Slummy Mummy

Slummy Mummy A smart laugh out loud debut novel about a deeply flawed but endearing stay at home mom a book for anyone who took Bridget Jones to heart a decade ago and now has kids Lucy Sweeney has three sons a

  • Title: Slummy Mummy
  • Author: Fiona Neill
  • ISBN: 9781594489440
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A smart, laugh out loud debut novel about a deeply flawed but endearing stay at home mom, a book for anyone who took Bridget Jones to heart a decade ago and now has kids Lucy Sweeney has three sons, a husband on a short fuse, and a tendency toward domestic disaster It has been years since the dirty laundry pile was less than three feet high, months since she rememberedA smart, laugh out loud debut novel about a deeply flawed but endearing stay at home mom, a book for anyone who took Bridget Jones to heart a decade ago and now has kids Lucy Sweeney has three sons, a husband on a short fuse, and a tendency toward domestic disaster It has been years since the dirty laundry pile was less than three feet high, months since she remembered to have sex, and weeks since her toddler started using the trash can as a toilet Lucy is living in a constant state of emergency, caught between perfectionist Yummy Mummy No 1 and competitive Alpha Mum, making it hard for her to remember exactly why she exchanged her career and sanity for less than blissful domesticity When she begins a flirtation with Sexy Domesticated Dad, a father from the school car pool lane, the string of white lies to cover up the trail of chaos and illicit desire starts to unravel and disaster looms Slummy Mummy The Secret Life of Lucy Sweeney is a hilarious novel about the dilemmas of modern marriage and motherhood for those who never discovered their inner domestic goddess Pitch perfect and satisfyingly smart, it does for the stay at home mother what Allison Pearson s blockbuster bestseller I Don t Know How She Does It did for the working mom It offers a lovable, flawed character who resonates, entertains, and undoubtedly has it worse than you do.

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    One thought on “Slummy Mummy”

    1. My takeaway: Marriage is boring and pointless but it sure does make for some great sex with other people. Also, parenting is hard so just don’t do it. I mean, sure, have kids but just don’t bother with the parenting part.Talk about an alienating read. The only similarity I share with the main character is that I am a married white woman and even I felt offended on behalf of affluent British mothers everywhere. And once I was done being offended, I was bored. This book seems to be reinforcing [...]

    2. I couldn't get through this book. Because I am a stay-at-home mom I thought I would identify with this book, but no. The entire plot line about the mom wanting, dreaming and justifying having an affair left me cold. I understand that staying with your kids might not be the most exciting thing to be doing, but having an affair with someone is not how I choose to add excitement to my life and I definitely don't want to spend my the few minute I have to myself reading about someone who does. But th [...]

    3. A very funny and entertaining read!! Has you laughing out load at times and is very realistic with things such as the competitiveness of other parents, even in doing their child's homework so it gets a good mark!!Quite well written, only downside, didn't really like the plot line at the end with the hotel ect, didn't think the MC would actually do that. All in all a good book and fun to read!

    4. An easy read that's like an old friend - comforting and entertaining.We all know someone who is or will be a Yummy Mummy or an Alpha Mum or a Slummy Mummy or a Sexy Domesticated Dad. We all have that friend who will be in one relationship after another and never settles down.Perhaps this book would appeal more to a middle class audience - I cannot relate to the lifestyles at all. But to the situations and the characters? I think fondly of them.

    5. My neighbor gave me this book and told me it was really funny and my first thought was that she doesn't know me at all. This type of book really doesn't interest me, but after reading the back (with an endorsement from Anna Wintour of all people) I figured it might be a quick, entertaining read. I brought it on a road trip and with nothing else to do, I started reading it. The whole time I was complaining to my husband about how awful it was. I didn't think it was funny at all, mostly because th [...]

    6. I kind of hate to put 4 stars on such a light and silly book but I really did like it and found it to be much more clever than I had thought that it would be. Hailed a "The Bridget Jones of Motherhood" I expected the silly and exaggerated circumstances of being stay-at-home-mom, however there was a lot of wisdom too. I found myself saying, "yeah, yeah, I do that too" or "oh yes I have totally thought that too". Lucy gets herself into situations that we all havetaking the kids to school in her pa [...]

    7. This made a perfect summer holiday read, light and amusing with a serious undercurrent, and I identified strongly with the main character, Lucy Sweeney, a frustrated stay-at-home mum of three young children, "mothers like me, the slummy mummies, the muddlers and befuddlers, the ones who don't know what to do when a spare minute comes their way because it is so rare, wearing old dresses that have stretched with us over the years." Many of her amusing antics and slatternly behaviour could have bee [...]

    8. Μιλάμε για το βιβλίο που στα ελληνικά κυκλοφορεί με τον τίτλο: "Η κρυφή ζωή μιας σούπερ μαμάς". Μου άρεσε πολύ, για το είδος του (κοινωνικά- αστεία μυθιστορήματα) είναι από τα καλύτερα που έχω διαβάσει. Εκτός του ότι ταυτίστηκα με πολλά από όσα συμβαίνουν στην καθημερινότητα τ [...]

    9. I found it quite hard to rate this book. On the one hand it was trashy, unbelievable and most of the characters, especially the main one, were totally unlikable. On the other hand there were several moments that had me laughing out loud and it was a quick, fun and easy read. As a stay-at-home Mummy myself I found I was able to relate to some of Lucy Sweeney's emotions but definitely not her actions as they seemed cruel and cold rather than comedic.

    10. It's no surprise i picked up slummy mummy from the noe valley library. they bill it as a bridget jones diary for moms. i'm not a mom, but it was pretty funny. here is a woman who has given up her career as a producer for a big news show in england to be a stay at home mom. obviously in order to have risen so high in her career, she was good at it. she is not good at being a stay at home mom. she loses the keys, the car, the credit card, doesn't pay the bills, can barely keep the kids getting to [...]

    11. This book is proof positive that you don't have to like a book to take something away from it. There was no discernible plot, which made this book hard for me to read. By page 50, after I was repeatedly made aware that having small children creates anarchy in the home. That stay-at-home mom and main character Lucy had repeatedly lost her credit card lost its charm after it had been mentioned three times. At page 100 I found myself skipping over large clumps of narration because I'd simply lost i [...]

    12. Oh, FFS. The main character was annoying, her friends were annoying, her children were annoying, her husband OK, you get the picture. A ridiculous farce with about as much emotional honesty as a kiwi fruit.

    13. Ce roman pose une des grandes questions de notre époque et met en corrélation les relations de couple et la vie de célibataire. Aujourd'hui, les ménages ne se battent plus pour rester ensemble et partent au moindre tourment. Nous suivons l'existence de Lucy, ainsi que les tribulations de ses deux meilleures amies, seules, à la recherche du grand amour. La deuxième question formulée : doit-on préférer la nouveauté et délaisser ainsi sa vie de couple ? Vaut-il mieux rester avec la perso [...]

    14. Brilliant, smart and funnyYou would never expect a piece of mom-lit to turn out as a sophisticated essay about marriage and motherhood. Slummy Mummy comes quite as a surprise, being not only smart, witty and extremely funny, but the most important of all, giving astonishingly precise account of a woman in her midlife crisis. As the heroine's pedantic husband put it, the midlife crisis is "discontent with the status quo, restlessness, questioning decisions that you made years ago, thinking you've [...]

    15. It's not laugh out loud funny, it's just a bit pathetic. I feel the same about Bridget Jones and I Don't Know How She Does It, although I know many people love them. There are moments when I think, yes, that's just what it feels like:"Now, faced with the prospect of my youngest child starting Nursery three mornings a week, it is time to rebuild myself, but I can no longer remember how the pieces fit together Somewhere in the domestic maelstrom I have lost myself. I can see where I came from, bu [...]

    16. If a book can leave you grinning from ear to ear while in rush hour traffic, the author has done her job creating hilarious and realistic scenarios. I laughed so often with this, as others have said, Bridget Jones' esque look at parenthood. I have so much more confidence in myself as a future mum: if this mum can do it, so can I! Messy car, locking oneself out of one's house, texting the masses instead of one personah, humerous parenting. Many folks have stated their discomfort with the focus on [...]

    17. I got this book from a book store bargain bin a few years ago and just read it this summer. This was not written like a "bargain bin" book. Fiona Neill has a great tone & flow and it was written very well. Slummy Mummy is funny, but also has a serious moral dilemma with questions about marriage and infidelity with a variety of views so I would classify it as a comedy/drama. Although I saw the comedy of it, I wasn't laughing out loud, but I think that was because I was finding so much in comm [...]

    18. In many ways, I'm embarrassed to have read this. In my defense, it's written by a Brit journalist who writes a column in the London Times and I *thought* it might provide some intelligent and funny perspective on modern mothering.I was wrong. I'm not a fan of chick lit in general, though I make an exception now and again, and this is just chick lit dressed up as mommy lit. The problem is it tries to be both somewhat substantive on occasion (delving into the complications relationships face after [...]

    19. Het boek leest wel redelijk vlot, maar toch vond ik het niet heel geweldig. Er zit veel herhaling in het verhaal. Het onvermogen van Lucy om het huishouden en de opvoeding van de drie kinderen voor elkaar te krijgen als moeder. Ook komt haar verliefdheid op een van de vaders die ze op het schoolplein ziet steeds terug. Als het boek dunner was geweest, was het leuker geweest. Hoewel het boek wel grappige elementen heeft, heeft het ook een wat klagerige ondertoon. Dat maakte het boek minder leuk o [...]

    20. Pretty funnyif you're a mom. I could definitely relate to many of Sweeney's anecdotes, stories and struggles regarding motherhood. I think it was longer than it needed to be, and a bit choppy. There were some chapters separated by months, others by only hours. (I think the author wrote a newspaper column, maybe that's why?) I have to admit that Sweeney's consideration and struggle over having an affair with a dad from her kids' school was distracting.ough it had funny moments, I guess my own per [...]

    21. I'd like to give this five stars, but then I'd know for sure I was completely hormonal (due to current pregnancy). Hence I think why I enjoyed this book so thoroughly. Although it is inconceivable to compare the quality of writing and depth to something like Atlas Shrugged or To Kill a Mockingbird, it is easy to say this story offered gentle diversion and relativity for me at this point in time.If you're a mom and searching for light reading without the total simpleton trash factor, this is a fu [...]

    22. I just finished this book last night. It was so good. So funny. So witty. I actually snorted out loud at one point. I think every Mom should read this. Seriously. Without giving too much away, it is about a Mom of 3 kids who is just trying to stay afloat. She hides credit card bills and parking fines from her husband. She cannot control the laundry pile. She contemplates an affair with a stay at home Dad whose kids go to the same school as do hers. Her car is a dump. And she always gets herself [...]

    23. I had really hoped that this would be a fun read about domestic bliss and all it's mishaps, and while there were certainly a fair share of mishaps the story went in a totally different direction. While her mommy moments were cute and had me laughing while I read, the rest of the story was dull and a little shallow. I didn't feel for any of the characters and felt that the story was too clean. The ending was very abrupt and not at all what I had expected. It took me forever to read this book, con [...]

    24. I picked up this book as my "random read" for the month. Mommy-lit/Brit-Tit-Lit is not a genre that I've read a lot of. This book does have fun moments and can be entertaining (it is essentially Bridget Jones's Diary for moms). Some of Slummy Mummy's disasters seemed too outrageous and far too frequent to be plausible. The ending seemed especially so. My main criticism is that the book was unnecessarily long for the story it was telling and seemed to drag on.

    25. Olhei para a capa do livro e pensei hum será comédia de certeza. Tem algumas partes de comédia e de situações muito embaraçadoras, mas podia estar melhor. Na minha modesta opinião como é óbvio, este livro deixou um pouco a desejar e não me fez ler de novo.aviciadadoslivros

    26. It was an easy read and funny if you're willing to suspend reality a bit. It's as if Bridget Jones becomes a stay-at-home-mom. Chick lit's big sister- mother of toddler's lit, but I enjoyed it and didn't want it to end. It falls apart at the end much like a chick flick often does.

    27. Découvert lors du visionnage d’un Book Haul de Fiona, sur sa chaîne "Pretty books", j’avais tout de suite été interpellée par le titre de ce roman. Mais pas que ! Le speech et la couverture m’avaient aussi séduit. Alors, autant vous dire que lorsque je suis tombée dessus, par hasard, lors de l’une de mes pérégrinations en librairie, je n’ai pas hésité longtemps avant de me l’acheter (d’autant plus que c’était un livre d’occasion).Dans ce roman, nous allons suivre le [...]

    28. Sure, there are parts of this book I disliked such as trying to justify having an affair, but overall I found it to be hilarious and literally laughed out loud throughout most of the book. I feel like any busy mom (stay-at-home or not) can relate to the struggles of raising kids and trying to be a super mom in appearance, so many of the anecdotes really hit home. The scenarios are far-fetched, but I wasn't expecting to read something realistic, I was looking for a laugh and this book delivered p [...]

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