LATEST NEWS    February 10th  2018

Our Next All day Workshop  - The art of Bojagi


May 5th This is the highlight of our workshop year. Full day workshop being held in the Methodist Hall opposite the Community Centre. We will learn to make a lotus flower covering cloth using kkogpgi technique from Korea. Our teacher Sara Cook is an acclaimed expert on Bojagi Korean Textiles and we are very fortunate to have her. The cost will be £20 and we are taking reservations now. There has been a lot of interest in this session so early booking is advised. We would like you to pay at the time of booking.     


Bojagi have played an important role in traditional Korean culture and have been used to wrap, carry and store objects as well as for religious rituals and marriages. These functional items were made not as a pastime hobby but were an integral part of daily life.



Next meeting March 3rd 2p.m. an inhouse afternoon on experimenting with new stitches, sewing into kits provided and utilising beautiful Sari Silk. A donation to the branch to cover materials would be appreciated -  and don't forget your sewing kit.