A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust Michael Lassiter hires J T Sloan a security consultant to protect her company Sloan shares a painful past with her associate and friend Jason McBride Sarah Martin is a gentle practitioner of easter

  • Title: A Matter of Trust
  • Author: Radclyffe
  • ISBN: 9781933110332
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • Michael Lassiter hires J.T Sloan, a security consultant, to protect her company Sloan shares a painful past with her associate and friend Jason McBride Sarah Martin, is a gentle practitioner of eastern medicine Four very different people, each wounded by personal betrayal, find their lives inextricably linked.

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    One thought on “A Matter of Trust”

    1. Nice prequel to the Justice series! descriptive,sexually graphic scenes,likable characters and the chemistry was right theregood storytelling (paperback!)

    2. Nice prequel to the Justice series! descriptive,sexually graphic scenes,likable characters and the chemistry was right theregood storytelling (paperback!)

    3. Good storyVery good story. Very suspenseful story in which the two main characters were caught up in the intrigue of cyber sleuthing along with the love story developing between the two women

    4. This book left me disappointed and sad.t thing since its from Justice series I thought it will have lot of action, suspense with a touch of romance. However, it turned into primarily a romance novel.When it comes to romance element, this book in my view failed to develop emotions between main characters, mostly filled with pity and lust there are couple of caring scenes but they weren't enough to touch my sole. Sloan and Michael meant to be madly in love with each other but I don't see enough de [...]

    5. I am three books into the Justice series, so I thought I would go back and read how Michael and JT became a couple as well as Sarah and Jason. I thought the read was enjoyable with little angst and fine character development. Definitely provides insight as I continue to read the series.

    6. Good story. Keeps you guessing. Spends a lot of time on the strangeness of some LGBTQ lifestyles, but it helps makes the story interesting. Some might find that part a bit confusing.

    7. Very good story! Dramatic and suspenseful. It's a story of theoretical design executive who fights to control her own company in the midst of a bad divorce. She hires an internet security consultant to protect her most important assetsThrough it all, they both find love again in each other.I found this to be a very heartfelt story, well written and easy to get lost in. The author writes it as true to life as I've ever read. The story is of two professional women who are completely wrapped up in [...]

    8. OkI kinda read this book back to front. What I mean is, is that this is the prequel to the Justice Series which I read and enjoyed immensely. However, saying that, you don't have to read this first. It's a book which can be read as an individual story but it does explain some questions you may have had without reading this first. I hope I'm making sense. Anyway it's just another example of the wonderful talent that is Radclyffe. Excellent book, excellent story and characters. Have fun reading, I [...]

    9. I was a bit disappointed in this one. The premise worked for me. I love the characters. But I thought the emotional process wasn't explored enough. There really wasn't any detail in how being with a woman for the first time made Michael feel about herself. Or what it all means. None of that internal struggle. For Sloan, a bit more was explored with her emotional process but wanted more. I do like the Justice Series in general and will continue reading.

    10. great readthis is the first in the Justice series that I have read. A huge fan of Radclyffe, especially her medical romances I was not sure that I would get into this book , pleasantly surprised I look forward to more of the series

    11. DNF at 75%I'll just give up on the Radclyffe books I guess. My gripe with this one was the same as with the others:Too much narration/description. I would just skim over the narration and read the dialogues.The attraction is not relatable. I don't understand it.The sex scenes are akwardly written.The women (many of them) have males names. If I wanted to read a story about dudes called Michael and Sloan, I'd pick an m/m romance.

    12. This is the prequel to Radclyffe's Justice series and the first book I've read by her. It's a lesbian romance tale and I enjoyed reading it. It had a decent plot and character development, albeit the characters seem to be perfect people. But that's why we read romance. These are quick reads and would make good beach/vacation reading.

    13. What can I say. I am a sucker for a 'happy ending' love story. Its my secret vice. Radclyffe does have another story running through the love story. So it's not all entirely chick lit. I like the Justice series from Radclyffe Short, easy to read without the need to think much and nicely written.

    14. The two woman in this story are very well developed. I love the characters. The story is exciting. The way the two woman has to go, till they trust the love they feel for each other is a beautful story in itself.

    15. This book moved a little slower than what I'm used to from Radclyffe. I still liked it, but hope the series picks up some from here.

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