Warrior's Mate

Warrior s Mate A Dark Alien Prince his unquenchable desire x his insatiable thirst a warrior willing to defy a galaxy to claim his mate Born with a platinum spoon in her mouth warrior bride in training Gayle throws

  • Title: Warrior's Mate
  • Author: Starr Huntress Emma Alisyn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Dark Alien Prince his unquenchable desire x his insatiable thirst a warrior willing to defy a galaxy to claim his mate Born with a platinum spoon in her mouth, warrior bride in training Gayle throws it away in order to sneak aboard a Yadeshi military vessel to escape imprisonment by her family Ithann, the alpha alien warrior she s been taunting with flirts and sloA Dark Alien Prince his unquenchable desire x his insatiable thirst a warrior willing to defy a galaxy to claim his mate Born with a platinum spoon in her mouth, warrior bride in training Gayle throws it away in order to sneak aboard a Yadeshi military vessel to escape imprisonment by her family Ithann, the alpha alien warrior she s been taunting with flirts and sloe eyed glances for several weeks, is enraged by her sudden disappearance and abandons his teaching post to follow When he catches her, Gayle must accept a highly indecent proposal to avoid being thrown in the ship s brig and by accepting, embroils herself in Ithann s decades long feud with a rival nobleman Roped into an arranged marriage, she is determined to avoid the shackles of a mate bond, but Ithann is determined that not only will they bond, but that she will have his baby Their battle of wills may cost Gayle her life A scorching hot, borderline dark sci fi fantasy romance for readers who enjoy taunting, alpha, bloodthirsty and blood drinking alien warriors who will sever heads to claim their chosen mates A 40K word novel, HEA, 3rd in the Yadeshi Brides series It may be read as a standalone, however characters from the prior two books make brief appearances Download a book boyfriend with fangs and a big, blue attitude he isn t afraid to use.Reading order for the Yadeshi Brides series WARRIOR S BOND Curvy single mom in trouble elite alien warrior a chance at the forever kind of love This is a steamy hot, science fiction romance for readers who love BBW and alpha male alien warriors Perfect for your lunch break read WARRIOR S VOW Terminally ill bride candidate an alien wolf in doctor s clothing healing that lasts longer than a lifetime This is a steamy hot, science fiction romance for readers who love strong willed heroines and alpha male alien warriors Perfect for your lunch break read Standalone, 2 in the Yadeshi Brides series.

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    One thought on “Warrior's Mate”

    1. Gayle is born into the highest tier of society. Her family trains her to be the ideal wife to another member of the High Tier but Gayle has other ideas. She joins the Yadeshi training program and sets her sight on her trainer Ithann. She has been flirting with him for weeks and he shows some interest but he doesn't make any moves. Then her family forces her back home and tries to force her into the marriage they choose. Ithann wants Gayle but before he can bond with her he should get his parents [...]

    2. Gayle is trying to be her own person. But as those around her have said she is daddy's princess. She comes from the upper tier unlike all of the other heroines in this series. But being upper tier does not mean that her life has been easy. She has been working extremely hard to be able to become independent but when her family steps in to force a betrothal she knows her time has run out. Now she either needs to move forward with her plans to bag her teacher or she will need to find another way o [...]

    3. Can you say yes alien BDSM may be just a bit more kinky than the norm?I was impresded with the increased level if intensity that came about in this one. Things developed with more depth. There were more characters to involve and a richer plot line. There were moment of confusion but the theread was retrieved rather quickly. The jump in events may have thrown me a bit but I love this story. Gwen, high ranking daddy's princess, and alien prince, Ithann. This one had the heat, bite of passion, inte [...]

    4. 3* but barely So far, this is my least favourite book in the series, mainly because half way through it both Gayle and Ithann underwent character regression. Ithann became even more of a thoughtless domeneering ass, Gayle turned in to mush and both behaved like spoiled brats. They generated a lot of heat but very little warmth. Once again the ending felt abrupt and lacked the smoothness of conclusion or completion

    5. Warrior's Mate Yadeshi Brides book #3 by Emma Alisyn Raised among the upper class of Earth Galye realizes that the life of a diplomats wife holds no future for her on Earth. She seeks more in life and signs herself into the warrior-bride program of the Yadeshi-Earth training institute. She foresees herself being a warrior bride living among the Yadeshi race but soon finds out that her father considers her more chattel to trade of for his diplomatic missions on Earth. Fortunately for her she has [...]

    6. Gayle is a rich girl who enters a bride/warrior training program against her parents wishes and lusts after her instructor. Ithann wants Gayle for his bonded mate but wants to make sure he goes through all of the proper channels. Of course he doesn't tell her this and he acts like an ass most of the time so when she plans her escape from her parents, she leaves him out of it. Ithann chases her and makes her his "wife" as a concubine to counteract legal measures taken by Gayle's father.Most of th [...]

    7. Making changes for a new life require taking life by the shirttail. Only one man would do but if family has there way she'll be otherwise engaged in another life sooner than she expected.Trying his patience he had hoped to have time. She has been a test on every nerve ending he has, but when others makes plans and she counters then he has to keep one step ahead to protect her. This time he may just be too late but his luck just might hold out as what looks like someone's out to get her.This is m [...]

    8. The characters in this book are both strong willed and that keeps the clash going on between them. Ithann is all Alpha male and is partner with Gayle. Gayle family is high tier and they want their daughter to marry who they choose. Gayle has other plans and they include Ithann. Action start to fly with Gayle escape her parents to go off world. Can Gayle stay ahead of the ones sent to kill her? The interaction between Ithann and Gayle keep the pages streaming. Highly recommend this book

    9. Ithann is so very cocky. He just has no romance in him. It's a good thing Gayle is attracted to him, for what reasons I have no clue, but she is. It was a decent story. I enjoyed the characters and the plot. As the series progresses more questions are being answered for me so that's a plus, but I still find a lot of areas that the author could fill in. I volunteered to read this book.

    10. Great story! I loved Ithann & Gayle's playful relationship. Ithann's dirty talk during sex was a huge turn on. I was surprised that he was so alpha when his planet is matriarchal. Great idea tho. A man who'll take what he wants but also value the women around him.

    11. I love these series of booksEmma Alisyn writes a good series of books. I enjoy reading the complete series. They are hot, sexy, sexy stories. The way the characters interact with family, friends & other people who come into lives is important to the plot & stories

    12. Good Story. Its was a little more hard core than I am used to, but if you like your alien to be more dominate in their intimate play, this book is for you. The story is sill very engrossing. I was unable to put it down until I finished it.

    13. Loved It Loved everything about this book. It enough action, passion, steamy love scenes that leaves you saying ahhh and awesome characters? Highly recommended and a must buy.

    14. This story is full of action, betrayal, sex scenes. Sassy, rebellious, and independent this is Gayle and Ithann is a sexy alpha warrior. Quick, funny, enjoyable read. I love it.

    15. Interesting worldKnew I did not like the heroine at the beginning. She was an entitled brat. The hero was not much h better. They improve along with the writing as the author introduces other characters. The secondary characters make this book worth reading.

    16. Awesome storyThis story is of ilthann and Gayle their story of love and fighting to stay together and be who they are as individuals .Awesome story.

    17. Blue alien warriors and the human women that want to be their brides. I liked that the story was more than just about getting the woman. They both had to fight to make it work. Sometimes though I'd wish she could one up him just once. I you like sci-fi romance then you will enjoy this book and the others in the series. I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of the book.

    18. This is the first book I have read by Emma Alisyn and I really enjoyed it and look forward to catching up with the rest of this series. Gayle is born into wealth and is in training to become s warrior's bride, but it's not want she wants and so she sneaks aboard a yadeshi military vessel. Ithann the alien warrior she has been flirting with is upset by her sudden disappearance and abandons his post to search for her. When he catches up with her, Gayle must accept his proposal. I won't tell you an [...]

    19. 3 1/2 starsI was torn on giving it 3 1/2 stars or 4. The story was more complex and I like that. The problem was the BDSM sex. There wasn't that in the other 2 books. I like this story a lot. I really respected the heroine, Gayle. She wanted to grow and break from her "princess" lifestyle. The hero, Ithann was the first one to see her as more than that. Ithann was not my favorite hero. He was a jerk a lot. However I did think this book had more substance (more intrigue and deeper plot). I do rec [...]

    20. He's rough and demanding,she comes from money.Big bad blue alien who wants her, even if he thinks she is a spoilt princess who needs a spanking.

    21. Ithann is a alien warrior and also a prince, training human females to be warriors and ready to pick a mate. It seems he has chosen one himself and she isn't no pushover and will not make things easy for him. He comes off well as a big jerk really and grump hahaha but he is the best and knows what he wants and is very very dirty ;)Gayle is a little spoilt in a way but also realises that she wants to find her place in the world. So she joins up for the Yadeshi warrior bride programme and loved it [...]

    22. I don't normally read alien romances, but I am a big fan of Emma Alisyn's shifter books so I decided to give this one a try. Unfortunately, it wasn't for me. While it delivered in terms of the passion, heat and witty dialogue I've come to expect from Alisyn's work, I still couldn't warm to the whole idea of aliens. (I know--if I can accept shifters, not being able to accept the notion of aliens is just silly, but I can't explain myself on this one!) While I was able to follow the plot of the boo [...]

    23. A strong heroine worthy of a Yadeshi warrior!Gayle is a daughter of privilege, unwilling to just become a trophy wife - not for another human, and not for a Yadeshi warrior, even if she does find him absolutely drool-worthy. Ithann is tough as nails, even more arrogant than our two previous Yadeshi warriors. While Gayle's strong and smart, and works very hard to counter the manipulation of both her parents and her warrior, they thwart every move, trying to force her into a life she's not freely [...]

    24. Gayle was from an upper class family but she joined the YETI Yadeshi-earth training institution to learn to fight. Her instructor is Adekhan warrior named Ithann. While she has been driving him nuts he has been waiting to get approval to claim her as his. Her dad puts a wrinkle in both thier plans when he uses an old law on earth to lock her up in his home. When Ithann wants her at stay and do things the right way. She becomes disillusioned in his for not saving her so she saves herself. Then he [...]

    25. Great SeriesI absolutely enjoyed this book. I loved the snarky and witty dialogue between Gayle and Ithann it was freaking hilarious. I don't know but I still have kinda of love -hate relationships with Ithann he just seemed overbearing and patronizing, but he was only like that with Gayle maybe he just expected more from her I don't know. Gayle at time work my nerves too. We had two strong willed people duking it out you could already tell they had it bad for each other, but there to stubborn t [...]

    26. I loved the story of Gayle and Ithann. Emma's book always leave me wanting more. Gayle was born into a family of privilege, but she didn't want a life like her mother's, so she signed up for the Yadeshi Brides program and entered the warrior training with an eye for her instructor as her mate. She enjoyed pushing his buttons, and he enjoyed pushing her harder than the other trainees. Everything was going well until her parents decided that she needed to stop her rebellion and choose a husband, a [...]

    27. GoodI have really enjoyed the 3 books of this series. All standalone and no cliffhangers. Well written and characters are great. Enjoy a good read

    28. WarriorAnother great story. I hope this isn't the last story. To love a warrior is to be a warrior. Their are babies in the making, and other characters to write about.

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