pieces.

    10. Mixed FeelingsThis book really worked my nerves. I got so fed up with hearing about number ten throughout the entire book. I skimmed through a lot of the book because of the redundancy. Veda talks entirely too much for someone who keeps saying she needs to be more careful. I'm finding myself liking the other characters more than Veda. She needs to take a page out of Hope's book. I'm really liking Hope and maybe she can get something accomplished.I really, really hope there will not be seven more [...]

    11. Mixed feelingsI found myself very disappointed with this book, the third in the series. At times it seemed redundant to me. The back and forth dialogue on who the tenth person is was very trying. I do hope that there won't be a book for each suspect because there doesn't seem to be enough material to make each book interesting , hence the repetition. There is just enough interest in the end that makes me want to read the next book, but I can easily lose interest if the next book is not more sust [...]

    12. Fast becoming my favorite series.This one keeps you on the edge of your seat. I'm team Gage, I cant't believe he was there that night. This isn't a stand alone story, do yourself a favor and start from the beginning.

    13. I'm giving this 2.5 stars. By far my least favorite of the series because this mostly felt like filler and it dragged A LOT. Book 2 left off with Veda being followed and in this story the man following her at the behest of Gage's family is number 3 on her list. The story delves into number 3 blackmailing Veda for oxy while she once again waffles between continuing on with her mission of castration or stopping altogether while also trying to find out number 10's identity. I didn't enjoy this book [...]

    14. What a whirlwindVeda's demon mind talk had her going in circles. She loves Gage and Gage loves her. She can not believe he is her #10. I can't believe he's her #10. But, circumstantial evidence points to the fact that he may be. Gage is devastated by her coldness and breaks up with her. I hate cliff hangers so I 'll have to wait to see what happens to the seven more to go, what happens to Gage now she has a surprise to deal with and what happens to Veda's relationship with Lincoln Hill and will [...]

    15. Purrfectly Great !I'm honestly getting tired of ambiguous Veda VanDyke! Please, please, please just ask Gage if he's #10 and stop torturing yourself and him! Why is Linc being dangled like a carrot dipped in honey? Kudos for the takedown of #3 (it should have happened on page 2). Are we really going to stretch this out to ten books? For all of my whining, I'm geared up waiting for #4!

    16. 4.8ish. I didn't want to put it down. Such a good read. The reference to Gage being number 10 was getting on my last nerves I will admit. I feel for Veda she came to destroy 10 men that destroyed her youth in the process fell in love and met good people. Now she's struggling with getting people involved and doing it on her own. I think she should tell Linc or Gage. I was thinking that was going to happen in the end. I'm still confused about Linc. Am I team Linc or team Gage. Great read. I notice [...]

    17. GrrrrrThis was a frustrating read. The pace was drawn out. There was far too much repetitiousness. Veda, Jake, and Hope never considered the possibility that Gage got the sneakers for someone else. No one considered that Gage's father is a Blackwater as well. Gage is not #10. Her body would recall him if he was. Linc and Veda need to be friends not lovers so enough with the tension. He misses his wife and Veda reminds him of her so yeah he is attracted to her. Veda will always love him for savin [...]

    18. Yeah BabyAs usual you will get no complaints from me On this fantastic series by Trevion Burns. This is a reread for me as I was feeling nostalgic as I searched my All Time Favs Kindle collection i couldn't help but to download so of the books including Detective Linc in all his fine specimen of sexy ass man bun hotness. Trust me you will not regret investing in this series. Get it while it as hot hot hot!!!!

    19. 3.5🌟I want to feel so much more excitement in this story, I feel it is there to be had. Yet it's not getting me there, I'm not happy anticipating the next addition because I'm feeling "drug along!" Three books and only the out of ten down? That leaves a lot of ground to cover in the next 4 books in the series! Please author, don't disappoint me!

    20. I am loving this series. At first I was on the fence about this story but as the story progresses, it's getting better. I applaud the author for that. It is getting deeper. It is getting more complex. I am into it!!

    21. BreathlessBeautifully descriptive, written. I could not wait patiently to read who was NO: 10, even though I knew who's name would be on that list that Linc gave Veda. Trevino Burns weaved the words perfectly and gave each line their merit. Love, love, the storyline.

    22. DangerousThis book, this series is out of control! I'm loving every minute of it. When you think something is going to happen, there's a cliffhanger. When you don't expect something to happen it's like an explosion of events. Love it! Where are you Book 4?

    23. RevengeRevenge is a dish best served cold or so it is said and the anticipation is still building with an unforeseen complication that I can't wait to see how it all plays out and I can't even guess to how.

    24. Absolutely riveting!This is one of the best series I have read, and I can't put them down!! Trevion is a genius.

    25. Better and betterThis series is getting me in trouble. Its hard to put it down once you start. If you want a good suspense series this is the one for you.

    26. This series never fails to make me scream in anticipation by the end of it. In Purr, Veda is unintentionally making strides in doing the very things she promised herself she would not do upon returning to exact her revenge. Making friends and falling even deeper in love with Gage. I wasn't so terribly invested in the sex as much as wanting to quickly get to the continued revenge plot. Veda tries to put on her rose colored glasses when it comes to Gage. I couldn't fault her for grasping at straws [...]

    27. Not as goodThis book was OK but definitely not as good as the first two. The sex scenes were hot as usual but the plot of this one dragged on. I actually found myself getting annoyed with Veda. I don't know how Gage could constantly put up with Veda's instability. He must enjoy pain. Number three went down a lot differently than I expected. Also the cliffhanger was pretty obvious. Wondering what is store for book four. I hope things pick up as I enjoy this series but don't want it to lose it's a [...]

    28. Let's go book four!!!Why didn't Veda just be honest with Gage? That's her heart, her love and she just let him walk out that door. I truly do not believe that Gage is number 10, but Miss Burns had a way of twisting things. I hope that Veda and Hope are intelligent enough to get the evidence from Jax's possession. Now that a baby is involved and these mixed emotions that Veda and Linc share, I'm just confused as well how this will all play out.

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