Hidden Sight

Hidden Sight Blinded in an accident only she can see the truth Losing her parents and her sight changes everything for Sibyl Forsyth Terrified and refusing to accept the gift that she can now see into the superna

  • Title: Hidden Sight
  • Author: Simone Pond
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Blinded in an accident, only she can see the truth Losing her parents and her sight changes everything for Sibyl Forsyth Terrified and refusing to accept the gift that she can now see into the supernatural realm, Sibyl stays holed up in her backyard, closed off from the outside world When she s plagued with a vision of a catastrophic event, Sibyl knows she can t poss Blinded in an accident, only she can see the truth Losing her parents and her sight changes everything for Sibyl Forsyth Terrified and refusing to accept the gift that she can now see into the supernatural realm, Sibyl stays holed up in her backyard, closed off from the outside world When she s plagued with a vision of a catastrophic event, Sibyl knows she can t possibly sit back and watch her California coastal town s ultimate demise Reluctantly, Sibyl sets out to stop her premonition from coming true With the help of her shifter guide dog, Vago, the two join forces to save the day as they encounter intensely evil spirits with a vicious vendetta In a race against time, Sibyl and Vago battle their own demons while trying to save the town from an explosive ending that nobody else sees coming If you enjoy stories with supernatural visions, suspense, and budding romances, then you ll love Pond s latest urban fantasy series It s Dead Zone meets Odd Thomas, but with a female heroine who has a lot of heart Buy Hidden Sight and see what s in store for you Also be sure to check out Pond s Armor of Magic new adult urban fantasy series Visit simonepond to learn about the author.

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    One thought on “Hidden Sight”

    1. I downloaded Hidden Sight as a free book from . A great synopsis, and some fresh plot twists, but this story was littered with inconsistencies (in Ch 6, Vago has a dog door, yet most of the book has people letting him into the house), and actions that don't make sense (Sybil made up the phrase Spirit Handlers, but thinks she can look them up on the internet using her own made up name), or learning braille in a month (usually it can take a year or two). The story line has an Odd Thomas feel becau [...]

    2. Pretty good.Not my favorite book, but entertaining to read. This book held a lot of promise, but sadly didn't quite live up to what I was hoping for it. Mostly I was disappointed with the whiny quality that Sybil (female lead) had through the book. In addition Sybil and Eli's relationship seemed to be rushed, it would have made more sense for her to get with Vago, even though he's her dog. If the relationship between Eli and Sybil were developed a bit more I think I would have enjoyed it more.Al [...]

    3. InterestingIt seems at first glance to be the unsuspecting clueless heroine learns she is destined to fight evil scenario. But a few tweaks on the characters, adding blindness and "special sight" to the main female character, and some special abilities to her male sidekick make this series just a cut above. Then there is another surprise in that her sidekick is not her love interest, and he has his own talents. This strengthens the story even further, and raises it above the humdrum. I'm looking [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book, and was pleased at the character development of the main characters as the story progressed. I liked the different twist on the story line.I was not sure it would work, but it was perfect. I am getting ready to start book two, and I look forward to it. Worth a read if you like psychic/supernatural type books!

    5. Different enough for meJust your average teenager, throw in a shapeshifter, stir in a ghost, add a pinch of evil, and a hot boyfriend( very hot, he throws lightning) and you'll have hours of fun reading!

    6. 4.5ish- I really ended up enjoying this book. I loved the characters and their interactions with each other. I LOVED that this wasn't another love triangle and it never felt like it should have been. I look forward to finding out more about their destiny

    7. SorryI just couldn't get into it interesting story line, interesting characters, but I couldn't engage Made me feel bad cause there was so much of what I normally like

    8. SightSibyl is blind ang has visions. She has help from Vago & Eli. Loved the amount of mystery and suspense in this book

    9. Great book. Great start to a series. Kept me on the edge of my seat all the way to the end. Can't wait to read further.

    10. I loved Hidden Sight!!! The originality of the story had me glued to my Kindle until I finished it, and now I am eagerly awaiting the second in series because that ending was awesome. I love all the characters, especially the villain whom I won’t mention. I look forward to seeing Eli, Sibyl, and Vago further develop their powers, and I can’t wait to see what Marlo’s role will be as the series continues.I received a free copy and volunteered to review it.

    11. Sibyl was a popular athlete with a great boyfriend, supportive family and a bright future, until the fateful night of the car crash. Her parents were killed, she lost her sight and Jack dumped her three days after the accident. Now she lives as a virtual recluse with her Aunt Ruthie and guide dog Vago. Ruthie thinks that Sibyl doesn't want to face the people she once knew but it is more complicated than that. Sibyl can see the auras of everyone, and can tell who is good and who is evil. Seeing t [...]

    12. If you like romance, strong female characters and a little good face evil in urban fantasy, then you'll love Simone Pond's new series. There's a delightful dog who's a shape shifter and protector. Love the lead character who lost her sight but can see spirits. Join the fun and check it out!

    13. Told alternately from the perspective of Sibyl, a girl blinded a year ago in the accident that killed her parents, and Vago, her guide dog (yeah) who also turns into a man between midnight and 7am. Sibyl, blind, now sees souls and these icky things that seemingly eat the goodness in souls. She also gets visions, and one of them is happening soon and involves the town hall getting blown up during a local election. Sibyl, reluctantly, with Vago, sets out to prevent this from coming true.This is an [...]

    14. This book gives me another dimension to the supernatural thing and I really been pinned to it the moment I start reading the whole episode. If you want to ask me about the supernatural, I honestly binge knowing it not in the way you think it is but by watching only Supernatural – lol. So that’s why I’m interested and curious about the book. I’m also been thinking about the supernatural phenomenon happen to this novel because it is not the way I knew. It was really creative and playful to [...]

    15. HiddenSight was definitely an interesting story to read. It was beautifully written & characters are portrayed so well. Sibyl, Vago & Eli were the best trio. Their story is so captivating that it's really hard to put down the book. Ahhh!! Aunt Ruthie, such a delightful & kindhearted person. Loved her charming personality. After 50% of the book I was reading so intensely that the pages just flew by, it was that engaging. Really loved Book One in the series & can't wait for the nex [...]

    16. This book has a great balance of romance, action and supernatural, it gives us share of it throughout the reading. Sybil, Vago and Eli are the perfect team, even though they may not know how involved they were in the events, they were willing to learn and save the town, they were willing to step into this supernatural without much guidance. The chemistry between Eli and Sybil is a scene stealer and Vago is the perfect sidekick. I am glad this book doesn't answer every question I had because I ne [...]

    17. Original spin on paranormal sight I liked the contrast between sight and"the sight" as used by the author. The main character of Sybil had multiple components to her unique situation that draw readers in quickly. As she and her service dog each discover and work through their individual and common problems/abilities, other characters join in the discovery on one side or the other. Overall this is a good, engaging and fast paced read that held me through to the end and into the next book as well. [...]

    18. An unusual heroine As I almost read the book in one go without putting it down, I had to give it 5 stars. A little generous probably, but as I've already setup an alert to read the next one, I can't do otherwise.If I was to have any criticism, it was very detailed in some bits, but a little brief in others, and hopefully some of those bits will get explained in future books.

    19. I am so glad that I took a chance and read your bookI have a specific type of book that I read and at the time yours didn't fit the bill. But I kept passing it by and the more I did so the more curious I became. Then finally my curiosity got the best of me. So um thank you for writing it I truly loved it

    20. Great start to a new series! I loved seeing Sibyl, Vago and Eli's journey. It was a bit different take on a good VS evil battle for me in reference to what each of them were able to do. I can't wait to see where their journey goes in the next book.I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of the book

    21. Demon spawn attacking CoastviewThis is only the first book of this series. Magically enhanced trio, one blind girl, a shifter dog and one who is a healer and lightning conjurer who unite to defend their village.

    22. YAg of age. a young woman loses her sight and parents in a terrible and supernatural accident. in return she gains visions and the ability to see the supernatural

    23. A fun YA series This is quite an enjoyable and unique story. Exciting premise, interesting characters and overall a fun read. Well written, too.

    24. A good readI believe this book is ment for younger readers, but those if us young at heart will enjoy it too. It was written so I will read the next book, good job!!

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