Dragon's Tears

Dragon s Tears Discovering you may be the last dragon shifter alive and that you re destined to take four hot alpha shifters as your mates can throw a girl for a bit of a loop But now that Ren is getting her powers

  • Title: Dragon's Tears
  • Author: Eva Chase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Discovering you may be the last dragon shifter alive and that you re destined to take four hot alpha shifters as your mates can throw a girl for a bit of a loop But now that Ren is getting her powers and her enemies under control, her confidence is growing A little hike into the mountains to uncover her mother s last secret seems like no big deal with her guys by her sidDiscovering you may be the last dragon shifter alive and that you re destined to take four hot alpha shifters as your mates can throw a girl for a bit of a loop But now that Ren is getting her powers and her enemies under control, her confidence is growing A little hike into the mountains to uncover her mother s last secret seems like no big deal with her guys by her side Too bad life has other plans The farther Ren goes, the other secrets surface Secrets that threaten the fragile peace between the shifters and the fae Secrets that could destroy the bond Ren s forming with her mates With unexpected enemies around every corner, it ll take all her newfound strength to survive the fray This is the second book in a steamy reverse harem paranormal romance series intended for readers 18 Expect sexy situations, intense action, ongoing storylines, and a quartet of alluring wolf, bear, jaguar, and eagle alpha shifters you ll wish you could make your mates.

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    One thought on “Dragon's Tears”

    1. 2,5*Ugh i sadly didn't like this book much, i got annoyed at every single MC in the book xD especially the main girl , Ren and the wolf. Ren was so confusing sometimes and i got frustrated with her like 24/7 . I didn't feel any connection between them and i also felt like the "harem" lacked

    2. Didn’t really like it. it all feels forced and contrived.I Didn’t really like it. it all feels forced and contrived.Ren is ok with the action and other ppl and memories and such but all the interaction w/her so called “mates” always feels soo forced and contrived I know, or guess you have to always have at least one jerk I the crowd but West has been on my last nerve from the get goI mean either you want her or you don’t , why did he wait all this time only to a heckling d bag jerk whe [...]

    3. we kind of have a bunch of problematic heroes here. it just feels to me that the connection thingy of the heroine with the heroes is restrictive on them all. esp with marco, nate and westley. marco is feeling pressured, nate had fallen in love with another (although he did clarify in the end, but the fact that he still did fall in love in the first place might also mean that his feelings for the heroine is just out of the responsibility) and westley still being unfair. the bond with aaron may be [...]

    4. Still enjoyableI have to say that I enjoyed the first book more than the second. But I’m still hooked enough to continue with the series. I am a little bit disappointed because I am a stickler for details.Spoiler alert The premise of the book is that the female dragon shifter will have four alpha mates. These alphas will be from each of the four shifter groups: canine, avian feline and disparate and book one, the heroine has a memory about her lion father. And in book two, she has a memory of [...]

    5. I enjoy where this series is going. It follows up well from where the last one gave off. As well as giving more details in the world, cultures, and relationships of everyone in the story. There are more sexy bits this time around where a couple of them did feel a bit forced. But nothing to out of the norm for books like this.

    6. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Dragon's Tears sucked me in just as much as the first one did. Picking up directly from where the Dragon's Guard ended, I was quickly drawn into the world and situation in which the characters found themselves in. The calibre of set by Dragon's Guard was met by Dragon's Tears and the blend of action and information given continued to be as balanced as the first. The characters also remained consistent in their personalities and beliefs, and I wa [...]

    7. I really love where this series is going. Serenity, known to her friends simply as "Ren", has just discovered that she is the last dragon shifter. What's more, there are four alphas she is destined to mate with. Each is appealing in their own way, but Ren is cautious and doesn't want to jump into a lifelong bond without carefully considering the consequences. Nonetheless, there is a sexual pull that is difficult to resist, much more powerful than simple attraction. Ren, previously a virgin, has [...]

    8. Ren discovered in the previous book that she is the last dragon shifter alive and has to have 4 alpha shifters as her mates - such a hard task. However she is starting to get her abilities and emotions under control. However following a trail from her mother, both Ren and her mates have to face trials and dangers along the way. As part of that secrets are unearthed that threaten the peace that exists between shifters and fae - does Ren have the strength to handle everything that is thrown a her? [...]

    9. This is the 2nd book in the series and leaves off where the 1st ended. You definitely need to read these in order, they are not stand alone.Ren and her 4 alphas are on the quest that Ren's mother sent her on. They're heading into the mountains to start and the rogues aren't stopping the attacks, Ren is still uncomfortable about the idea of 4 mates, and the Fae have shown up and seem pretty suspicious. To top it off Ren gets more of her memories back and finally finds out what happened to her mom [...]

    10. Well, the first book was great and this one is even better. Ren is getting a better handle on her dragon and the way things work in the shifter world. That doesn't stop the rogue's attempt to kill them all, but they stand a better chance the more she learns. She finally gets to the place her mother left her clues to find. The fae are more involved with Ren's mother's disappearance than they knew. I loved the meeting between Ren and her mates and the fae monarch. The control she had over her drag [...]

    11. After meeting the wolf clan in book #1, we meet the avian clan in this book (after some serious mountain hiking) and also the Fae. Ren shows she can stand up for herself and also masters her shift.She finds the treasure her mom wanted for her. It does seem a little odd that her mom went to all that effort to leave clues for her if she was going on a trip she thought she'd return from. So far we have the necklace pointing to a place in the entrance to an abandoned subway station which gives her a [...]

    12. Book 2 carries on with Ren's journey into her new life learning about her abilities as a dragon shifter, learning more about her mates, and her role in these shifter communities. She's still getting the hang of what she can do, and her gorgeous men are there to help her. But I like that she has a mind of her own, somewhat of a temper so she's not afraid of confrontations with these new beings she meets, and won't even take guff from her men! As Ren continues on her journey, the reader is right t [...]

    13. I loved this second book in the series. Ren and the Alphas are off to search for whatever her mother was trying to get when she disappeared. Her bond with Aaron is now strong and she has hopes for her other Alphas, but she is still not comfortable thinking of herself as the mate of four alpha males.There will be many setbacks as they travel through the mountain towards whatever is tugging her forward. Ren will see things that she wishes she hadn't and hear things that would have been better unhe [...]

    14. Better than the 1stThis one wasn't quite as cheesy as the last. It's not my favorite, I think because it's so serious all the time and the love stories are weak. They rely more on this draw or pull than actual connection. She rarely points out anything more about the guys than them being smart, protector, charmer, and well I don't know what West's draw is. I am curious to see how Marco "redeems" himself because he hasn't really tried I feel. And she gives West a lot more leeway than Marco. I won [...]

    15. Part 2 is really good too.We get to know fairies in this book and we get to know a lot more about what happened to Ren's mom. She has a difficult time with 2 of her 'mates'. I really feel for her. Ren is learning more about; 'how to be a dragon' but is not yet good at it . She can hold her dragon form every time a bit longer but it takes a lot of time to train to hold it really long.I don't like West but still secretly I do He has a hard time coming to terms with the whole mating thing.

    16. I stayed up all night!This series. What a great combination of paranormal and romance!In this second installment in the series, the author does a fantastic job of moving the overall storyline along at a decent pace, while also developing the relationships of the MC (Ren) and her harem of Alpha shifters.I love that there are real relationship problems they are working on. Insta love has its place, but it wouldn't work in this story.This series has it all--action and adventure, fun and steamy time [...]

    17. Ren and her guys are in such a hard place. They need to find out what happened to Ren's mom and solidify their mate bonds. Progress is made on both fronts but new enemies are revealed!These shifters certainly seem to live hard lives, not knowing who is truly their friend and who is a false friend. The world is intriguing and has promise of more depth to come.I am enjoying the push-pull of the mate bonds that are not consummated. Ren is trying but every time she gets a couple of steps ahead, some [...]

    18. This is the second book in this amazing series. Eva Chase continues to take you along on the roller coaster ride of Serenity’s journey . continued life threatening dangers, heartbreak, some laughs, romance and most definitely some sex!! If you enjoy a paranormal story with a strong kick-ass heroine, mixed with extremely hunky shifter alphas, I recommend this series. This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy

    19. Better than the last bookings definitely amped in this one.we get some resolutions but also some new issues.our heroine starts showing what shes made of which is firey awesomenessother consumation of the mate bond happens yay!it wasnt predictable which is great, the first one did feel a bit like that, but the second thankfully is very fresh feeling and not so stagnant.looking forward to the next book!so far the series is going great.

    20. I have been very into reverse harem fiction lately and while this is not the best of what I have read recently in that genre it is still quite enjoyable and a fun escape. I really like the characters and I feel like they are fairly well fleshed out and he story holds my interest. I like the fact that the guys are all different shifters as this helps to differentiate them from each other in my mind.

    21. I thought book 2 was very interesting as I got to find out more back story. Plus the interactions between Ren and her men were rather funny I thought. Was fun watching Ren come into herself and become one with her dragon. There was more action and mystery and magic this time. Lots of sexy scenes but not too nasty but really a book for adults. I received an advanced copy and loved the pace, story line, and the backstory. Plus a few random twists!

    22. Wow, lots of action in this book. We finally find out what happened to Ren’s mother and the bond between one of her alphas grows stronger. I liked the scene with the Fae Monarch very much. Ren’s powers are growing along with her confidence. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one in the series.I received a complimentary copy of this book and have voluntarily given an honest review.

    23. Loved itI really love our Dragon shifter, for someone that has only know that the world is not what she thought, she is really coming into her role. Too bad the wolf is a really big hot jerk! He grew up in this world and he doesn't cut her any slack. This book had a lot of action. Recommend it.

    24. Time warpAlthough the story is interesting I’m lock in this battle of trying figure what century the books based. There are villages and estates but then cellphones, texting and cars. The character talk at times as if they’re in medieval times with kings queens and battles of old.

    25. This is a good shifter read. The characters are well-written, strong, have chemistry, self-control and backbone. The storyline is well-written as well with aspects of danger, rejection and betrayal, and drama. This is a continuation of the series and as such the first book should be read first to derive the most from this installment.

    26. I love the whole world created by Eva Chase in this series. In the second volume interactions between the shifters and other paranormals are further explored, the fae make their appearance in the action too. The whole reverse harem is still complicated which works better for me than if Ren just happily accepted eveything. Great book, fun to read and well written

    27. Alright 3.5 stars. This was an alright sequel, and it was a little slow in places. I’m glad Ren solidified some of her relationships, and we learned some stuff about the Fae. Ren is holding her own now, but there have been some challenges.

    28. I received and ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I loved this 2nd book of the series. I need book 3. Ren and her Alphas continue in their journey to discover more about her past. There are twists and turns along the way. No path is smooth.

    29. Couldn't put it downA second installment of paranormal romance story involving dragon princess and her alpha shifter mates. Lots of action, plenty of heat and plot twists to keep you reading until the end. Much looking forward to the next installment.

    30. I love that ren is coming into herself. She is starting to believe in herself more and stand up to her mates. I love nate and Aaron but want to punch Marco and west. I hope in the next book that they get their act together.

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