Nightfall Cassidy Roarke is in love with Mr Wrong His name is Richard Tiernan He is deadly handsome darkly brilliant and devastatingly attractive to women He has been convicted of killing his wife and his ch

  • Title: Nightfall
  • Author: Anne Stuart
  • ISBN: 9780451404756
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cassidy Roarke is in love with Mr Wrong.His name is Richard Tiernan He is deadly handsome, darkly brilliant, and devastatingly attractive to women He has been convicted of killing his wife, and his children have disappeared Now he wants to make Cassidy the latest victim of his powers of seduction and secret agenda.Cassidy knows all this But still she chooses to surrenCassidy Roarke is in love with Mr Wrong.His name is Richard Tiernan He is deadly handsome, darkly brilliant, and devastatingly attractive to women He has been convicted of killing his wife, and his children have disappeared Now he wants to make Cassidy the latest victim of his powers of seduction and secret agenda.Cassidy knows all this But still she chooses to surrender her heart and soul to a lover whose reasons for wanting her are as mysterious as the violent act that branded his a murderer Cassidy is his now, to do with what he wishes he leads her through a labyrinth of desire that is her only path to the terrifying truth

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    One thought on “Nightfall”

    1. 1.5/5I’m truly sad to report that Nightfall was a disappointing read for me. This was one of those books that I didn’t enjoy both main characters throughout the entire story. Cassidy was an annoying heroine. I lost count of how many times she made bad decisions and did stupid things. I don’t understand how could she be that dumb? When it came to her father and Richard, she had no backbone whatsoever. And Richard, the hero, wasn’t any better than her. At first, I thought he came across as [...]

    2. This is one of the darkest books I've ever read, but I completely and totally loved it! Uber-intense, every minute of it, the main guy is just amazing with his level of ruthlessness <3 Love it!Some of my fav quotes:"He was going to use her. Sacrifice her, if need be, for his needs. Not for one moment was he going to consider her future, her well-being. In the darkest time of his life, he had seen her picture and with it had come light. If he had to burn her out, he would do so, and not count [...]

    3. "I don't mean a goddamn thing to your father except as the means to an end. You know why he won't let you see the manuscript? He doesn't want you to know the truth. That he's writing my story. How I spent my adult life killing women who were foolish enough to fall in love with me."Read for my "Fall" into a good book Halloween bingo square.Its way past my bedtime but I wanted to write this up before I crashed so that I can move on from this eerie and disturbing story. You know those experiences y [...]

    4. This is not a book for everyone. It's dark, dangerous, and is borderline unhealthy at times. It defines why Anne Stuart is unique and dares to go "where few will go". Richard Tiernan is a convicted serial killer, out on bail, awaiting the outcome of an appeal. He is sentenced to die for the murder of his wife, children, and the suspected death of his mistress. Sean O'Roarke is a nationally reknowned author who has just posted Richard's bail in exchange for his cooperation in a book detailing his [...]

    5. Anne Stuart is the master at writing dark, sexy, suspenseful romances. No one creates such vivid characters of men like her. Men with dark souls. Luke Bardell from Ritual Sins, /book/show/3 , Coltrane from Shadows at Sunset, /book/show/3 , Thomas Griffin from Still Lake /book/show/7 , - ruthless, manipulative, who will use women for their own gain. They characters are flawed, vulnerable, dangerous and so very compelling. Her characters are never stereotyped or formulaic.Nightfall is one of Anne [...]

    6. No one does a tortured hero like Anne Stuart. It was dark and at times disturbing, but I absolutely loved it!

    7. Anne Stuart writes fantastic RS. She slowly lets things reveal themselves. You think you've figured something out only to be knocked back on your ass. It's like the layers of an onion, transparent, but Falsely so. I liked this book. It had a very dark vibe going for it. The hero, Richard was a tormented man accused of murdering his wife and two young children. He's appealed his ruling while awaiting the death sentence but is currently out on bail to help provide for a book being written about hi [...]

    8. I didn't particularly like this book. It was repetitive, the secrecy was getting on my nerves--it reminded me of "the big misunderstanding" you often find in romance novels that could easily be cleared up if someone would just fess up--the heroine was a moron and the mean sob hero wasn't redeamable for me . The story was perverse and plain stupid at times.It started out alright--Stuart's heroes are all mean sobs--but then you see the good side. Well Richard had way too many "issues" for me. I ha [...]

    9. ***4 1/2 stars!***Stayed up late last night to finish this. I had to. Couldn't stop! Wow. I see why this book won the RT Award for Best Contemporary Romantic Suspense. It absolutely deserved it. I don't think I've ever been more terrified of a hero, or more unsure of his worthiness to even be called that. Anne Stuart is known for her antiheroes, and this book is a perfect example of why.She had me on the edge of my seat and kept me guessing. Was he innocent, or was he guilty? Brilliantly done!

    10. This was my first romance novel dealing with a convict. Richard Tiernan was found guilty of the murders of his pregnant wife and two young children and sentenced to death. Sean O'Rourke, a famous writer, posts his bail while an appeal is going through. He wants to write Richard's story, whatever that is, and Richard has his own mysterious agenda.The main character is Cassidy, Sean's daughter. Between her selfish father and alcoholic mother (they've been divorced every since she was a kid and Sea [...]

    11. I'm a fan of Anne Stuart's writing. It started with the madness of the ICE series and I don't think it will ever stop. While Richard Tiernan (and what a name for a male lead that is!) is most definitely not Bastien Toussaint, he was still your typical Anne Stuart not-exactly-hero and I loved him.There are three things you need to know about this book.1. If you're not up for playing a guessing game throughout, the revelations spoon-fed to you, so few crumbs left it will leave you both frustrated [...]

    12. 3.5-starsThis book has-> a heroine who wasn't smart.-> a hero who confused the heck out of me.-> an unbelievable storyline that gave me many eye-rolling moments.-> one disturbing plotline that made me sick to my stomach.I wasn't sure how I should rate this novel because there were many elements in there I disliked. The first 75% of the book was just okay, but then Ms. Stuart took the story to the darkest side that fully grabbed my attention. I think this is a good pick for fans of An [...]

    13. Nice but not great. Interesting plot that kept me reading without getting bored, but I found the love between the hero and heroine unbelievable. I couldn't feel the attraction between them and when she says she loves him it came completely out of the blue, without conviction. As the hero himself told her later, "Love isn't great sex, and jumping to conclusions, and believing the worst, and running away when things get nasty." Which is exactly what the heroine had done. So, sorry if I did not bel [...]

    14. I've given this a B- for narration and a B for content at AudioGalsNightfall is one of those books I’ve meant to get around to reading for ages. As is often the case, I haven’t been able to manage it, so when the audiobook appeared, I jumped on it straight away. Originally published in 1995, it’s a standalone romantic thriller that goes to some pretty dark and disturbing places; Ms. Stuart is known for writing bad-boy heroes who generally occupy shaky moral ground and walk a thin line betw [...]

    15. I Liked:1- The compelling story telling done by Ms. Stuart on this one. From the prologue itself, this story drew me in, trapping me within the complexity of the story as it unfolded and made me read till late into the night so that I could find out what had really happened that fateful night when Diana Scott Tiernan had been stabbed to death in her own home. Kudos to Ms. Stuart for the amazing story she has told in this one!2- Richard Tiernan. His character is one that draws the reader right fr [...]

    16. Hum, can't stick to black or white with Anne. Now I see she's writing paranormals under the name Christina Douglas. I think Karla knows what she's talking about when she said, "makes me think that she writes with the assistance of erratic sleep patterns, brightly colored pills, and/or a fridge full of box wine" Well I really enjoyed this story of hers in spite of some issues. Would have given it a full 5* rating, but for me, she never fails to fall short with her heroes. For some odd reason I fi [...]

    17. This is definitely one of the more darker books Anne has written. It takes a while to get into and you're bound to have your ups and downs with it (especially if you're like me and believe that infidelity is a huge no-no but yeah that wasn't that big of an issue) but the thing is, Anne doesn't make excuses. She just presents it. And somehow, you gobble it up. Of course, I am slightly biased since I am such a huge fan but I wouldn't be such a huge fan if Anne didn't write such wonderful books. Th [...]

    18. Normally I'm a sucker for Stuarts anti-heroes, but I just can't seem to get into this story right now. So I'm shelving it for now

    19. Nightfall was my introduction to the book world of Anne Stuart, and I'm now a fan. From the very first page through the last page, I lived in this world of dark, psychotic madness, sucked in so deep that I was unable to let go. I had to keep turning pages, desperately trying to find out the truth about Richard Tiernan, convicted (he confessed) of taking a butcher knife and brutally murdering his pregnant wife, and suspected in the deaths of his two young children who have disappeared as well as [...]

    20. Ok So, I am doing this Dangerous Hero Challenge, and I had a plan to pick books where heroes are really, really dangerous guys- not just alpha, but definitely more edgy heroes. So, I was thinking to myself: I'll go with Ann Stuart who is known to tease the boundary between dangerous hero and unredeemable hero. The choice fell (ha!) on Nighfall because bunch of her books were released in digital form recently and I saw this one got an A review on DA (this is first time happening to me that their [...]

    21. I liked it because it was different, but the author has done better.This book was published ten years before the Ice series, but had a similar feeling. In the Ice series, government agents are assigned to or plan to kill women whom they end up falling in love with. In Night Fall, a convicted murderer Richard is out on bail during an appeal process. Richard is a guest in Sean’s home. Sean convinces his daughter Cassidy to stay with them for awhile. Cassidy meets Richard and they have several co [...]

    22. Anne Stuart is an amazing writer. She can draw you in to any thriller novel she writes! Even though I was completely drawn into this story & couldn't put it down, I guessed most of it. It was a great story, but I didn't like the people. Crazy as it seems, I couldn't stand any of these people. The secrets drove me nuts. Just too drawn out & stupid. Every one of the characters were messed up in some way & they had to blend cohesively? The authors description of the characters & the [...]

    23. Finally! A suspense fiction that was truly suspenseful! Anne Stuart's characters are deftly described and very true to life; the psychology of their lives is intense and gritty and awful but I kept on reading like a traffic accident rubbernecker - I couldn't help it even when the ugliest topics were broached. Many good books today are so formulatic that when I read the back cover I can't tell if I already read it or its another with the same premise because there is nothing new under the sun, ri [...]

    24. "I sentimenti che proverete durante la storia sono infiniti, ma quello che ho sentito di più è stata la pesantezza e il batti cuore fino all’ultimo. Una pesantezza positiva, di mistero e pericolo che ti fa ragionare su ciò che succede senza mai capire davvero niente. Il batti cuore per i numerevoli sentimenti che i protagonisti ti faranno provare, troppi forse? Nah.".POTRETE TROVARE LA RECENSIONE COMPLETA SULLA NOSTRA PAGINA FACEBOOK---> facebook/AnimesospeseMel

    25. 4.5 stars. While I am satisfied with the ending (it said quite a bit), I would love an epilogue. In a couple of ways, this book had me asking, "What would a parent do for the love of a child?"

    26. I enjoyed this book thoroughly, but be warned: NIGHT FALL is as different from a typical romance novel as "The End" by the Doors is from "She Loves You" by the Beatles. You've probably got the plot from other reviews -- strait-laced career woman Cassie, manipulated by her father into spending time with convicted killer Richard Tiernan, ends up falling madly in love with her dark lover. I have to say that I adored Cassie, but Richard really got on my nerves at times. Not that he was a killer, but [...]

    27. This was a very dark novel. Her first mainstream romantic thriller and I fell for it, hard.Psychologically wise: menacing. Richard Tiernan was a very dark hero, no remorse, no dignity, no morality left in his body after the bloody murder of his wife and two children. He was succumbed to a dark hypnotic path of staying barely alive for a sole purpose of a stranger and a secret. Here comes her deadly heroine named Cassidy Rourke, a sacrificial lamb for a grander scheme of his father's greed and am [...]

    28. da sognipensieriparoleNon aspettatevi scene splatter o sangue a profusione. Questa è sì una storia di sangue e morte in senso stretto, ma il fascino è dato da ciò che non si vede, da ciò che è sempre fuori scena, dal non detto ma intuito. La protagonista è normale, pure fuori peso, con una vita anonima, passata a sfuggire genitori ricchi, ma anche ingombranti e alcolizzati: si definisce una “sopravvissuta” ma, pur senza avere qualità da eroina, è l’unica che riesce a stare con i p [...]

    29. Great galloping lima beans, Batman, that was intense! Normally, when a book has me riveted, I stick to it until the very last page, ignoring hunger, neck cramps and a hail of bullets. But with “Nightfall”, I had to pull back a few times, go online and read something mindless about the Kardashians. Ms. Stuart has never shied away from darkness in her characters and in her stories and in this one, she comes out with guns blazing. I won’t sum up the story here, but to those who have, please g [...]

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