Hole in the Sky

Hole in the Sky In a deadly Flu virus ravages the earth Only one in two thousand survive the virus and these Survivors are rarely left unaffected By only million people remain on Earth Most of them li

  • Title: Hole in the Sky
  • Author: Pete Hautman
  • ISBN: 9780689831188
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 2028, a deadly Flu virus ravages the earth Only one in two thousand survive the virus, and these Survivors are rarely left unaffected By 2038, only 38 million people remain on Earth Most of them live in small communities, ever fearful of outsiders who might bring the deadly Flu Ceej Kane lives with his uncle and his Survivor sister Harryette in an abandoned hotel In 2028, a deadly Flu virus ravages the earth Only one in two thousand survive the virus, and these Survivors are rarely left unaffected By 2038, only 38 million people remain on Earth Most of them live in small communities, ever fearful of outsiders who might bring the deadly Flu Ceej Kane lives with his uncle and his Survivor sister Harryette in an abandoned hotel on the rim of the Grand Canyon His quiet, boring life suddenly becomes a desperate adventure when Uncle and Harryette disappear Searching for them, Ceej and his only friend, Tim, are attacked by the Kinka, a renegade band of half mad Survivors who spread the Flu to make of their own Worse yet, it appears that Harryette has joined them.Fleeing deep into the Canyon, a narrow land of ghosts and ancient secrets, Ceej and Tim meet Bella, a mysterious Hopi girl She has been searching the canyon for the Sipapuni, a mystical portal that the Hopi believe leads to another world Tim thinks Bella is crazy, but Ceej is not so sure Maybe there is a way out of this Flu ravaged world But first they must find out what happened to Uncle, and they must save Harryette from the Kinka if she wants to be saved.As with his earlier novels, Mr Was and Stone Cold, acclaimed author Pete Hautman pushes the boundaries of young adult fiction Combining action, science fiction, and spirituality, Hole in the Sky is the rarest of novels a thrilling page turner that will make you think.

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    One thought on “Hole in the Sky”

    1. In Hole in the Sky by Pete Hautman, i find the storyline interesting and it keeps you on your feet. The way in which the story is told by each individual's perspective is also very interesting. The story starts at the grand canyon where a flu has killed off most living people and leaves the survivors with baldness and some sort of deformity, the fight to survive from the rest of the survivors becomes tough, leaving Ceej and his companions to fight to the hole to a new light. Overall the book is [...]

    2. This book was well paced and well written. I cared about and related to the characters. I love End of the World scenarios, this one is about the flu and with the world the way it is today this could actually happen so it really had me thinking.

    3. Ceej, his sister Harryette, and Uncle live on the rim of the Grand Canyon. This is a post-apocalyptic world where the Flu has decimated the world's population. Harryette is a Survivor of this Flu but she has lost her hair and the ability to speak and understand spoken language. When Hap and his son Tim are expected, Ceej takes one of the mules and descends into the canyon looking for fish. He finds two things of interest: the fact that the river is low and warm and a Phantom. Hap, Uncle, and Har [...]

    4. In the year 2028, a young African soccer player enters the United States, with his teammates, for a World Cup exhibition match. With him comes a virus that has been quietly decimating populations in other parts of the world. Within ten years over six billion have died from the 'Flu.' In the year 2038 the world population is down to 300 million. And the virus is still alive and well. Not everyone, however, dies from the Flu. Some Survive, but at a cost. This is the story of four teens--one is a S [...]

    5. A profound and disquieting novel, which reminded me slightly of Parable of the Sower. In a postapocalyptic world, people's relationships to nature and to each other have changed dramatically. The stark setting at the Grand Canyon echos the vast distances that separate the characters-- emotionally and culturally-- from one another. This is a survival story and an inquiry into what it means to be human, a story about mythology and faith, family and history. The portrayals of disability interest me [...]

    6. Hole in the sky is by Pete Hautman. In 2028, A new type of flu comes and kills most of the earth population. There are only a few people that were not affected by the flu, but the other people that are alive are affect by it like can't hear, see, smell. Ceej and his sister and uncle are some of the people that didn't die. They live outside the grand canyon his a house. Because Ceej and his sister's parents died from the flu. Then some of Ceej`s Uncle`s friends come to their house. Then Uncle, hi [...]

    7. I think this was a great book, because it keeps you on the edge of the seat. It tells you all about a major flu that kills millions of people. There are 4 people who tell their story as the book is going on they all tell you how the flu effected their life and how they live now. They talk about the Kinkas, people who were survivors of the flu and that they kill off any other people who might caught the disease. A Hopi indian girl also tells about how there is a 3rd world that she is trying to ge [...]

    8. Ceej finds himself journeying to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with his friend Tim and a mysterious Hopi girl, Bella in order to save it from a massive flood while running from a renegade group of flu survivors who are traveling the country and infecting those who have not been sick and recruiting those who have survived, like Ceej's sister Harryette. (phew! run on sentence much?) Told in 4 point of view's, each main character has a distinct voice and view on the situation. The plot is engaging [...]

    9. This book is about a group of people who are trying to stick together and survive this flu virus.They must stay strong and over come many obstacles everyday just to stay alive. The team must stay together and remain strong. The main character are Ceej and Harryette. Ceej is shy and soldem and Harryette is more adventurous and outgoing.I personaly thought the book was failry decent. I thought at times it was interesting but at other times very long and boring. The book had a lot of long periods o [...]

    10. I liked this novel because it was mostly fantasy. There is a possibility of having a hole in the sky, but the chances are slim. It is about the near extinction of the human race. The book can seem a bit scary, but I did not believe in it. You cannot believe everything you hear or read. The plot is about how a dangerous form of influenza is found on Earth, and it kills billions of people. Tim is a sixteen year old boy who lives near the Grand Canyon and Colorado River with his family. His sister [...]

    11. This book was creepy and wierd and kind of sick, but I love it because it makes you think.I had a hard time deciding whether to give it three or four stars because the way it was written confused me. It was hard to picture each scene because I would have an image in my head and them the author would mix it up and say that this was in the west and that was in the east and this or that person was coming from the direction of the canyon.Aside from all the confusion,I loved the way the story was tol [...]

    12. TCL#: YA HautmanD- 2.5 starsIf you picked up this book because you loved other apocalypse books, I’m guessing you will not like it. Although it is about a dystopian future, it’s more supernatural than science fiction. There is some interesting stuff about native American mythology, and the characters are likeable enough, but it is probably a book more specific to certain tastes. I found it somewhat slow and continued to wonder when the action would begin. Additionally, after waiting for it t [...]

    13. Argh - if you're going to go to all this trouble to write a book, take time to write an actual ending and not one of those "figure it out on your own" dealios.The book is broken off in four sections - each narrated by a different character. The different narrators were distracting - the book felt like a group of loosely strung together events. It bothered me that Bella, the Hopi girl, was such a stereotype of the "wise Native American." She was raised in Las Vegas - I don't think she had that mu [...]

    14. The deadly flu has been killing people by millions. About thirty-eight million people remain on Earth. Not very many people survive. Survivors lose all of there body hair and usually have some other effect. Ceej lives with his Uncle and survivor sister Harryette. The Kinka are half mad survivors spreading the deadly Flu to create more Survivors. Ceej's Uncle, sister and Tim's (Ceej only friend) dad have disappeared. A Hopi girl named Bella believes there is a way out of this Flu world.Reasons wh [...]

    15. Found this 2001 book in my school library; it could go over well with the Life As We Knew It etc. readers. Hole in the Sky has more action/adventure (and the paperback has a better cover than this hideous one) and is set in and around the Grand Canyon (which is why I recommend it to Wendy). I have some suspicions, though, about the depiction of Hopi spirituality, about which I would need to research to state anything accurately. Fairly exciting, but would have been better with a single strong na [...]

    16. This is definately one of the best books I have read in a while! My favorite thing about this book is that I know all of the areas that are described in this book, hence I can imagine myself in this book as a struggler or Survivor.I love Bella. She is so powerful and her words are assuring and warm. Her stories are honest and they make her strong, wise and brave.The other characters are loveable and all meant for each other. It's truely beautiful.

    17. Given the recent swine flu scare, this 2001 novel may now gain more interest. I think it started out well; the first chapter was great. The story started to become stupid shortly after that with mutated post-flu people thinking they were a cult that infected people on purpose so only those that survive and end up hairless and often brain-damaged will rule the world. Then, in that wasn't enough, ancient Hopi folklore got mixed in.

    18. This book was an okay book. It seemed like the author didn't put some information in the right places, but the story itself was entertaining. I liked how the author transitioned from character to character as the narrator of the story because then it helped the reader gain the full perspective of every main character. This was a sci-if novel and I really like sci-fi's.

    19. Published on the cusp of the new dystopian trend in YA fiction, Hole in the Sky terrified me as a sixth grader. (I'd also rather inexpertly stolen the book from my school's display -- ironically, it's the residual guilt and terror that made reading it so overwhelming.) I'm itching to reread it and see if it's as good as I remember, that eerie post-epidemic world.

    20. A quickly read post-apocalyptic YA novel about a family living at the Grand Canyon after much of the world's population has been decimated by a flu pandemic. It was OK; the changes described in the world were somewhat interesting, the characters were pretty believable; it just didn't really seem to go anywhere as far as I was concerned.

    21. Good prose. compelling plot. Divided into 4 sections with 4 different 1st person POVs, one one of which is really distinctive. Subtle sexual activity. Ambiguous ending. Plot driven. Loyalty would be the strongest value.

    22. I've enjoyed several of Pete Hautman's books. This was not one of them. None of the characters interested me at all. The story line (flu epidemic, survivor, frontier themes) was of some interest, but give me people to care about and I will love the book.

    23. This is such a haunting story. How our beliefs change when faced with our own certain death is scary. To loose everyone one you cherish and love at such a young age? How do you not give up? This story helps to answer some of those questions.

    24. I gotta say, I liked this book a lot. made me think of how the world will change and what if lots of people died?one thing I didn't like was what happens!!! I mean, Bella and Ceej disappear. and well this just really needs a sequel

    25. I liked that it was told by different perspectives. The descriptions were beautifularacters were interesting. But the ending.wasn't an ending!!!

    26. Good concept, adequate writing. As for whether or not it had an ending, you can scroll to the end of my review to find out. Either way, I read the book.

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