The Start of Something Wonderful: a fantastically feel-good romantic comedy!

The Start of Something Wonderful a fantastically feel good romantic comedy Previously published as Learning to Fly It s never too late to follow your dreams Forty year old air stewardess Emily Forsyth thought she had everything a woman could wish for a glamorous jet set l

  • Title: The Start of Something Wonderful: a fantastically feel-good romantic comedy!
  • Author: Jane Lambert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Previously published as Learning to Fly It s never too late to follow your dreams Forty year old air stewardess, Emily Forsyth, thought she had everything a woman could wish for a glamorous, jet set lifestyle, a designer wardrobe and a dishy pilot boyfriend Until he breaks up with her Catapulted into a mid life crisis she wishes she d had earlier, she decides to turn hePreviously published as Learning to Fly It s never too late to follow your dreams Forty year old air stewardess, Emily Forsyth, thought she had everything a woman could wish for a glamorous, jet set lifestyle, a designer wardrobe and a dishy pilot boyfriend Until he breaks up with her Catapulted into a mid life crisis she wishes she d had earlier, she decides to turn her life upside down, quitting her job and instead beginning to chase her long held dreams of becoming an actress Leaving the skies behind her, Emily heads for the bright lights of London s West End but is it too late to reach for the stars Don t miss this heartwarming and uplifting debut, perfect for fans of Colleen Coleman and Cate Woods

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    1. 3.5☆ Mishaps and Mayhem, Starting Over!(rounded up to 4☆ on & )The Start of Something wonderful is a book about starting over, new careers, friendship, finding potential romance.Emily was an air hostess, well that was until she quit her job because of Nigel her ex pilot boyfriend.Now jobless, homeless, no other job experience she sets out to find a temporary Job whilst trying to make it in the acting world.It's a cut throat world In the acting business so Emily is on the look out for an [...]

    2. Book Reviewed by Stacey on whisperingstoriesEmily Forsyth worked for Amy Air for most of her life, she had the beautiful apartment, flash car, enough designer items to open her own shop and a pilot boyfriend, Nigel, who she loved dearly.When Nigel announces that he’s leaving, Emily takes the news badly. After some pet talking from her friends she realises that it’s the perfect time to follow her heart and have a go at being an actress, a job she has always wanted to do, before it’s too lat [...]

    3. At age 40, Emily breaks up with her long time love, Nigel, and takes it as an opportunity to re-evaluate her life. She dreamed of becoming an actress, so become an actress she will do. I enjoyed how the story is one of reclaiming your life, at any age. It is a classic rom-com, chick-lit read: if you are looking for a beach read, or taking a short plane ride, this may be your jam.I enjoyed the read, it was cute and fun. I did get a bit confused at the many references to the Italian and German lan [...]

    4. This was such a refreshing read, maybe because the heroine isn’t your typical twenty something chick lit lead or maybe it was Lambert’s easy, flowy writing style, but whatever it is I wholeheartedly enjoyed this one and found it to be uplifting, inspiring and full of heart.Emily is a forty year woman who decides it’s never too late to follow your dreams so she flips her life upside down to pursue an acting career. I really liked Em, she’s bright and bubbly and is willing to take risks, a [...]

    5. donnasbookblog.wordpress/I really enjoyed this story, I loved that Emily was 40 and had a lot of life experience behind her - there are a lot of books in this genre that feature younger leads so this one was a refreshing change for me (and Emily is more my age)!I thought that the story was great and I really enjoyed it, it is an impressive debut and I am definitely going to be looking put for more from this author after reading this, I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and it really helped br [...]

    6. Sadly I didn't like this bookI was aware the story was going to be a cheesy, light, contemporary read however I was expecting a different thing! I though the story was going to deal with self-discoverment, the pursuing of a lost dream, work hard for that thing you want the mostInstead of that I got a story with woman who has no idea what she wants, gossip everywhere, a amount of people I don't know where they come from and their presence didn't add anything to the story. Obviously she became an [...]

    7. *Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*I loved the sound of this book from the start, because it includes theatre, the West End and much more.The main character is Emma Forsyth, who is a forty-year-old stewardess, has everything and is happy with her pilot boyfriend. However, he breakes up with her and that’s when everything changes. She gets into a big crisis and needs a change. She finally follows her dreams and wants to become a successful actress, hopefully on the [...]

    8. I really wanted to like this book but the writing and story were just too messy for me. The plot was all over the place introducing new characters and bit characters all the time. One thing that bothered me is at one point in the story Emily mentions regretting having recently shaved off her hair (before playing a part as a mermaid?) but I went back through the book and the hair change is never mentioned prior to that scene. So how was the reader supposed to know that the character got cast as a [...]

    9. I read the synopsis for this book and I immediately knew that I just had to read ‘The Start Of Something Wonderful’ as it sounded just my kind of read. Not only that but it would give me hope for my own career/ life as I am fast approaching the age of *whispers quietly* 40 and I have dreams of my own. I was not to be disappointed on both fronts. I absolutely loved ‘The Start Of Something Wonderful’ but more about that in a bit.It took me a short while to warm to Emily Forsyth, as her ini [...]

    10. The Start of Something Wonderful by Jane Lambert is about how Emily, an air hostess, fights to change her life and get it back on track after her pilot boyfriend Nigel dumps her. Initially very alone and overwhelmed, Emily seeks help and advice from her friends Wendy, Céline, Rachel and Faye. Emily throws herself into working anywhere and everywhere, from cleaning jobs to acting auditions. Although acting is her passion, she realises it is a very competitive profession, and so, determined to ke [...]

    11. With thanks to the publisher for the copy received.The Start of Something Wonderful is a lovely novel that shows it is never too late to follow a dream. When Emily’s boyfriend breaks up with her it makes her realise that the job she had wasn’t what she wanted, despite giving her an often glamorous lifestyle. She decides to train to become an actress and this novel shows how hard but how rewarding her journey was.At first she struggled, taking acting jobs that could be humiliating but were al [...]

    12. The Start of Something Wonderful,  Jane LambertReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre: romance, women's fictionGah! Women's fiction – how I hate that we have a whole genre for women, why dismiss books as being of interest to men.what price equality when we segregate ourselves. Rant over ;-0 So, I really wanted to like this book, its got a lead character who's older, and as someone older myself that's always interesting to find. Choosing a huge career change too was going to be interestin [...]

    13. Emily Forsyth thought she had everything a woman could wish - she was a Flight Attendant, had a great boyfriend and did lots of traveling. But when she loses her boyfriend, she quits her job. She decides to follow her dream of being an actress. But can a forty-year-old woman break into the business?It is a little farfetched that she could get parts - she had been away from the business for a long time. But the book was good. It did need a some editing but all in all a good book. Thank you, Net G [...]

    14. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.There's something sweet about this book and the tone. It's about taking second chances and finding yourself no matter the age. It was a cute, fast read but I just didn't love it. I found the storyline and writing to be a bit messy.

    15. When Emily Forsythe's long-term "man-friend" ( he's too old to be a boyfriend!) dumps her, the 40-year-old flight attendant takes a good look at her life and realizes she has nothing she ever dreamed of. No husband, no children, and the dream she had a girl to be an actress has gone by the wayside. Not anymore. When Nigel walks out of her life, Emily walks out her life as well. The call to be an actress ignites within her again and she goes for it. She chucks her boring, financially stable life [...]

    16. Sigh. I admire Emily for opting to follow her heart and go for it as an actress but this would have great benefited from a strong edit to pull the strings together. The odds, btw, of Emily managing to get roles as a "mature" newcomer are slim so it's especially impressive that she achieves her goal. Of course there's a new romance with Francesco and new friends. There's some laughs too. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. This is a light fast read.

    17. Emily is a glamorous 40 year old air stewardess who has everything - a beautiful home, an amazing lifestyle, a wardrobe any woman would be jealous of and a rather lovely pilot boyfriend.  What more could she possibly want?  Unfortunately she is forced to seriously consider this when that lovely pilot boyfriend blindsides her and dumps her.At 40 years old she expected to be married with children.  Instead, she finds herself single and at a crossroads in her life.  What does she really want? [...]

    18. Wouldn't we all like to start over. To have the nerve and gumption to let go of the past and follow our dreams? Go on. You can admit it. I do. This is exactly what happens in The Start of Something Wonderful. We join unlucky in love Emily Forsyth just as she is about to leave behind her career with an international airline to follow her life long dream of appearing on the stage. It won't be easy and Emily knows that her dreams are stardom are as distant as a long haul flight to Melbourne, but i [...]

    19. Jane Lambert's THE START OF SOMETHING WONDERFUL is a quirky and fast paced tale of one woman's quest to follow her dreams. What I Liked: 1. Emily (the main character) - Emily is representative of anyone who has ever felt "stuck" in their life, like somehow somewhere they got lost and ended up in the wrong place. When the book first begins she's unhappy. She's double thinking all of her life choices while also trying to figure out who she is as a newly single woman. I give her major props for goi [...]

    20. They’re calling it “a fantastically feel-good romantic comedy” – and so it is, but this is a book that will win the heart of every woman who has ever dreamed that their life could be different, a joyful affirmation that it’s never too late for a new start. Emily won my heart from the very beginning as she walked away from her former life (and love-rat Nigel), into her new home amid a landlady’s eccentric collection of knick-knacks, trying to make ends meet while attending the gloriou [...]

    21. The Start of Something Wonderful is a very apt title that started my New Year. I really enjoy books that are full of new possibilities, but this book was something a little extra, packed with a swift flowing plotline that follows our main character Emily Forsyth journey to a very "cut throat" business of the entertainment industry. Emily already has everything a great job as a stewardess, a boyfriends she can't wait to start a family with and a fantastic life, flying around and staying in great [...]

    22. The Start of Something Wonderful has some lovely moments, and some funny ones as well. But it mostly feels like a collection of anecdotes instead of a novel. The plot (if it can be called that) is all over the place and more than once I was a little confused about where we were all of a sudden or who all those people were. It just didn’t flow in any way. The subtitle calls The Start of Something Wonderful a romantic comedy. I don’t think it’s funny enough to be a comedy. It also isn’t pa [...]

    23. What now?  When forty-year-old Emily Forsyth's pilot boyfriend, Nigel, dumps her it seems that her life as a glamorous, jet setting flight attendant is lacking.  Why not follow her dream of becoming an actress?  She did put her life on hold after she met Nigel, but there is nothing or no one holding her back now.   With no job, no money and no home, she adapts to her new life with humor, courage and determination."Who needs therapy or self-help books to mend a broken heart? All you need do [...]

    24. I really wanted to love this book because I could relate to many of the issues involved in the story but sadly I found myself reading further to become more immersed in the story. Emma Forsyth is searching for a new life and happiness after having her heart broken. At forty she leaves her stewardess job to try to become an actress something she has always longed for. I found the start of the book a bit disjointed and was confused with new characters who seemed to join and leave the story without [...]

    25. This is a book many women will identify with - at forty something Emily Forsyth is at a crossroads and determined to make it as an actress. Her mother just wants her to settle down but fortunately her friends are supportive. I loved the route she took to get to where she wanted to be, even if it wasn't the most direct, she didn't let setbacks stop her and her career in rep is brilliantly funny. The story is told in a simple way but the themes are far-reaching. A really thought-provoking read tha [...]

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