Cry Mercy

Cry Mercy From New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes a novel of sexy romantic suspense for fans of Nora Roberts Catherine Coulter and Karen Robards After Ann Nolan a California beat cop ado

  • Title: Cry Mercy
  • Author: Mariah Stewart
  • ISBN: 9780345506139
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • From New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes a novel of sexy romantic suspense for fans of Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, and Karen Robards.After Ann Nolan, a California beat cop, adopts the daughter of a notorious drug dealer, the ruthless father vows to take back his only child In response, Ann flees across the country, changes her name, and starts a neFrom New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes a novel of sexy romantic suspense for fans of Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, and Karen Robards.After Ann Nolan, a California beat cop, adopts the daughter of a notorious drug dealer, the ruthless father vows to take back his only child In response, Ann flees across the country, changes her name, and starts a new life as an investigator for the Mercy Street Foundation, the billionaire endowed organization dedicated to finding missing persons As Emme Caldwell, she takes the lead on the Foundation s first case Nineteen year old Belinda Hudson disappeared from her sorority house leaving behind only one cryptic clue Retracing the vanished student s steps leads Emme to Heaven s Gate, a fertility clinic, and the mysterious Donor 1735.Belinda s legal guardian, Nick Perone, is determined to shadow Emme s every move as she searches for his niece But the closer Emme gets to Donor 1735 and the chilling truth, the apparent it becomes that she s escaped one dangerous man only to run head on into another one who s far determined and every bit as deadly.From the Paperback edition.

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      154 Mariah Stewart
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    One thought on “Cry Mercy”

    1. I am discovering a new author, Mariah Stewart. Her stories are interesting, mysterious without too much technicalities. I find myself reading every page instead of skipping lots of pararaphs. This story is a sequel to Mercy Street but if you haven't read the first I don't think you'll notice it. Its about a foundation who looks for missing people that the FBI or other offcials have given up on and about the people who run the organization. If you like mystery you'll like this.

    2. A 4 star read for sure. I added one more for the second book of 3 Meaning, I'm loving both of them so far! Start at book one FOR SURE, and keep on going. This book picks up where book 1 left offA fantastic readok 3 is on order at my librarylooking forward to reading it for sure!!!!

    3. I think that this book was a very good book. It has a very interesting plot and it has loads of suspense. I can barely put down the book after I started reading it. The author described every situation very well that I can picture it in my head. This book is actually about a mother who used to be a police. She adopted a criminal's child after her desperate pleas. She kept trying to run away and hide her daughter, Chloe, afraid that Chloe's biological father would find Chloe and take her away. Th [...]

    4. I liked this book. I suppose that's obvious from the stars that I gave and the fact that I'm even writing a review in the first place.However, I liked the first book better. I'm just a fan of Mal and Charlie as the main characters. BUT. Nick was a decent lead and Ann/Emme was an interesting character. I felt more connected to her than I did to Mal even though the characters have very similar backgrounds. What I didn't like is that the book essentially ends with a sort of cliffhanger. It felt rus [...]

    5. AWESOME! Mallory Russo features in this one but as a background character. The main focus is on Emme Caldwell (and her daughter Chloe) who joins the Mercy Street Foundation as an investigator. Her first case with MSF is finding a 19 year old college student who disappeared without a trace five months before. The case involves artificial insemination and donor siblings - children created from the same "donor/father" sperm. A very intriguing and complicated mystery with a rather satisfying conclus [...]

    6. My copy of Cry Mercy was a hardback, regular print, over 400 pages.This is the second time I've read this book(I'm reading the whole series for the 2nd time). I enjoyed the book as much this time as I did the 1st time I read it. It has been several years since I read the series the first time, so it's like getting a new book for me!After reading the first book in the series, Mercy Street, I wanted the story to continue and this is that book. Cry Mercy picks up right from the previous book and ke [...]

    7. This book is pretty interesting. It goes under the mystery catigory. The beginning of the book kepps you wondering. The first couple of pages makes you want to keep on reading. As you read along in your head you imagin whats going on. The blood on the walls, the house, the setting, place, mood. Everything. At least thats what was going through my head. The main character goes through a journy trying to fin d her daughter. Its a good bood. The way it describes things. It made me feel as if I was [...]

    8. I loved this book. Mariah Stewart is fast becoming one of my fav authors!Cry Mercy is the second book of the Mercy Street Foundation Series. This book focuses on new hire Emme who leaves her hometown and past behind to come to work for the Mercy Foundadtion as an investigator.The story focuses on her first investigation involving a missing college student. Full of action and romance this book keeps you interested and wondering what is going to happen next. I love that it continued things from th [...]

    9. I read this book last night when I couldn't sleep. I wasn't even tired, so I just lay there at o'dark 30 and read this whole book in about 4 hours. I found it very entertaining and relatively predictable, though there were a few unanticipated details to keep the story fresh and interesting. This is great brain candy if you have a few hours to just relax and get through a book.

    10. I thought the first book was good, this one was EXCELLENT. Absolutely could not put it down. I often don't read the same author back to back, but I know I'm going to be grabbing the third book, Acts of Mercy, to follow.

    11. The 2nd in this series. It was a great book and I really want to read the last one, but unfortunately my Mother picked it up and it really wouldn't be nice to take it back. I'll give her a few days before I get ugly.

    12. I have enjoyed everthing I have read by this author. Mariah never disappoints. THe 2nd in the series of the Mercy Street and it was better than the 1st. Can't wait till the 3rd. Her series are always in 3s.

    13. It started out great, but overall, the book was just okay. The secondary stories were kind of distracting and the resolution of the primary story was too abrupt for my taste.

    14. I can't believethat I am only now discovering Mariah Stewart. I first read and loved Mercy Street, and have just finished this second book of the series. Beautifully written stories that grab onto you from the beginning. The best thing is it looks like I will have plenty of reading material for a while because Ms Stewart has several books to her credit. I am a little sad that there appears to be only one more title in the Mercy Street series and I am quite attached to these characters now.

    15. At the end of Mercy Street, the previous book, the extremely wealthy, Robert Magellan, his cousin Father Kevin and former cop, Mallory Russo decide to open up The Mercy Street Foundation. It's sole purpose is to fund investigations into missing person cases that the police have given up on. Cry Mercy is the story of the first case the foundation takes on. But first they need staff.Ann Nolan is a police officer with the Silver Hills, California police department. When she learns of a rumor on the [...]

    16. I loved how the Mercy Street Foundation is starting to take shape with this book. The characters we meet in the last book seem to getting more closer, Robert coming out of his fog and they are building a family while doing tough work. I think the addition of a new investigator was a good one. I felt for Emme/Anne. Had I been in her situation I would have done exactly what she did, grabbed my kid and ran. I knew it was going to bite her in the butt, but hoped that once her reasoning was out the o [...]

    17. Cry Mercy is the second book in the series and can be easily read as a stand alone. The story continues to follow the events from the first book and all of the principal people return in their former roles. Book two introduces Mercy Street's second new hire, Ann Nolan, a former detective from California who applied under the alias Emme Caldwell. She is running from evil and has uprooted her and her young daughter in hopes of finding a new life in Pennsylvania. She is assigned the case of a missi [...]

    18. What I call a beach read the kind of book you listen to when you don't want a lot of extra fluff or deep thought. The "A" story line is the missing persons case of a college student who left her room one morning and vanished. Fast forward 6 months and the case is cold and the police have moved on. The uncle of the missing girl applies to the Mercy Street Foundation for help as he has exhausted all of his leads. In a matter of weeks, the investigator has discovered that the missing girl was searc [...]

    19. Cry Mercy, by Mariah Stewart, B-plus, narrated by Joyce Bean, produced by Brilliance Audio, downloaded from audible.I enjoyed Stewart’s “Truth” series so much that I immediately bought this one when it was available. Apparently this is already the second book in the “Mercy” series. The Mercy Foundation was set up to provide service to families tracking down a missing family member after the police had given up. Their first case is one involving the disappearance of a sorority girl. Mer [...]

    20. The reason that I give this book just two stars instead of three, is because, in fleeing a potentially dangerous situation and driving from California to Pennsylvania, our main character, a policewoman, fails to leave behind her CAR AND LICENSE PLATES by which she could be traced! It seems to be a very basic thing to do when you are changing your identity and occupation. She DOES lie in order to get a job as an investigator. The reason she leaves California is that the natural father of her four [...]

    21. A little more .The plot of this story is enough to keep your interest. It is missing the richness and texture that some other authors give to their characters. We are also left out of the milestones of the other characters. Apparently Mallory becomes engaged to Charlie, but we aren't invited to the celebration. The touching moments of adopting a kitten with Trula are left unexplored. Most importantly, an emotionally bonding scene between the two main characters of this story at the resolution of [...]

    22. the second book in this trio,is about a women running from her past to protect her daughter,she goes from being a cop in California,to applying for a job at the Mercy Street Foundation as a detective.Changeing her name with some help from her friend in California she starts a new life for herself and her daughter.She is given the job at the foundation on a trial bases depending on how the case she is given, turns out.She is given the assignment of finding a missing 19 year old who seems to have [...]

    23. The cover copy has a good summary of the plot. The threat to the daughter isn't a huge part of the story and it's resolved neatly. The mystery involving the missing girl was interesting. I liked how it was resolved. The romance wasn't a huge part of the story but it was there and it was well done. I liked it.

    24. Cry Mercy is the second book in the series and is a very fast paced read. It is loaded with suspense and so much emotion. I caught myself getting teary eyed many times reading this book. I enjoyed both books in the series immensely and am looking forward to reading book three: Acts of Mercy. Mariah Stewart is one if my favorite authors.

    25. I really didn't expect the second book in the series to be as good as the first one, and it wasn't. It was better! Totally blew me away and can't wait to read the third one now, except then they're all done and I really want to know what happens to the characters.

    26. I really liked the book, but the ending was very short. everything was wrapped up nice and clean in just a few short pages. Kind of disappointing. Hopefully the next will continue where this one left off.

    27. NOt my favorite. The dialog was stilted and unnatural. Too many times I was taken out of the action by an odd turn of phrase that I had to reread several times. The plot was too pat to be a true mystery.

    28. 2od in the Mercy Street novels. These are very quick reads but interesting. I am ready to read the next one but it isn't out yet. These are good books to pick up at the library.It is not a book I would ever read again!

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