The Golden Goblet

The Golden Goblet Ranofer struggles to thwart the plottings of his evil brother Gebu so he can become master goldsmith like their father in this exciting tale of ancient Egyptian mystery and intrigue Newbery Honor Bo

  • Title: The Golden Goblet
  • Author: Eloise Jarvis McGraw
  • ISBN: 9780140303353
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ranofer struggles to thwart the plottings of his evil brother, Gebu, so he can become master goldsmith like their father in this exciting tale of ancient Egyptian mystery and intrigue Newbery Honor Book

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    One thought on “The Golden Goblet”

    1. I really liked this book when I was 11, and I really liked this book twenty-one years later. Somehow Eloise Jarvis McGraw makes Ranofer, the main character, easily relatable without turning him into a kid that thinks, talks and acts like a twentieth century American kid who happens to be living in ancient Egypt. To me, that's one of the most annoying things about historical fiction: the author tries to make the main characters more likable by making them just like us, no matter what century or c [...]

    2. The rising action of this novel took 14 out of 16 chapters. Once the climax was reached, I found it to be a bit boring. The main character is chased rather quickly through a tomb and then escapes (low suspense during the actual chase). The resolution was wrapped up in the last chapter and I felt letdown after following his awful life, we do not know what happens to his tormentor (only implied). I had to be creative to engage students in the story, thankfully they were motivated by ancient Egypt [...]

    3. Exciting and thrilling, The Golden Goblet is by far one of the most exciting books I have ever read. Even though I read it a year ago just for fun, it still gave me the goosebumps because of how descriptive the author is. When reading this book, for the second time, i realize how slow it is in the beginning and I feel like I get it a lot more when we read it together. Another thing is that I don't really think that the title matches the book and I think it should be called Ranofer's Life or some [...]

    4. I loved this book! I found it very interesting, it started out slow, but you have to give books time! Mrs, Bushkin, my English teacher, recommended this book to our class. The Golden Goblet started to get more and more interesting as I read on. The main characters in this book fitted their roles perfectly, Ranofer, one of the protagonists, was brave, determined, and kind. On the other hand, Gebu, the main antagonist, was very nasty! He was everything you would expect a villain to be, nasty. crue [...]

    5. HAHA ! I think I'm cheating a bit when I let myself click 'read'.You see, this book was assigned in my 7th grade history class to read outside of school. No one read it. Okay, a few select people did (cough*nerds*cough) but I went to a fancy goody two shoes type of middle school so it was kind of a big deal. Everyone was just like this book is so boring, I would rather skim over some of it & take the D.The day of the test came around, and some kids had stayed up all night, reading this dang [...]

    6. Gebu was such an asshole that I couldn't even deal with it. And Ranofer always needed chapstick. (The author kept saying that he had to lick his lips before he said anything.). I liked the parts about the marketplaces and golden scarabs, though. It made me want to go to the big flea market that takes place one county away from me. I disliked Ranofer so much that my 11-year old self used my new White-Out Pen to deface the cover of the whole book and make Ranofer's eyes look really messed up. Then [...]

    7. The Golden Goblet, by Eloise Jarvis McGraw was a fantastic book. Beautifully and elegantly written, the author used such wonderful descriptions that made the book that much better. While reading this book with my class, I enjoyed the action and suspense that the author offered. I would definitely rate this book five out of five, it was such a fun book to read, I wish there was a sequel.

    8. This book was fairly interesting with many cliff hangers and good vocabulary. But, the downfall was many problems without a suitable solution. Since I like pleasing endings, this book left me unamused. Adventurous and edgy, this book is a page turner that grabs your attention, but the beginning is a bit of a bore. Although, it is a book you need to try once in your life.

    9. This book is set in Thebes in around 1400 BC, right during the reign of the Ancient Egyptians. It goes in-depth into the daily life of the craftspeople and artisans of Ancient Egypt through Ranofer’s experiences as a porter at the goldsmith shop and as an apprentice at the stonecutting shop. Ranofer also makes observations about the daily life of the Egyptians, from the importance of the Nile to the harvest of papyrus to the food they eat. It also does a good job of realistically integrating t [...]

    10. I really liked the book but the beginning wasn't my favorite because it didn't really get my attention. After the fifth chapter, I really started getting into the book. When I read about Ranofer, Heqet, and the Ancient spying on Gebu and whenamon, and them telling one another one what they heard that day. To read the beginning was hard because the author left us at a cliff hanger saying " At sight Heqet gave a shout and flung up one hand, and the Ancient started hobbling toward him as fast as he [...]

    11. With suspense and excitement, this book really kept me reading. The only part that i didn't enjoy about this book was the first six chapters. To be honest, it was one of the most boring six chapters I have ever read in my life. Yet, the chapters after that made up for all the boredom. Chapters seven and on were the most exciting chapters of my life. When Ranofer, the main protagonist, opens the chest to find a golden goblet, it was his dream come true. Ranofer could finally turn his evil stepbro [...]

    12. Exciting and suspenseful, this is one of the best books I have read! This story is about Ranofer, a young boy in Egypt, trying to prove that his evil half-brother is a criminal. The events that follow keep you reading and keep you guessing. This book really makes you think about friendship and trusting others, while also teaching you important life lessons on keeping with your passions. Once you read a chapter, your mind will just tell you to read another one. I wish there would have been an epi [...]

    13. Have you ever wondered what life was like back in ancient Egyptian times? Twelve-year-old Ranofer knows all too well, and in some cases, he wished he didn't. The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw is a fascinating story on a boy's point-of-view on ancient Egypt. This book was well written, and for sure a page-turner, full of suspense. Although the beginning was a little slow, some parts of The Golden Goblet just won't let you put it down, and for all the right reasons. At these certain parts, [...]

    14. The book Adventurous and additive and boring at parts. But over all its a pretty nice book. We read the book for a class project and when we where at chapter 8 i was already done with the book it was so good. Honestly towards the beginning of the book it was very slow and boring but closer to the climax the pace picked up and then there were huge cliff hangers that just left me on the edge of my seat. Also its dramatic book like Ranofer's parents are died and he has to fend for himself when he w [...]

    15. Amazing and addicting, I didn't want to stop reading this book. Despite the slow start, this book became mysterious and full of action. As Ranofer tries to get through life with his evil half-brother, suspense build as does danger for Ranofer. This book had so many cliff hangers that you won't want to stop reading.

    16. This book is great if you are learning about ancient Egypt. It shows the life of Ranofer, young boy, living a difficult life with his wicked half-brother Gebu. Persevering and hopeful, Ranofer learns to survive in the hands of evil Gebu. To be honest, the book is not very exciting in the beginning, but the end the book is a page turner. I couldn't stop reading!

    17. Adventurous and exciting, this book intrigued me from the very beginning. At the end of each chapter the author wrote great cliffhangers that made you want to read more. The author wrote lots of VSS's and changed the sentence structure to keep the book going. Reading this book, I realized that it contained many themes. I highly recommend this book if you love suspenseful and exciting books.

    18. The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw is an exciting, deeply detailed, well plotted, and filled with characters you will fall in love with. This book is a real page turner, when you begin you can't stop because of the cliffhangers hidden within the book.

    19. A pretty good historical fiction set in Egypt. I really enjoyed it - it's one of my favorite settings, and it had a great mystery.

    20. Have you ever wanted to prove someone wrong to follow your dreams? This is just what Rainofer does to Gebu in The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw. This historical fiction story takes place in Ancient Egypt over 2,000 years ago. I recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy and quick read. McGraw wants the reader to take away the lesson that one should follow their dreams and become whatever they want to be.The main characters of this story are Rainofer and his evil half-brother, Gebu. [...]

    21. This book was suggested reading for my children’s history class. So we began. No library had it in stock so I purchased the audiobook rather than wait a month. There are some things I can wait for - assigned reading is not one of them.The book began slowly and we all felt dumped into the middle of a world where we couldn’t get our bearings. Who were we taking about and what about all these names, dropped as if we should know them? And then within a few chapters, “it just clicked,” my dau [...]

    22. This book was recommended as suggested literature to study from The Well Trained Mind. As we are using The Story of the World, Vol 1: Ancient Times, it fit right in. A young boy, a mean step-brother, dreams, new friends, and missing gold set the stage for this journey back in Egyptian times. In the beginning my 10 year old daughter wasn't the slightest bit interested in reading this book. It didn't take long (3-4 chapters) for her to change her mind. We both looked forward to this being part of [...]

    23. The Golden Goblet was required reading for this school year, and we finally got to listen to it on our road trip. We really enjoyed this book, it has a lot of adventure and the end is the perfect amount of suspense. I had read this book as a young person, but didn't remember it, so it felt like I was hearing it for the first time. I highly recommend this if your students are learning about ancient Egypt.

    24. Ancient Egypt has always interested me ever since I was a kid. I am shocked I never read this growing up. McGraw weaved an awesome tale. I loved how she really allowed the reader to see the culture of the ancient Egyptians through the eyes of her characters. She used many terms, authentic names, and an engaging plot to allow the reader to really peak into the past. The book was set in the capital of Thebes (Waset) during the New Kingdom. Every generation faces new challenges and during this time [...]

    25. The Golden Goblet, a 1961 novel by Eloise Jarvis McGraw, is about a young boy trying to survive Ancient Egypt while his evil half brother makes life harder for everyone. Struggling to achieve his lifelong ambition, our hero Ranofer finds friends in unexpected places, and while things are finally looking better for him, his brother Gebu crushes hopes and dreams and steals priceless items from innocent people without a backward glance. And it’s up to Ranofer and his newfound friends to stop him. [...]

    26. The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw is a really good book. It contains great descriptions of what is happening in that current scene. It doesn't say something boring like " THere in Ranofer's hand was a golden goblet." It said "There, in his hand, lay a golden goblet more beautiful than the sun." Ranofer, a young boy, is living with evil step brother Gebu. Tall and strong, Gebu forces Ranofer to take stonecutting as his trade. With the help of Ranofer's only friends, the Ancient and Heqet, [...]

    27. The good:- The Golden Goblet has a terrific sense of place- The research is very well-done, and is great for teaching kids about Ancient Egypt.- The ending is exciting- Hequet. He is awesome.- The writing. A well-written storyThe average:- The storyline. It meanders a bit, but is satisfying- Characters. Fairly typical, a bit flat, but ultimately likeable.The not-so-good - Extraneous details/scenes. Is it just me, or are all older children's books like this? This might not be so bad if those scen [...]

    28. Adventurous and exciting, The Golden Goblet was a very interesting book that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. In the beginning, Ranofer is a young boy who's father, Thutra, died. He was then taken in by his evil, older half-brother, Gebu. Ranofer's dream is to be an apprentice of the Master Goldsmith, Zau, and currently works as a hireling in Rekh's gold-shop. When Ranofer starts to lose hope, he comes upon a new apprentice named Heqet. Heqet and Ranofer soon find that they sh [...]

    29. The Golden Goblet was a book with things changing at every corner. At the start of the book it's just about a poor boy you lives with his half-brother Gebu. That boy's name is Ranofer. Ranofer's father had died and he's mistreated by Gebu. In the middle of the story he becomes a spy. He was just a poor and insignificant boy and now he is on an adventure to save the tombs of Egypt. The Golden Goblet is just another bookuntil it all becomes more action-packed and exciting. The characters just seem [...]

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