After Dark, My Sweet

After Dark My Sweet William Collins is very handsome very polite and very friendly He is also dangerous when aroused Now Collins a one time boxer with a lethal accident in his past has broken out of his fourth mental

  • Title: After Dark, My Sweet
  • Author: Jim Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780679732471
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • William Collins is very handsome, very polite, and very friendly He is also dangerous when aroused Now Collins, a one time boxer with a lethal accident in his past, has broken out of his fourth mental institution and met up with an affable con man and a highly arousing woman, whose plans for him include kidnapping, murder, and much, much worse.

    After Dark, My Sweet Aug , Directed by James Foley With Jason Patric, Rachel Ward, Bruce Dern, Rocky Giordani An ex boxer is drifting around after escaping from the mental hospital He meets a widow who convinces him to help fix up the neglected estate her ex husband left Her Uncle talks them both into helping kidnap a rich boy for ransom money, and the ex fighter must make decisions about his loyalties and what is After Dark, My Sweet After Dark, My Sweet is a American neo noir film directed by James Foley starring Jason Patric, Bruce Dern, and Rachel Ward It is based on the Jim Thompson novel of the same name Plot Ex boxer Kevin Kid Collins is a drifter and an escapee from a mental hospital In a After Dark, My Sweet by Jim Thompson Jim Thompson, After Dark, My Sweet This is one strange read But it is very good Classic Noir story and the author who wrote this also wrote The Grifters which is one of my favorite movies although I have yet to read that book So this is about a kidnapping that goes horribly wrong. After Dark, My Sweet Movie Review Roger Ebert Mar , After Dark, My Sweet is the movie that eluded audiences it grossed less than million, has been almost forgotten, and remains one of the purest and most uncompromising of modern films noir It captures above all the lonely, exhausted lives of its characters. After Dark, My Sweet A Suspense Thriller After Dark, My Sweet is only my second exposure to Jim Thompson, but it s enough to make me realize that of all the man s talents fascinating plotting, intriguing characters, a bleakly cynical worldview none may be fascinating than his ability to immerse you Mr.Kitty After Dark YouTube Aug , from album Time released July After Dark, My Sweet Rotten Tomatoes Audience Reviews for After Dark, My Sweet Jul , Yet again, here I go reviewing a film from a while back However, I just saw this again and had t give it a mention Jason Patric is After Dark Breaking In My Holster gunsandgadgetsdaily Apr , After just a few hours worth of working that. toro in and out of the holster, I had done it at last my draw was now as slippery smooth as that of Zorro himself A classical guitar strummed a quick riff as my pillowy lips curved in a smile Mi abuela was right after all the fun was just beginning Download After Dark Games My Abandonware After Dark Games is a video game published in on Windows by Sierra On Line, Inc. It s an action, strategy and puzzle game, set in an arcade, cards, game show, turn based, falling block puzzle, platform, tile matching puzzle and word construction themes, and was also released on Mac. From Dusk Till Dawn After Dark Tito Tarantula YouTube Aug , Mix From Dusk Till Dawn After Dark Tito Tarantula YouTube Reservoir Dogs OST Steelers Wheel Stuck In The Middle With You Duration TarantinoFM ,, views

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    One thought on “After Dark, My Sweet”

    1. A cocktail of paranoid, neurotic, dark, and almost completely unredeemable characters + a diabetic boy + Uncle Bud = a classic Jim Thompson novel. Yup, story checks out. Whenever I think humanity is doing a pretty good job, I just dip a toe into Jim Thompson's world(s) and remember that I spend most my time in the sunshine, but after dark it is a whole different story.

    2. Kid Collins is a former boxer fresh out of the mental institution when he runs into alcoholic Fay Anderson and Uncle Bud, a two bit con man. Fay and Bud conspire to kidnap a wealthy couple's son and pin it on Collins. Too bad Collins is much craftier than he appears and paranoid to bootWhile I didn't enjoy After Dark, My Sweet as much as some of the other Thompson books I've read, it was still pretty good. Once again, Thompson's use of the unreliable narrator set me on edge. Collin's paranoia an [...]

    3. “No good could possibly come out of this now.”—ThompsonThis is my third gritty noir Thompson novel, all of them classics: The Killer Inside Me, a creepy handsome “nice guy” serial killer story; The Grifters, a violent mother and son tale, and now this, the story of crazy ex-boxer Kid Collins, who just wants to live in a world where people are nice and polite to him.All three use the mid-twentieth century fascination with psychopaths, or psychology in general:“Usually, during the past [...]

    4. Jim Thompson is to psychosis what Philip K. Dick is to paranoia. That is to say: The American Master of…Bill Collins is a good-looking ex-boxer who knows he has a problem with his temper. When he breaks out of a mental institution, he has to hit a man over the head to steal his car. Hates to do it, but you know how that goes. His line of bullshit that he thinks will help him get to the coast is so weak that no one buys it. But Fay Anderson, the lush he meets in a roadhouse, sees that he has ot [...]

    5. OK caper yarn, but the characters didn't really click for me. I think it's mostly the fault of the audiobook narrator (see below), but there was something about the whole thing that left me feeling meh. The twist at the end surprised me in that I didn't think it'd be something that obvious, so that was annoying.I listened to some other audio samples from Hachette Books for other audio productions of Thompson's books and what's up with them all sounding like stilted, hammy amateurs? I guess I'll [...]

    6. Good, old fashioned, noir; as bleak as all get out until the bitter end. A great group of not particularly lovable losers attempt an ill fated kidnaping. Backbiting, paranoia and double crosses abound. It's everything you want and expect from Thompson in one slim volumed yetThis is a good book, don't get me wrong. It's just not a *great* book. It is the weakest of the Thompson novels I have read thus far, although that isn't saying much considering that the other Thompson's I have read were utte [...]

    7. My favorite of all of Jim Thompson's books. Brain-damaged ex-boxer Kid Collins gets mixed up with shifty characters who involve him in a disastrous kidnapping plot. One of the finest first person noir novels ever written, in my opinion.

    8. Every Jim Thompson fan has their favorite. This one is mine. Bill (Kid) Collins has already had it bad and just wants to get along. Like he tells you in the beginning, he just wants to be where people are nice and polite. Then he has to go and get tangled up with Fay and Uncle Bud. The power in this one is Collie's voice. Read the first chapter and you'll see what I mean.

    9. A hard drinking dame, a crooked cop, and a non-too bright patsy with a tendency for poor choices. Classic hardboiled stuff; and the hardboiled crime genre is something like the American equivalent of true tragedy emanating from the grain, separated from Europe not only by the Atlantic but by the feedlot plains and cannibal mountains, settling in primarily on the west coast like the santa ana's and the knife edged psychosis that Dashiell Hammet knew rode their currents.Thompson, the dimestore Do [...]

    10. Since I really like the hard boiled, noir and pulps genre, I had heard of Jim Thompson a few years back. I read "The Killer Inside Me" last year. Since I don't ever find his novels at used book stores, etc. I bought this, with a Woolrich book on ebay. From the beginning, you know wherever this is going, it's not going to be good for Collie. At just 130 pages long, there are many moments that I felt like a rubber band, stretched to its limit, you know it's close to breaking , just waiting for it [...]

    11. "I was a mental case. I was an escapee from an insane asylum, a pyscho with a gun, and ex-pug who could do plenty without a gun if he took a notion." And that is the narrator of this short novel about three loonies trying to pull-off a Lindberg-baby style kidnapping. Despite the craziness, the suspicions, the - warranted - paranoia, rattling through Kid Collins head, he tries to find a path toward redemption, and that it is believable even though the narrator is unreliable is quite a tribute to [...]

    12. If you have never read Thompson, this wouldn't be the book to start with. (That being said, it is much, much better than the new over-hyped thrillers such as "Girl on a Train"--But then again, the back of a cereal box is better than that atrocity.)There's nothing wrong with this book; it just isn't one of his strongest. I would be much better to start with something like "The Killer Inside Me." Now THAT'S a strong book!

    13. Sad stuff about punch drunk ex-boxer, ex-loony bin inmate Kid "Collie" Collins, who's played by oily roundheels Fay and her accomplice Uncle Bud in a scheme to kidnap a rich kid who has a serious diabetic condition. Although the lines are so obviously drawn between good and evil to the point of absurdity, your heart strings will get tugged by the sadness of the story.

    14. This book was very classically Jim Thompson. I'm not exactly sure what term to use. Pulp? Noir? Crime based thrillers that take place 50-60 years ago where the unreliable protagonists hit their mental breaking point. Compared to some of the others that I've read, this was rather tame and featured a lot more paranoia. That's not a negative aspect in any way. Although his books are all in a similar vein, he makes them different enough that it's fascinating to see the main character descend into ma [...]

    15. The three-dimensional characterization of the narrator and Thompson's humane treatment of inhumane people really got to me.

    16. "Il pascolo di cemento. Cioè, è così che mi sembra. Vai, continui ad andare, ed è sempre lo stesso dappertutto. Dovunque sei stato, dovunque vai, dovunque guardi . Solo grigiore e vita dura, fin dove riesci a vedere"William Collins è un giovane, a tratti gentile a tratti violento , un passato tra affidi e galera . Uno psicopatico del quale però non si riesce a non provare affetto anche perché le sue caratteristiche negative sono attenuate dal mondo sordido e squallido dei personaggi che g [...]

    17. This book was amazing – it's very much a product of its era, Though, with the attitudes of society towards the mentally ill very prevalent. The main character is a drifter who has been in and out of mental hospitals for many years, and who lives an aimless life. He has difficulty relating to others and can become violent at the least provocation, but he is not inherently evil or malicious. He is also very naïve, and not the most intelligent person out there, though he is much smarter than the [...]

    18. Jim Thompson is a sort of street psychologist who uses noir as an exploration of exactly how people go about wrecking themselves and each other. His real trick here is being able to coil up a nice, twisty plotline without its feeling overly contrived. There's a sort of irresistible downward pull to his scenarios that suggest -- without their being predictable -- that the way it goes really is the only way it could go. As opposed to the too-often problems of such a story that leave the reader fee [...]

    19. Published in 1955 when Thompson was hitting his stride. Small-town noir about a kidnapping that goes awry and narrated by mental patient/boxer Kid Collins. The unpolished prose makes the edgy voice work well. Worth a second read some day, a compliment to the book.

    20. Amazing story and one of few books I enjoy seeing as a movie. Jason Patrick was Kid Collins in my mind before I ever sat in the Tara theater in Atlanta to watch this adaption. I stayed to watch it again.

    21. I just reread AFTER DARK, MY SWEET by Jim Thompson for the first time in more than 20 years and it holds up even better the second time around. The writing is spare but evocative and the suspense is masterful. I have always adored this novel, but today more than ever.

    22. Kid Collins is a dangerously beautiful creation One Of tohmpsons finest Reviewing this book im avoiding like one of the kids mitts Tis the story so intricate & tight & tragic Yeah could be seen as unrequited love I'll end it there jus read it Dmtiz

    23. This is another one of Thompson's unreliable narrators. this time somebody who may or not be mentally ill. I may just be used to all his tricks but this one came off weak. The narrator was really wobbly and the ending a disappointment. Still, it was fairly solid for most of the going.

    24. That feeling one has walking down an empty street at night where all the shops are locked up and the only thing you can hear is a distant highway.

    25. Another great story with unforgettably dark characters. I loved the struggle Collie put up against the forces of evilhe was memorable and the ending was a twisted redemption. Excellent!

    26. I love Thompson, but the last couple I read (The Killer Inside Me, Savage Night), I liked but didn't love. This I did love. Classic noir, more like The Grifters, which is the best.

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