The Darkest Heart

The Darkest Heart Ever since a terrible fire killed her older son one ambition has ruled Countess Lazlaric Desperate to continue the family legacy she is determined that her rakehell second son wed and produce an hei

  • Title: The Darkest Heart
  • Author: Thea Devine
  • ISBN: 9781416562665
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ever since a terrible fire killed her older son, one ambition has ruled Countess Lazlaric Desperate to continue the family legacy, she is determined that her rakehell second son wed and produce an heir Now, she s found the perfect bride A distant relative, writing to beg for help, is ideal for her secret plans.Alone in the world, beautiful raven haired Senna Landseth fiEver since a terrible fire killed her older son, one ambition has ruled Countess Lazlaric Desperate to continue the family legacy, she is determined that her rakehell second son wed and produce an heir Now, she s found the perfect bride A distant relative, writing to beg for help, is ideal for her secret plans.Alone in the world, beautiful raven haired Senna Landseth finds than just Drom Manor s isolation sending a shiver down her spine Countess Lazlaric seems overly eager to welcome her, strange noises fill the cavernous corridors of the gloomy manor, and she senses she is being spied upon Then a note mysteriously appears, inscribed with chilling words I m watching you Nicolai In the years since the fire that supposedly destroyed him, Nicolai Lazlaric has inhabited the world of a vampire, consumed with seeking revenge on the creature who turned him Now, it is time to return to Drom Manor But Nicolai has no idea how badly the Countess wants an heir or that his hated brother s prospective bride is residing there Senna s unexpected presence upends Nicolai s plans, for he can think only of possessing the beautiful innocent, of taking her in a blood binding seduction from which she will never escape

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    One thought on “The Darkest Heart”

    1. What a strange little book. I really liked it, but it's not for everyone. That's a reviewer cliche, yesbut in this case, appropriate. These vampires are nasty & immune to finer sensibilities like compassion or gentleness; they flounce around, kill humans like cattle, & fully embrace their delusions of grandeur. The romantic angle is dark, the horror element is strong, & the gothiness is extremely high. So. Do you like Anne Rice's purple prose? Are you a fan of Tim Burton's unapologet [...]

    2. From the blurb on the back, The Darkest Heart sounds like everything I love in a book: dark, historical, paranormal, erotic. But it didn't quite hit the mark, for a few reasons.The story features Senna, a girl who has used her wits to stay alive on the streets. Now she has devised a con that she thinks will find her a more permanent home. She sends a letter to the Countess Lazlaric, pretending to be a poor relation in need of home. And it works. Of course, Senna has no idea that the Countess is [...]

    3. This book almost felt like two completely different books. The first half was an old-fashioned, spooky, gothic mystery. Senna found herself in a creepy old house with a monstrous Countess trying to marry her off to her scary son. Then, of course, there's the Countess' other son, the vampire. I really enjoyed the fist half of the book, there were thrills and chills behind every dark corner.Then there was the second half of the book. All of a sudden, every scene was just another uncomfortable vamp [...]

    4. Senna Landseth has used her street savvy to con and steal what little shillings she can in order to survive the harsh streets of London. Tired of her harsh existence, she devises a plan to write a wealthy family under the pretense of being a distant relative in need of shelter and care. After receiving a response and invitation to live at the isolated Drom Manor, Senna soon discovers that she's now part of Countess Lazlaric's plan to find a woman to marry her son Charles and carry on her family [...]

    5. Devine uses her considerable writing talents to weave a story filled with tension, urgency and a darkly seductive romance that felt both wrong and right at the same time. Like Senna I felt split between the different families and lies. Senna, despite the ruse she perpetuates and her earlier life as a con artist/thief, is the most innocent of them all. Dominick, Charles, Peter and the Countess all have hidden motives, agendas and secrets that involve Senna.This book oozes menace. Not just because [...]

    6. The Darkest Heart by Thea Devine Paranormal Romance –June 21st, 20114 starsThe Darkest Heart is a dark and suspenseful read which is a bit of a switch for Thea Devine. In this story she combines gothic suspense with paranormal romance.Senna Landseth is young, beautiful and used to living by her wits. She wants a better life than those on the streets. So she concocts a scheme to pretend she is the long lost relative of the wealthy Countess Lazlaric and asks the Countess to take her in since her [...]

    7. I am in an in between place when it comes to this book. I read the back cover and was totally intrigued its didnt come of as a romance, and there wasnt even alot of romance going on any ways. But I agree with alot of peoples opinions. There were alot of holes in plot development. the sex seens were good but Senna falls for him way too easily without there being any real substance, In my opinion it was the blood and the magnetic attraction once again caused by the blood-seduction. Dominick pretty [...]

    8. Poor Senna she is a scrapper a survivor and quite the con artist, but this con she will be lucky to survive.Senna starts the story getting a reply to a "poor relative letter " she sent she is stunned to be sent for and welcomed into a upstanding household, but all is not as it appears the house is frightening at nights happen.unds she is fearful for what she has brought herself into. Nicolai is a vampire (he spends ALOT of time NOT human buzzingfloatingifting) who was turned against his will. hi [...]

    9. Really, a 4.5 of 5. Although this book is not very well regarded, I find it intriguing and very much enjoying it. Her writing reminds me of Joey Hill's The Vampire Queen's Servant. It will be interesting to see if I like how it progresses. The main characters are Senna, a con artist in 18th century Englund, who gets accepted into a wealthy family's estate as a indigent "lost" daughter of a distant cousiny all is not as it seems. And Nicolai, the truly lost son of the family who returns to take h [...]

    10. The cover and the description both piqued my interest, enough to make me buy the book. While it wasn't the best book I've ever read, I found it to be an entertaining and enjoyable read. I was pleasantly surprised by the various twists and turns in the plot. The beginning did start off a bit slow, but the pace soon quickened until I couldn't put the book down. My one complaint was that the ending felt a bit abrupt. Despite the abruptness, I found the end satisfying and interesting. Thea Devine ma [...]

    11. Senna Landseth is exactly what The Countess is looking for, a bride for her son Charles. What The Countess doesn't realize is that Senna is a con and not who she claims to be. Neither of them know that there is someone more devious than the two of them out there stalking, with a taste for revenge.Deception and secrets play a big part in The Darkest Heart. This story is dark, dangerous and seductive. It pulled me in right way, especially with the Gothic feel it has. I really loved that. Ms. Devin [...]

    12. The Darkest Heart by Thea Devine omgwhat can i said about this bookthis book is so freaking amazing and i can't believe what i am readingi thought this was crazy and sick but awesomei thank the author for giving the deaf girl which is me this bookyou know what to be honest i kinda fell in love with nicolaibecause everything about him it is so sexy and hot at the same time and i can't imagine him in my bed right nowjust so freaking hot

    13. It takes a lot for me to say that I don't like a piece of fiction, but I just could not get into this book.The bad characters are beyond evil and author, Devine describes them and their acts with such intensity that it just turned me off.This is too bad because I normally love reading Thea Devine.

    14. The best I can say about this book is that I finished it. I did not think it was as great as the review portrayed it to be. I've read much better from this author and hope her next book is more tantalizing? (not sure if that is the right word).

    15. Despite the sexy cover this is ho-hum novel. There could have been a good story line, but it went from possibility to impossibility. This is not a love storyy obsession and even that is iffy. Romance? Sexy? like the covert happening. Lisa Kleypas does a better job.

    16. This was a very good book!! Loved how it was very mysterious & kept you wondering what would happens next. The only downside for me was, the ending was not what I expected!! Was hoping for more!! :-( Didn't want it to end. A must read!!

    17. I enjoyed it, definitely different from most vampire romances as well as the vampires them selves being different! I just wished it had ended a little differently, we were kinda left hanging

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