The Songweaver's Vow

The Songweaver s Vow When Euthalia s father trades her to Viking raiders her best hope is to be made a wife instead of a slave She gets her wish sort of when she is sacrificed as a bride to a god Her inhuman husband seem

  • Title: The Songweaver's Vow
  • Author: Laura VanArendonk Baugh
  • ISBN: 9781631650055
  • Page: 166
  • Format: ebook
  • When Euthalia s father trades her to Viking raiders, her best hope is to be made a wife instead of a slave She gets her wish sort of when she is sacrificed as a bride to a god.Her inhuman husband seems kind, but he visits only in the dark of night and will not allow her to look upon him By day Euthalia becomes known as a storyteller, spinning ancient Greek tales to eWhen Euthalia s father trades her to Viking raiders, her best hope is to be made a wife instead of a slave She gets her wish sort of when she is sacrificed as a bride to a god.Her inhuman husband seems kind, but he visits only in the dark of night and will not allow her to look upon him By day Euthalia becomes known as a storyteller, spinning ancient Greek tales to entertain Asgard s gods and monsters.When one of her stories precipitates a god s murder and horrific retribution, Euthalia discovers there is a monster in her bed as well Alone in a hostile Asgard, Euthalia must ally with a spiteful goddess to sway Odin himself before bloody tragedy opens Ragnarok, the prophesied end of the world.

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    1. This book was unlike anything else I read this month . . . and I LOVED it. You can read my review here. Seriously, guys, more people need to know about this beautiful book. So I'm excited to share it as part of my end-of-the-month giveaway! I'll be giving away a paperback copy of this book and a hardbound copy of another (which I'll reveal tomorrow!). So visit my website and subscribe to my mailing list. All subscribers will be entered for a chance to win! (Open internationally.)

    2. Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: The Songweaver’s Vow was a book whose blurb details were a hook that I simply couldn’t resist. The story had an intriguing mix of historical fiction (to a minor degree) and Norse mythology (majorly) and also one of the most original SPFBO entries (in terms of plot) that I’ve read so far in the past three years.The plot begins with Euthalia who’s travelling along with her Greek father and whose ship gets accosted by men whom we la [...]

    3. This was disappointing.The Songweaver's Vow is a standalone fantasy book set in the Norse pantheon. Norse Mythology! Yes! Give me!Our MC is Euthalia, she is half-greek and daughter of a trader. She travels with her father and his crew when they get attacked by vikings. To save his own skin her father just hands her over. Euthalia ends up being a sacrifice to become some Norse god's wife. Lot's of stuff happens, and then it ends and nothing has really changed.Honestly, I don't really know what th [...]

    4. I doubt I would ever reach for Songweaver's Vow, had it not participated in SPFBO. SPFBO rocks guys.Anyway the book tells the story of Euthalia - a youbg girl traded to pirated by her father who preferred to keep merchandise more than his daughter. She's taken to viking village and married to Vidar - son of Odin. She meets all the cool guys from nordic Pantheon and tells tchem stories about their greek fellows (Zeus, Apollo etc). Even Odin appreciates her storytelling. Sadly for Euthalia, happil [...]

    5. what a beautiful gem! finally I found a book with equal quality to the books of my favorite author juliet marillier! it was magical and wonderful, I could let myself fall deep into the world of the nordic myths and excitedly follow the heroine on her adventures to save the hero and her fights to win him back. this book goes straight to my favorites folder. I will immediately check out the author’s other books and hope she has written more such gems.

    6. First, a disclaimer: I know nothing about Norse mythology except what little lore I’ve gleaned from the Marvel superhero movie universe, so I can’t speak to the accuracy of the myths and legends - or any clever twists thereof - presented in this tale.But having said that (and knowing some of this author’s other work), it’s clear that much care was taken with the research for this story. The descriptions of the world(s) aren’t overly long, but there are enough little details present to [...]

    7. I'm a major cultural and mythology geek, so whenever a book promises a fresh take on a classic story, I'm all in. This book fully delivers. Author Laura VanArendonk Baugh knows her mythology and uses it to full advantage. The Songweaver's Vow is an intense version of Eros and Psyche that combines thrilling action scenes with a potent, decidedly adult tale that handles the mature subjects of Norse and Greek mythology with intelligence and clarity.Usually I focus on characters first in reviews. Ho [...]

    8. I have to say I had such high expectationsThe whole story just fell flat, there was nothing brave or kind or smart about Euthaliaver have I ever rooted for her and most of the time was just frustratede was supposed to be this great "songweaver" that was supposed to sweep the socks off your feet when in reality there was nothing grand.Overall the whole story felt to me more like "help, I lost my puddin" than anything else really.

    9. 2.5 StarsI have to say I feel a little underwhelmed with The Songweaver's Vow. I thought I would have enjoyed it much more than I did since I'm a huge fan of Norse Mythology. I think the main problem for me was the main character. Euthalia (I hope that's how you spell her name) was a constant source of frustration and it bugged me to no end that she thought she could undo curses and save the world. Furthermore there very few characters that I actually liked in this book. The Gods can be incredib [...]

    10. The Songweaver's Vow is a mythological fairy tale blending the Greek story of Cupid and Psyche, with the Norse tale of Ragnarok in a simple, straightforward manner that does justice to its source material while fleshing out once underdeveloped characters. Euthalia is a young girl given up by her father to viking raiders, who then sacrifice her to a dragon god. But this god is far from heartless. His name is Vidar and the two form a relationship in the dark. Vidar asks that Euthalia not look at h [...]

    11. Not my favorite of Baugh's books, but that's not to say it wasn't an interesting read. I am just not big on the whole Norse mythology (much like vampire mythology, it isn't appealing to me). Also, the main character is awfully young and not too bright. The naivety with which she approaches her various travails grated on me several times. Overall' not as enjoyable for me as the Kitsune books, but if you like the genre and the Norse setting, you'll probably like this book.

    12. This book was a fascinating take on the story of Psyche and Cupid, but from a Norse mythology perspective. It was a very cool mash up of familiar gods, goddesses and stories, but presented in a completely different way. I loved the fresh take on these familiar components, and the storyline pulls you along as the lead character tries to redeem herself to the Cupid character. By blending the familiar and the unfamiliar, Baugh creates an addictively intriguing story. Highly recommended!

    13. I love mythology and am familiar with both Greek and Norse myths, so I liked that aspect of this book. The writing was pretty good, and the idea was not exactly like anything else I've read. The characters and relationships could have used a bit more development, but I still really enjoyed the read.

    14. strange but fun retelling about the Norse gods. It starts weird, and feels pretty cheap, but soon the story opens up and you feel asgard and their strange culture come to life. The main character freaked me out, but somehow the author wanted to weave the story together, so it felt forced at times, but it stil fits.

    15. It was really good and I enjoyed getting to know Norse Mythology and everything flowed well. I did get confused at points but other than that it's a really good book so 4.5 for me! (Full review coming soon!)

    16. I love this story. It was a really tangible world with engaging characters, both familiar and new. It drew me into the world of Norse mythology where humans can be heroes and gods can be very human, and the hope of true love is the ultimate goal.

    17. I liked it a lot. It was free with koboplus and often the books are a bit of a dissapointment. But this one was great. It has some romance, but most important it is a beautiful weaving of different myths.

    18. I want to thank the author of this book, Laura, for providing me with a copy of this book and giving me the chance to read and review it.The thing that made me interested in The Songweaver's Vow was that it’s a blend between Norse and Greek mythology. It makes for an interesting combination, and I was excited to see how it would work exactly. I’m happy to say that it worked and I loved it!The protagonist is forced to go with a group of vikings when her father traded her for his own freedom a [...]

    19. Grand tale Thoroughly enjoyed this well written taleWritten with a lot of thought keeping it inCharacter, of the old gods, I especially Love the twist at the end

    20. Eloquently written, with adventure worthy of the Gods! The story, characters, and environments are superbly realized.

    21. I am an unabashed fan of Laura VanArendonk Baugh -- both her fiction and nonfiction. This is yet another knockout winner!

    22. A wonderful read. The author wove a delightful story blend Greek mythology and stories seamlessly into Norse mythology. Anchored the story with love and hope.

    23. This was a fantastic and thrilling novel based upon Norse mythology. You don't have to have any knowledge of the mythology to enjoy the story (I don't and still loved it) but at times it was hard to keep track of the names of people, places, and things. For that reason I gave 4 stars instead of five, but if half stars were an option I would have gone with that. This was a very enjoyable novel with well fleshed out characters, a riveting story arc, and witty and wise dialogue. I'll be looking for [...]

    24. Hero/Heroine: Euthalia.Love interest: Vidar.Cliff-hanger: No.Objectionable content: No.Personal thoughts: (view spoiler)[Loved it! Maybe it says enough that I bought it the same day it was released (and I might have stayed up till 3:30 AM to finish it) Now let me just say I don't really know anything about Norse mythology, well except maybe what I've learned from Marvel movies I liked both Euthalia and Vidar, though they both had their faults. I liked the way VanArendonk described the Gods and t [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book and would have liked to give it 4 1/2 stars. I do not have much knowledge of Mythology so it was a bit challenging in that aspect as well as the pronunciation of some of the names. Overall though I found the story compelling and a very enjoyable read!

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