The TOON Treasury of Classic Children's Comics

The TOON Treasury of Classic Children s Comics The TOON Treasury of Classic Children s Comics is an unprecedented collection of the greatest comics for children artfully compiled by two of the best known creators in publishing and the field of co

  • Title: The TOON Treasury of Classic Children's Comics
  • Author: Art Spiegelman Françoise Mouly Jon Scieszka
  • ISBN: 9780810957305
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The TOON Treasury of Classic Children s Comics is an unprecedented collection of the greatest comics for children, artfully compiled by two of the best known creators in publishing and the field of comics Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly.This treasury created for young readers focuses on comic books, not strips, and contains humorous stories that range from a single pagThe TOON Treasury of Classic Children s Comics is an unprecedented collection of the greatest comics for children, artfully compiled by two of the best known creators in publishing and the field of comics Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly.This treasury created for young readers focuses on comic books, not strips, and contains humorous stories that range from a single page to eight or even twenty two pages, each complete and self contained The comics have been culled from the Golden Age of comic books, roughly the 1940s through the early 1960s, and feature the best examples of works by such renowned artists and writers as Carl Barks, John Stanley, Sheldon Mayer, Walt Kelly, Basil Wolverton, and George Carlson, among many, many others.Organizing the book into five categories Hey, Kids Funny Animals Fantasyland Story Time and Wacky Weird , Spiegelman and Mouly use their expertise in the area of comics to frame each category with an introductory essay, and provide brief biographies of the artists The TOON Treasury of Classic Children s Comics is essential reading for kids of all agesFP level T

    • Free Read [Thriller Book] ☆ The TOON Treasury of Classic Children's Comics - by Art Spiegelman Françoise Mouly Jon Scieszka ✓
      221 Art Spiegelman Françoise Mouly Jon Scieszka
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    One thought on “The TOON Treasury of Classic Children's Comics”

    1. This hefty tome landed on my desk with a question: "Shelve with adult or in kids' graphic novels?"It's a question. First of all, the beast is 350 oversize pages long. It has an introduction AND a foreword. On the other hand, the Introduction is written by Jon Scieszka, and his first word of it is "Wow."Dennis the Menace and Little Lulu are in this book. So's Pogo, Uncle Wiggly, Donald Duck, and Gerald McBoing Boing. The comics are funny - funny in that slapstick name-calling kid-friendly way. I [...]

    2. This volume is fantastic. Every story is great and every story is truly a classic. The book design is as good as it gets. I highly recommend this to parents. Normally old stories like these don't hold up too well, but this is the exception to that rule.It has Little Lulu - one of my alltime favorite comics, Carl Barks Ducks, Pogo, classic fairy tales and more. 300 pages of great stories. # 40.00 A real bargain coffee table book.

    3. I thought this book was very good. It has a lot of different stories that children can choose from along with mnay colorful pictures. The intended audience would be children in grades 2-8. I think it is a very entertaining book with many different stories for children to choose from. Moreover, I think both boys and girls would really enjoy reading this book and would be entertained for hours. It is from the Will Eisner award nominees for 2010.

    4. As any jackass who's read a few graphic novels knows, comics have been through some rough times. Oh yes, there was a time not so long ago when the ancestors of today's librarians and school teachers thumbed their noses at comic art or else condemned the stuff as trash. But things have changed: the Comics Code Authority is long behind us and comics are no longer "underground." Many library shelves are now stuffed with graphic novels -- also known as picture books for the not quite so young. Many [...]

    5. This is an above-average collection of kids' comics, recommended with caveats. For those of you who missed reading comics as a child, you might enjoy this, but it's more likely you won't "get it". Either you got the comics bug, or you didn't. No real teenage / adult comics here (no superheroes other than Captain Marvel, no army comics, no western comics).However, that being said, there are some true classics in here: Uncle Scrooge going to Tra-La-La, a slapstick Donald Duck chasing the nephews ( [...]

    6. What a blast I had reading this thick volume of classic cartoons! Laughter really is the best medicine. I turned on my lamp and picked this up from my bedside table during a case of bad insomnia. All my cares seemed to vanish; I no longer even wanted to sleep. This book made me want to go back in time and purchase scads of dime comic books and live in that daffy, dazzling world. Since I finished, I've been researching some of the artists (late 1930-early 1960s) whose work appears in this book an [...]

    7. In the years before the publication in 1954 of “Seduction of the Innocent” by Frederic Wertham, a large number and great variety of comic books were published. Once the book began to have some influence, the comic book business nearly collapsed, parents and “authorities” were finding unsuitable messages in comics where before there was no hint of such content.Most of the comic excerpts in this collection were published before that fateful year and even with the passage of sixty years and [...]

    8. This is hardly a representative sample of children's comics, but some of the best. It is, perhaps, the best way to discover which children's comics you want to seek out for more reading. (I did it the wrong way, which is to randomly buy some. Do not make that mistake.)The standouts are Carl Barks Donald Duck stories, Sheldon Mayer's Scribbley pages and Sugar 'n Spike stories, everything by Walk Kelly, the one Captain Marvel story (only one?), and the great discovery is the Frankenstein story by [...]

    9. This was quite a good collection, with some things I hadn't been exposed to before. Particularly good:Sheldon Mayer's "Sugar and Spike" and the autobiographical "Scribbly"Walt Kelly's "Pogo" of course. (And when is this strip going to get a fancypants edition?)Carl Barks "Duckburg" stories, which I had heard were good to excellent and hadn't had a chance to read. They were.George Carlson's "Pie-Face Prince" story was hilarious with the puns.Dave Berg's "Tweedle Twins"Harvey Kurtzman's "Hey, Look [...]

    10. This is sort of a weird trip to my childhood via this book. I would give this five stars, if it wasn't for my memories - which is not bad, but memories are sometimes sad. And for some reason going through these old comic books for children (roughly my generation) was like biting into that cookie that started the memories.Beautifully designed and correctly priced for the consumer ($40), it is a memory lane of sorts. And the odd thing is that these comics don't really deal with the era of the 40's [...]

    11. Is this really the best of the comics that existed for kids pre-1970? Sad. Either the editors (and I suspect this is true) picked their own favorites, heavily flavored with nostalgia, with little regard for choosing the best or these really are the best of forty years of kids' comics. Or perhaps a bit of both are true at the same time? All of the art is first-rate, but I really wonder if this is the best of the era as far as the story-telling. I am highly suspect because I have read all of Carl [...]

    12. Nearly all of these comics were published before I was born, but they have a timeless quality to them. I read them aloud to Nick over several days, and we both had a great time. Nick would probably give this 5 stars. Which is great, because it's a collection of comics for young children. These are funny comics, mostly, with some mild scares and thrills mixed in. They should be interesting to a wide age range. I hope that Nick'll be reading them to himself soon. He can already enjoy looking at th [...]

    13. Excellent book! There are some lovely stories in here. Some of the stories and characters were familiar to me, but not all. I'd never even heard of Intellectual Amos before. It's a shame that reprints of this work aren't more common. Yes, Walt Kelly, Carl Barks, Harvey Kurtzman, and even John Stanley are well I represented in readily available reprints. But where are the reprint collections for Jack Cole, George Carlson, or Sheldon Mayer? It's a serious lack on the part of currently available bo [...]

    14. For anyone who remember the "classic" comics, this is a must for you! These comics focus on the juvenile in all of us. From Uncle Scrooge, Little Lulu, and many I'd never heard before, readers will be able to immerse themselves into humor that is so innocent yet classic. The book is a large book, so the comics are of great size and the quality of the original drawings are kept. Just a great book to sit down on a rainy day and have a good chuckle. A great book for anyone's library collection.

    15. this book has diffrent section of storys but what i see in all theese comics is that theese comics are very funny and cute it really atracts me . the photos of this book are very adorable it has babys that look so silly . in my opinon this book is awesome because it also has alot of baby colors and thats because theres babys in the book included and i think anyone will just take this book by looking at the pictures . a person who injoys babys will read this . trust me

    16. A wonderful collection of classic children's comics. My favourties were Little Lulu ('Five Little Babies' is positively a Jacobean revenge play), Intellectual Amos (shrunk down in an ant hill), and Carl Barks' Uncle Scrooge in "Tralla La" (move over Karl Marx). Still can't overcome my aversion for 'Dennis the Menance' probably because I was exposed to the watered-down, sappy version when I grew up. This is what children's literature should be subversive, imaginative and fun-fun-fun!

    17. I've rarely seen anything by Walt Kelly that wasn't "Pogo" (who is represented as well), or Harvey Kurtzman that wasn't in Mad or some other strange mag, but here we are. Nice range of titles and you can read the entire adventure, not suffer through a couple pages and leave you hanging. Although I would have liked some explanation the strips I wasn't familiar with.

    18. The age could be from grade 3 and up. This book could be for a boy or a girl and even for adults. The comics are very funny and fun to read. The children relate to the book and get a lot of reading done along the way. The book can bring back past memories for adults when they were younger.Eisner 2010 award winner

    19. A bit expensive at $40, but my goodness, this is a must own, a curated sampler plate of golden age comics directly aimed at children with work by Barks, Jack Cole, Sheldon Mayer, Kurtzman, Wolverton, Stanley, etc, in addition to many others you've never heard of, like Andre LeBlanc. Hopefully, just like Art Out of Time, TOON will trigger more reprints from some of its rediscovered artists.

    20. A good mix of comics, although it's hard to edit approx. 30 years of kids' comics down to one volume. Spiegelmn & Mouly make a good selection. I'm glad to see the artists are given proper credit, since they weren't always credited when the comics were first published.

    21. One of the best comic anthologies I've read. amazing work, frantic, fun and really weird at times. I didn't love every single story but there isn't a boring story here.Love seeing the history of kids comics. So glad they didn't recolour this.

    22. I had to read this for my Comics & Graphic Novels college course, and it was enjoyable for what it was, but is not something I would pick up on my own. If you're a fan of classic comics though, I'd recommend it.

    23. A wonderful assortment of classic toons and strips, selected by the master hand of Art Spiegelman. I had a blast of a time reading this classics and remembering good childhood days. Highly recommended, a source of inspiration!

    24. This is an amazing collection of kids-oriented comics long unseen and forgotten by current collectors and readers of superhero fare. Wonderful Little Lulu, Pogo, fairy tales, and Uncle Scrooge tales that I'm sure to be sharing with my little one ASAP.

    25. Seriously, this is one of the best comics collections I've ever read. I hope they publish more collections!

    26. a fun trip back into childhood with a lot of old favorites and a lot of new ones I never read or don't remember. Now the decision is whether to give the book to Isaac or Solly.

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