Latest News   15th July 2018


Beautiful Butterflies

Although it was a very hot day, members enjoyed the July 7th meeting and avoided watching the football! Plus, the roads were unusually quiet so travelling to Patcham was easy.

Material was cut, Bondaweb was used and the Sizzix Machine went into action, creating perfect butterflies. These were then attached to the base fabric and the creative work began, thread chosen and stitching started. 



  Creating butterflies by using the Sizzix Machine to cut  several butterflies with a die.

  Some members cut out 5 or 6 butterflies.

  You need to have Bondaweb on the back of the material so that it cuts cleanly.

  Bondaweb is like a double sided sellotape for material.




Now the fun begins. After ironing the butterflies onto the base material, stitching began. A variety of stitches were used after consulting Mary Thomas’ Dictionary of Stitches and the examples Carolyn used to demonstrate. The challenge was to see if more than seven different stitches could be used! Some people started with blanket stitch around the edge of the butterfly, whilst others began with the ‘fun bit’, creating the decoration. More butterflies were taken home to decorate with machine embroidery or to attach to a hair band




 Progress was made and the results were all  different. There were a variety of embroidered butterflies. Some will be finished as patchwork, others will be framed  Cushion covers, book covers, and shopping bags were  begun. One set of butterflies is even flying away to be finished in Spain. 



The 4th of August, Material Sale has been CANCELLED.

 (postponed until November).

It is Brighton Pride day on the 4th and we need more time to plan a larger event.

More information at a later date.


National Stitch Day.     

It is National Stitch Day on the 4th of August so, if you can, we would like members to stitch in a library, supermarket or even the local park, to celebrate our most enjoyable craft. This year’s theme is Hearts, but you could even finish your butterflies! Please choose a time and date to suit you and inform people about the Brighton Guild, this will encourage new people to join us.


Next Meeting

The next Brighton Embroidery Guild meeting is on 1st September, 2 to 4pm, the theme is “couching a forest floor”.