The Time It Never Rained

The Time It Never Rained The Time It Never Rained was inspired by actual events when the longest and most severe drought in living memory pressed ranchers and farmers to the outer limits of courage and endurance Elmer Kelton

  • Title: The Time It Never Rained
  • Author: Elmer Kelton
  • ISBN: 9780765360588
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Time It Never Rained was inspired by actual events, when the longest and most severe drought in living memory pressed ranchers and farmers to the outer limits of courage and endurance Elmer KeltonRio Seco was too small to afford a professional manager for its one room Chamber of Commerce And Rio Seco, meaning dry river in Spanish, symbolizes the biggest enemy of The Time It Never Rained was inspired by actual events, when the longest and most severe drought in living memory pressed ranchers and farmers to the outer limits of courage and endurance Elmer KeltonRio Seco was too small to afford a professional manager for its one room Chamber of Commerce And Rio Seco, meaning dry river in Spanish, symbolizes the biggest enemy of the ranchers and farmers in 1950s Texas, an enemy they can t control drought To cranky Charlie Flagg, an honest, decent rancher, the drought of the early 1950s is a battle that he must fight on his own grounds Refusing the questionable assistance of federal aid programs and their bureaucratic regulations, Charlie and his family struggle to make the ranch survive until the time it rains again if it ever rains again.Charlie Flagg, among the strongest of Elmer Kelton s memorable creations, is no pasteboard hero He is courageous and self sufficient but as real as his harsh and unforgiving West Texas home country His battle with an unfathomable foe is the stuff of epics and legends.

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      125 Elmer Kelton
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    1. Elmer Kelton wrote in the prologue of The Time It Never Rained:"Men grumbled, but you learned to live with the dry spells if you stayed in West Texas; there were more dry spells than wet ones. No one expected another drought like that of ’33. And the really big dries like 1918 came once in a lifetime.“'Why worry?' They said. 'It would rain this fall. It always had.' "“But it didn’t. And many a boy would become a man before the land was green again.”The novel is set in West Texas during [...]

    2. I have this sweet situation going on where my partner has spent the last year reading only books I’ve recommended to him. As most book nerds can attest to, living with someone who takes every book suggestion you give them is a dream come true! So when he finally asked me to read something he loved I knew I owed it to him, but I’ll be damned if I wanted to do it. It took me a bit to get into it but once I did I was blown away by how touching and funny and lovely it was. Westerns aren’t typi [...]

    3. It's looking like Central and Eastern Oregon's ranchers should be reading Kelton's potent look at long term drought. The regional deer seem to be spending more and more browsing time on the irrigated acres like mine. Statewide, salmon and less economically important fish are dying in the too warm riversRKUS REVIEWCharlie Flagg won't accept government allotments for feed for his dying cattle and sheep; he'd rather lose land and switch to goats (they go anywhere and don't hardly need nothing to ea [...]

    4. Elmer Kelton is too often pigeon holed as a Western writer, cowboy writer, Texas regional writer. This book should rank with Faulkner's work as the local made universal. It is one of the very best works of fiction from which a reader can gain a valuable and usable insight into the dynamics of humankind and the natural environment. (Entirely unlike the Utopian, romantic, and idealistic stuff of so much environmental writing.) Great story, great insight.

    5. An incredibly sobering book. I could never live up to the example of Charlie Flagg, yet his character should give us all something to think about. I think this may have been Kelton's finest writing. He captures in a few words some incredibly deep struggles and realities. He doesn't force the politics of the time (and more overwhelmingly of today) on the reader, but shows the reader through stark reality the unintended consequences of a government's misguided good intentions. It helped me underst [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book more than all those Louis L'Amour books, including the one I had gone to the Western section to buy when I came out with this one. I don't know if it's Kelton or not, but this was a great book. Great characters, memorable setting and problems. I thought it was well-developed for what is often a formulaic genre. I enjoyed the main character, particularly his stubborn refusal to buy into a government aid program. His insistence seems to have died with him somewhere decades ago. [...]

    7. If you want to understand the mentality of long time Texans, especially those of a previous generation and those living west of Ft. Worth, this is a remarkable book about a man of character, determination, and a love for the land. I have read this five or six times and have given it to many people. Kelton is a wonderful writer and this story of a Texas rancher during the drought of the 1950s is among his best.

    8. I read this book at the end of last year, and finished it in only a few days.It was easy to imagine what living through such a dire situation would be like from Elmer Kelton's great descriptive use of words.He also managed to create characters that you cared about. Which, for me, is also important in the enjoyment of a good novel.It's a book that would be good to read again after a while.All in all a great read.Thoroughly recommended.

    9. Thanks to a recommendation I FINALLY read this wonderful, sad, memorable tale of West Texas rancher life. Not what I expected, and much more than I could have hoped for. Great characters, a narrative that moves well, and the environmental tragedy that continues.

    10. There's certainly something to be said for learning to appreciate an older style of writing. I labored with Dostoyevsky for example; I even had to work at loving Chekhov. But such adjusting periods usually pay off because the literature is so rich and beautiful and, for the writer, informative about the possibilities in craft. I've labored long and hard with Elmer Kelton's The Time It Never Rained, because it is an historical novel rooted firmly in a particular culture, a particular era, a parti [...]

    11. The setting is a 7 year drought on a West Texas ranch in the 1950's. Kelton grew up on a West Texas ranch in the 20's and 30's and brings the culture and country vividly to life. The main character, Charlie Flagg, is, of course, a rancher of the old libertarian strain and is modeled on Kelton's father. He is a man of principles who won't accept government aid for the drought and, as it turns out, it didn't make any difference anyway. This book was written in 1973 and is sympathetic to illegal al [...]

    12. Ever read or watched Shakespeare's comedy "Much Ado About Nothing"? The funny misnomer of the title for the Shakespearean comedy was that there was a great deal happening in that play. To be blunt, I will from now on remember this Kelton novel as "The Time That Nothing Really Happened. Seriously." I had a hard time engaging this novel in the first 15 pages, but since this was a book to be read for a grad school course, I chugged on. The first 200 pages were incredibly boring. Anything interestin [...]

    13. This was a good book. It helped me to see how the people struggled with ranching during a drought in West Texas during the '50's. Charlie Flagg fought hard to hold on to what he had and did what he believed was right, but with each choice their is a cost. Charlie paid dearly. The only issue I hav with the book is that I was able to see though Tim's wife right from the get go. Guess I've been around too many of that type of people. With that said, this book also is a window into the human spirit. [...]

    14. I find myself annoyed at Elmer Kelton. This is well written, and covers the hardships of West Texas ranching well. Yet the protagonist Charlie Flagg gets into trouble by a six year plus drought, and never gets out. Life my be not be a bowl of cherries, but this is all pitts. When it does start to rain again, the books ends with just one more tragic event that removes practically all hope for the character. Several sub-plots are left unresolved. I wanted to like this book, but Kelton never let hi [...]

    15. listening to this one. I'm not a western fan but this is a great story. am on 4 th cd of 11Finish and must say I will go on to read more of Kelton. This was a great listen with George Guidall who I just love to listen to. It was a tragic tail but not one that made you want to cry more one that made you want to think and to relish how we got to be a great nation. I would recommend the audio book very highly. it was hard to put down

    16. Possibly one of the best books I've ever read. I knew Mr. Kelton before he died and he told me this is one of his favorite books. I can't believe it took me this long before I read it.I could not give this book a higher recommendation. It perfectly embodies the life and spirit of the West Texas rancher.

    17. Outstanding read!If you seek the soul of the Western border state ranchers and dry farmers, you will find it very difficult to put this book down.

    18. The story started a bit slow, but that should be expected since it is a story about drought ridden West Tx in the 1950's. I enjoyed the book very much.

    19. This was an absorbing book, and it dodged the label of 'too depressing' because it had flashes of humor, a curmudgeonly charming and noble main character, and a powerful true story of insidious mismanagement of farming/ranching by the US government! Mostly, however, there was in this story a sense of hope in the face of horrible hardship! I've bought three copies to give to certain people for Christmas!

    20. Kelton is one of our best Western writers. He is perhaps better known for his Texas Rangers series, which traces the history of Texas, from the early Republic to the 1880's. Kelton grew up on a ranch in West Texas, and the present work is probably based on many of his childhood experiences in the 1950's and 60's The main topic of the present work concerns the six-year "drouth" that affected Texas in the 1950's, with lasting consequences for the ranchers, the towns, and the way of life that had e [...]

    21. Would it be enough to just tell you to go read this book right now? In simplest terms, it's the story of a West Texas rancher during the horrendous 1950s drought. Kelton weaves the stories of a stubborn man, a dying town, cattle and sheep and goats, immigration, the economy, governmental meddling, relationships, small town life, and trying to stay alive into one heck of a novel. You can feel the heat and the dust, and your heart aches as the ranch slips away.This is one of those books that is al [...]

    22. Found this book very discouraging to read. It was written (in 1973) about Texas in the 1950's.No matter when it was written, the story in agriculture today is still the same. Much of the U.S. is facing a years long draught. People are having to sell their ranches and farms. Things that are the same are: prices for products that do not keep pace with what the rancher or farmer must buy to keep in business. Going to the bank to borrow money to stay in business is still a difficult task that every [...]

    23. Elmer Kelton touched on a subject that almost everyone faces sometime in their lives: hardships. Sometimes it seems like no matter what a person tries to do right, everything works against them. In this case, Charlie's devil was nature, a formidable, unforgiving, and unpredictable force. Farmers and ranchers are at its mercy year-round. But there are many other professions that depend on nature for success, and that's one reason "The Time It Never Rained" appealed to me. As a western, the story [...]

    24. Elmer Kelton’s The Time it Never RainedKelton paints a portrait of the internal struggle to maintain autonomy amid the external challenges of the arid west.After The Time it Never Rained:Jeanette Walls’ Half-Broke Horses The tale of a woman who faces life’s challenges head-on, whether she’s riding her pony solo for several days to her first job or running hootch to support her family during the Great Depression.Gin Phillips’ The Well and the Mine This award-winning debut novel takes us [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book because I couldn’t help but like Charlie Flagg, a classic stubborn, independent western American rancher. I think most Americans have known men of an older generation at least similar to him. While we see him as antiquated, that opinion shames us a little bit. That said, the story is a bit predictable and the characters generally a little too simple. We get that Flagg is stubborn but we don’t get any sense of internal conflict at all which in a way, detracts. I imagine th [...]

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