Angus and Sadie

Angus and Sadie Angus is black and white and strong Sadie is reddish brown and white and small They don t look much alike says Missus They don t act much alike says Mister Angus and Sadie are brother and sister Ang

  • Title: Angus and Sadie
  • Author: Cynthia Voigt Tom Leigh
  • ISBN: 9780060745820
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Angus is black and white and strong.Sadie is reddish brown and white and small They don t look much alike, says Missus They don t act much alike, says Mister.Angus and Sadie are brother and sister Angus is bigger He is a good, brave, and clever dog and he likes that Sadie isn t as quick to learn or to obey When cats jump at her, she yelps and runs away AngusAngus is black and white and strong.Sadie is reddish brown and white and small They don t look much alike, says Missus They don t act much alike, says Mister.Angus and Sadie are brother and sister Angus is bigger He is a good, brave, and clever dog and he likes that Sadie isn t as quick to learn or to obey When cats jump at her, she yelps and runs away Angus thinks that means she s scared of everything But Sadie isn t so sure that s true.Newbery Medalist Cynthia Voigt s story of border collie puppies growing up on a farm in Maine is for animal lovers of all ages, and for anyone who s ever had or wondered what it would be like to have a brother or sister just like themselves, but very, very different.

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    One thought on “Angus and Sadie”

    1. An homage to border collie mixes. And fun. But also very reflective of the issue presented in Men Explain Things to Me* Sadie needs *more* smarts & strength just to stand up for herself against Angus' patronizing.I did like this observation, even though it's inserted somewhat randomly as the dogs aren't generally presented as so very philosophical:"I don't understand weird, Sadie said."It's what's not normal, Angus explained. It's what's different from me."I will look for more in the series, [...]

    2. 4 StarsThis was a cute simple kind of book to read. I loved everything about this book. I will definitely have to look into the rest of the series because it was just to cit to pass up. I definitely loved the relationship between Angus and Saddie. It is so adorable and cute and also very sweet. I would definitely read this book again and hopefully read the rest of the series. I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a cute, sweet, simple book to read.

    3. *This review is in memory of my Border Collie mix, Chloe, who passed away on May 21, 2016, at the age of 16, and my other mixed breed, Nadine, who passed away on November 7, 2017, at the age of 11. Both girls will always be deeply missed by my family and me. They were both adorable, smart dogs and lovable sweethearts.*I have a special place in my heart for Border Collies as they're very intelligent, energetic, and warm-hearted dogs. Naturally, when I spied this book in my Recommendations, I deci [...]

    4. “Angus and Sadie”Author: Cynthia VoigtAngus and Sadie the two curious pups, the ones that love adventure, the ones that sometimes get in trouble. Angus the brave and courageous, Sadie the shy and curious. And living together as brother and sister might change the story. Maybe even them.Cynthia Voigt lives in Maine, USA, and has two grown children. Also she is the author of 20 books, and is a Newbery Medal winner.The setting in this story takes place on a farm near a big forest by a river and [...]

    5. Well-written and entertaining children's story; a little silly for older kids but an excellent book for younger readers or people who love dog stories and books with Maine settings. The front cover was wonderfully illustrated, too.

    6. I think that if you spend much time doing clicker training or raising puppies or acting as a foster parent to rescue animals, you get very critical of books with dogs, especially those told from the dog's POV. I liked a lot of things about this book: the sweet tone, the way Voigt writes the puppies' dialogue, the pastoral setting. And bonus points for showing the owners adopting instead of buying, although it would've been nice if it had been because they wanted to save a dog and not because the [...]

    7. What a sweet, simple, fun book! My five-year-old and I used it as our read-aloud nighttime chapter book, and he loved it. Many reviewers here found it boring, but we found it refreshing--no one's evil or in horrible danger, the dogs have very distinct and interesting personalities, the characters exist in a subtly sexist world (pretty unavoidable given that it's set in the contemporary USA) but the book itself doesn't endorse a sexist worldview, and there's a lot of detail about small family far [...]

    8. A review from my 10 year old self:This is a book about two dogs, Angus and Sadie. Angus is bigger, good, brave and clever. Sadie, his sister isn't quick to learn, or to obey. This book is about the two dogs growing up, and how they learn to get used to the things around them. I think this book is aimed towards children 10 and under, and not for anyone older. I think that this is borrow for 10 and under, but for anyone older, I think this is a skip.

    9. I don't quite know what to say about this book. It was recommended to me by a reliable source, and I was very disappointed. The only criticism I have is a big one: it is chauvinistic. Angus and Sadie are siblings, adopted at puppyhood by Mr. and Mrs. Immediately, With so many books out there in this genre of books with animals that talk, I would recommend skipping this one.

    10. I loved this book! It probably is my favorite! I loved how every chapter is a different 'adventure' for the dogs. I read it in 2nd grade.

    11. Fairly disappointed by this. While there were lovely bits of writing, especially the descriptions of the farm and the puppies' early life, the dog-training bits were just plain wrong. I don't know what time period this was but the men, Mister and Angus were so damn chauvinistic! The narrator made this a better book. She had terrific voices and added energy to an otherwise quiet story.

    12. I love this book. It is told from the perspective of the two dogs, Angus and Sadie, and their adventures growing up on a farm. This book is perfect for young kids who love dogs and adventures.

    13. Actually, below are 2 reviews - one for adults reading this book and one for kids! Angus and Sadie, by Cynthia Voigt, Newberry medalist (Harper Collins, 2005, 194 pages, ages 8-12, paperback – 2008)Written by Newberry medalist Cynthia Voigt, Angus and Sadie is a wonderfully fun, heart-warming story for both adults and children, so, here are different book reviews for each. Children first, then, the review for adults.Children Will Love Angus - or Sadie – or BothAngus and Sadie are border coll [...]

    14. Cute book. A little difficult as a read aloud because of internal dialogue between the dogs. Requires change in voices and sometimes it's hard to tell which dog is speaking.

    15. Mister and Missus live on a farm in Maine and decide they want a dog. However, they go to the library to research breeds (yay) and decide on a border collie mix and eventually head off to the shelter to adopt one, but they can't decide between two very cute puppies and end up with both Angus and Sadie who have different personalities.Voigt nails the new dog experience and gets into the dog personalities brilliantly. (This would be a good time to mention that this is one of those books where we c [...]

    16. The concept of this story about the dogs talking to each other and having this inner life and growing up on a farm was sweet and my kids and I did enjoy reading it together, but it had a MAJOR problem, in my opinion. What is that problem? Let's just say an alternate title could have been Mansplaining: A Child's Primer, and it would have been equally relevant to the content. It was so outrageously overt between the boy and girl dog especially, but also the husband and wife- referred to only as Mr [...]

    17. B, age 11, says 1.5.The theme of the different personalities/talents of the siblings was interesting, but the relationship between the dogs felt emotionally abusive at times and was very hard to take. Though Angus has an awakening of sorts at the end (oh, we are all different! - duh Angus) he never apologizes nor promises to treat Sadie with more respect and it is not enough for me to excuse the abuse he piled on her in the middle of the book. Also inexcusable to me is that fact that though the [...]

    18. I read this to my four- and seven-year-old daughters. They loved it; me not so much. I found the story really boring. It was really just "day in the life" kind of stuff while going through the seasons. Nothing that interesting or exciting happened. I would have liked to have had more adventure. I also did not like Angus at all. Especially at the end; he was really mean to Sadie. Didn't care for that. I didn't care for the writing style either; I had to add a lot of "Sadie said" and "Angus said" [...]

    19. I recently read a new Voigt juvenile novel entitled, Young Fredle, that I had seen reviewed in BookPage. It was a charming, adventurous animal fantasy told from the perspective of an attic mouse and of interest to intermediate-grade readers. I discovered that this book, Angus and Sadie, is a prequel. It's more of a gentle read than an adventure, with very likeable characters, and is told from the perspective of the two litter-mates, part border collies, who are adopted into the family of Mr. and [...]

    20. This would have worked so much better as a picture book. Maybe if you really, really love dogs, or have a border collie, you'll love this, but we all found it tiresome. There are certainly many dog novels I (as a non-dog-owner) have loved ("The Boss Queen, Little BigBark, and the Sentinel Pup" comes to mind). I would have abandoned this one a third of the way through if Eli hadn't insisted that he wanted to read it all the way through.

    21. Oh, how I loved the simplicity and sweetness of Angus and Sadie. We read this as a nighttime read-aloud, which was perfect to get my daughter reading the dog's voices while I read the rest. It reminded me so much of James Herriott. I also liked how we could relate the dogs' feelings to things we have felt in our lives. I want to know what these to are up to these days. I miss them a little.

    22. This book is about to border collies adopted for work on a farm. Angus adapts immediately, but Sadie is really working hard to catch up. She quite frightened and doesn't like the cats in the barn, skunks, or children. It shows the dogs' point of view and is quite touching in some parts. Read away, my friends!

    23. Two adorable little Border collie puppies growing up together on a farm. Angus, the boy, and Sadie the girl have many fun adventures on the farm. They meet interesting and strange creatures on the way. If you like a cute and easy read you will love this book! I thought it was really cute, fun, and a good read. I give the book 5 stars!!!!!-SES

    24. I thought this book was amazing. I recomend it to everyone who likes animals and farms. It gives you a great view of how other creatures see things. This book also inspired some of my art including some of my wolf pieces. It's true that these dogs act very differnt but are best friends which is one of the things I love about this book!

    25. I love the way Voigt gave each of the dogs their own personalities and ways of thinking. Angus is hardworking and likes to be right. Sadie is carefree, and wants to be right but gets over it quickly when she's not. I recognized Angus and Sadie from Young Fredle - which has a better story line, but this is a sweet introduction to the farm where Fredle's adventure takes place. Great book!

    26. The relationship between the two anthropomorphic (at least in thoughts) dogs is meant, I think, to be sort of a lesson to kids about relationships. With kids. Complete with "it's okay to be different" and how/why people can feel jealous. My little cousin really liked it, and I can see other little kids really getting into it as well. It wasn't really my cup o' tea, however.

    27. I like this book so much that I'd like to buy it at the bookstore. I like it because it is all about animals. The best part was where Sadie faces the cats and it made me feel like Angus wasn't the boss of Sadie. I think Angus was too bossy. Having Angus be too bossy made me like the book a little less.

    28. Angus and Sadie, two border collies growing up on a farm in Maine, learn how to accept their differences as they enjoy a tail-wagging new life with Mister and Missus.Use in lessons about personal differences, self-esteem

    29. Wendy Carter, the reader on the audiobook, is brilliant. She did both this book and "Young Fredle," and I must find out what else she reads. Sadie is adorable and reminds me a bit of my family's dog. This story is a must for any dog lover.

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