Family Values

Family Values Another short story in The Administration series Warrick asks Toreth to move in with him Before that fully comes into question Warrick s half brother Tarin is in a car accident Toreth wonders if fo

  • Title: Family Values
  • Author: Manna Francis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 217
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  • Another short story in The Administration series Warrick asks Toreth to move in with him Before that fully comes into question, Warrick s half brother, Tarin, is in a car accident Toreth wonders if foul play in involved.

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    One thought on “Family Values”

    1. **Very Close to the Spoiler Line** Family Values is a story packed—I mean packed with suspense, tension, pressures, and tragedy. Changes that may force Toreth and Warrick to see who their friends and family really are in life and ask--What are they willing to risk for them and each other? For most of this story, my guts were all kinds of twisted up with fear and dread. Toreth and Warrick’s relationship for me possesses a delicate, precise balance of power, emotion, actions, non-actions, word [...]

    2. First reaction upon finishing the book at 4 am: I can't believe I'm done. What am I gonna do without Toreth and Warrick?Early next morning: I can't believe I'm done.Noon: What am I gonna do without Toreth and Warrick?Early afternoon: I can't believe I'm done.Repeat to fade.

    3. "You know what?" Toreth said. "I'm sick of living out of that fucking suitcase. I just want to have somewhere to call home."Must learn to live without Toreth and Warrick--

    4. I absolutely loved this story!!!!!!I don't know which got me more Toreth's family story, Toreth's insecurities and vulnerability or Toreth's struggle to protect"He'd kill them, Toreth decided on the way down the corridor to General Criminal. Warrick first, then Carnac. Or maybe Carnac first, because if he was caught between murders, he'd prefer to be sure of Carnac."Although this story is all about Warrick and his family we at last get the answer to the mystery of Toreth's family, the what and h [...]

    5. Hmmm…I’m starting to feel like maybe…just MAYBE…I’m ready for this series to end. Don’t get me wrong: I could read pages, books, chronicles more of Warrick and Toreth (and throw in some Carnac!). But, the series…which clearly makes it known it’s about THE ADMINISTRATION (duh, Susan)…is starting to bore me. I just don’t care enough about Toreth’s job. Combine that with the fact that the side characters (especially Sara and Dillion…so aggravatingly pathetic) bug the CRAP ou [...]

    6. Crazy crazy crazy!Everybody is effed in the head! I think I'm glad this is over and it ended where it did. If it wasn't for the last sentenceThat is all I have to say about that. Hmph!

    7. "I just want to have somewhere to call home." -- I don't think there could have been a better ending than that. For this book at least!Manna is perfect at choosing titles. While the main story focused on Warrick's family crisis, there was also Toreth and Warrick moving in together (and all that implied) but also a surprise inclusion of Toreth's family and another glimpse into the man's past.I have to say I was pretty furious with Warrick in the first half of the book as he took so many unnecessa [...]

    8. ~~~Complex characters are the drivers of these stories and the competent writing gives them all an intriguing home to live in. Characters to love, hate, enjoy and even tentatively identify with. We aren't all sadistic or masochistic beings but we all have some of those elements in us or at least a deep desire to understand them better; to better understand ourselves. The Administration's world gives us a place to consider these dark concepts from a distance. A future world where life is just dif [...]

    9. Holy crap It took me 3 days to get through this WowThe last book, 'First Against The Wall' really screwed this series up for me, I guess God, I hated what we didnt get in that book, so I just couldnt get into this novella Its about Tarin getting in trouble, and Warrick wanting to help him in some way Which of course leads to Toreth getting him through itThis was a 2 star story, right up until the last sentence Why the fuck couldnt we have gotten something like that in the last book?Oh well I was [...]

    10. When Warrick's half-brother Tarin is in an accident, it puts strain on the family. Toreth and Warrick investigate, but find that dark family secrets might come to light if they press too hard for the truth. Meanwhile, Toreth's estranged mother makes one last bid to see him, resulting in a (view spoiler)[short but effective scene between her and Sara. The facts of Toreth's childhood--that he had a younger brother who died while with him, and that Toreth's mother (who had never bonded or liked her [...]

    11. Almost 4.5 stars.I loved the suspense plot, an accurate emergent of the subtext and its skepticism.I loved the progress of the relationship between the MCs too, in this stage Warrick has recovered his assertiveness and Toreth at last has come up to the end of his rope regarding his feelings for Warrick and, in a back and forth movement, he does catharsis.The last scene is moving, particularly Toreth's last speech.

    12. After taking a break from this series the only thing that I can say is that I am in love with it all over again. This was one of my favorites in the series since we see so much reguarding Toreth's feelings for Warrick. I really, really liked this one.

    13. (view spoiler)[ Eventually, tired of waiting alone in the bedroom, Toreth grabbed a dressing gown and went in search of Warrick. Toreth only found him because the door to the room he was in was ajar. A bedroom he didn't recognise—Tarin's, presumably. Inside it was dark, the only light coming from the street outside. Warrick stood by the window, arms folded tight across his chest, looking out."Are you coming to bed?" Toreth asked."Yes. Go on, I'll catch up." His voice was thick with tears. "I w [...]

    14. I thought First Against the Wall was my new favorite book in this series, but I was wrong. It's definitely this novella. I think I like it better because it's got more of the characters in it, and more Toreth and Warrick moments, and some angst but also some domestic fluff, and Toreth repairing his relationship with Sara, and just generally a good balance of the good and bad. (view spoiler)[And of course, Manna tips the scales in favor of the good with the last scene, when Toreth tells Warrick h [...]

    15. I always enjoy reading about Warrick and Toreth. They are such an interesting couplerfectly matched, each with their own kinks that complement each other. I liked that we got to learn a bit more about Toreth's past and also about Warrick's past as well. I like the side characters of Sara and Cele. Both Toreth and Warrick are screwed up characters. But it was frustrating to see how difficult it was for Toreth to admit that maybe, just maybe, he might want to have a place to call home that is the [...]

    16. Second read: Oct. 29, 2013---First read: Sep. 28, 2010Another longer novel from The Administration, this one digs into Warrick's past and he finds someone he thought was dead. Toreth needs to help Warrick out, lest the new Administration decides he is too much of a treat and has him terminated.

    17. I do not know why but this story seems incomplete to me, as if something very bad or really good should have happened after the accident, but everything was settled fast without much trouble.Maybe that it is just I who become more and more demanding.

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    19. Be still my heart"You know what?" Toreth said. "I'm sick of living out of that fucking suitcase. I just want to have somewhere to call home." ::sigh::

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